Uni Ball Jetstream Ballpoint Pen Review

Recently, I am trying wide ranges of ballpoints. Surprisingly, at this point when I am acquainted with the uni-ball Jetstream ballpoint pen, I am stuck with them. Unlike, other ballpoint pens, the uni-ball Jetstream ballpoints are unconventional both by their feature and function.

These pens are also famous all over the world. You will also be a fan of these ballpoint pens once you read the uni ball Jetstream review.

However, I own one with a 1.0mm bold point, and trust me, the pen is a real keeper. uni-ball Jetstream ballpoint pens come with a total of 12 counts with medium points. These pens come with s bold point of 1.0mm and blue ink color. Boasting the actual theme of the brand, these pens are world leading and provide an optimal and excellent writing experience.

Uni Ball Jetstream Review

Uni-Ball 33921 Jetstream Ballpoint Pens, Bold Point (1.0mm)

Uni-ball is one of the world-leading brands promised to offer the best pens providing the best experience. All of its pens and writing instruments are out of the world according to the feature and functionality. They are also famous for their affordability.

However, all the uni-ball pens are exclusively made of their special uni Super Ink. This ink is protective to feather, fade, fraud, and water. All its gel pens, ballpoint pens, and other writing tools are featured with contemporary design and ultimate performance efficiency.

Uni-ball Jetstream Ballpoint Pen Design     

This Jetstream 1.0mm pen comes with stainless steel accents. The black color makes the pens more elegant and classy to have.

Unlike the older design of the Uni-ball points like the Uni-ball Jetstream Basic Series 0.7mm, the clip of the pen doesn’t have three ovals. The stainless steel clip is pocket-friendly as well.

The more convincing part of the pen is its ‘pinch’ grip. The curvy and slim grip feature allows you to hold the pen nicely and write with it effortlessly. Upgrading the pen, the manufacturer has given it a tapered body style.

While the old pens are featured with clips same as their body color, our reviewed one has a silver clip. Overall, the pen boasts a stylish statement with an embossed grip.

Clean and Quick Performance

Creating vivid lines the uni-ball ballpoint pens write fast and clean. Also, it writes so fluently that you can be lost in your deep thoughts and write the exact thing you wanted to write. The pen has properties that dry the ink immediately. It writes and dries. Hence, smudging is minimized while writing with a pen.

The Perfect Pen for Left-handers

This pen is perfect for left handers because of its features and properties. The pen is stuffed with a unique hybrid bold ink from the Jetstream collection. The ink dries fast and prevents it from smudging and smearing.

Many left-handers have complained about how their writings get smudged. But, with this pen, the problem is solved. With the moving of their hand across the pages, the ink gets dried well. Again, the embossed grip featured to the pen also emphasizes improved control over the pen even for left-handed writers.


As we mentioned before the Uni-ball Jetstream ballpoint pen is constructed with hybrid ink that provides an addictive writing experience. You will surely praise the boldness of the ink and the crisp lines it produces. Penetrating the paper easily, the pen controls the smearing of the ink.

Moreover, the particles of the ink create an indelible and strong bond with the paper. Its ink is highly pigmented. Hence, the ink produces unbreakable writing on the page.

User Experience

The uni-ball Jetstream ballpoint has not only managed to amaze me but it also has amazed thousand of its users all over the world. Most of them are using the pen for years and it has become their everyday go-to pen for writing. Unlike other gel pens, this pen does not have any smudging problem. Hence, they find it the smoothest-writing pen ever.

Also, the tricky feature of opening and closing of the pens attracts most of its users. Surprisingly, most of its buyers are repeated customers. Certainly, they find the pens a great deal with the price.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the uni-ball Jetstream ballpoint pens are certainly not the best one in the market. But with the price range, the pen is an excellent choice. You rarely find a pen with premium features under $5. The pen is versatile and moreover, the company has offered versatile ranges of the pen’s version. All of them come with a great deal.

However, over time the brand has only improved with its products. The pen will serve you better till its last drop. The pen is also good with its refills. In total, the pen will write without any trouble or hassle until the refills are not left even with one drop of ink. Hence, having a uni-ball Jetstream ballpoint pen will give you an over-the-moon writing experience.