Top 3 Sock Blockers for Your Creations in 2021

If you are an avid knitter or enjoy crocheting socks as I do, you’ll know the importance of sock blockers for your creations.  Blocking is very common when making sweaters, hats, mittens, and of course, socks! Thanks to the use of heat coupled with moisture, the art of blocking will help to determine and finalize the dimension and shape of our work.

After trying out various brands of this blocker for both my hand-knitted, machine-knitted, and crocheted socks, I really want to recommend the Top 3 Best Sock Blocker because of its fantastic adjustment system, specific sizes, and extremely easy to use. Also, the wide range of sizes that you can block. Here is my top 3 recommendation…

1. Best Overall – Red Suricata Blockers with Adjustable Sizing

2. Best Bang For The Buck – Knitter’s Pride Aqua Blockers KP800120

3. Best Stainless Steel Blockers – Pair of Stainless Steel Blockers

Best Sock Blockers

Why Do I Block Socks?

Now, knitting handmade socks have come back and are more popular than ever. I knit socks regularly by hand and use a home knitting machine. Many of you, like me, have increased knitting homemade creations. As a result, there is now, more than ever, a need for sock blockers for those lovely handmade crafts.

Sock blockers are basically used with wool that may felt or shrink with washing. I find that they are the best choice for maintaining the shape and size of my knitted or crocheted socks. They afford the socks a more uniform shape with a better definition of the stitching. A freshly knit sock can look quite crinkly or scrunched up upon completion.

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Top 3 Best Sock Blockers Reviews of 2021

Whether you are new to blocking knit socks or looking for a new pair of sock blockers, I have chosen and reviewed the top three blockers for your consideration. Let’s take a closer look at my three choices.

1. Red Suricata Adjustable Size Blockers

When using a sock blocker, you may look for one that has a small, medium, or large version. The fantastic thing about this blocker is that thanks to patent-pending technology, you can adjust it to the size you need in a few seconds.

You can position them to block socks from small women’s sizes to large men’s sock sizes, and they offer both American and European sizes with a total of seven positions with one being the smallest and seven the largest.

This adjustable size blocker has two parts. These parts can be disconnected and then reattached to achieve the correct position. The sizing adjustment mechanism slides to your desired size and easily snaps into place. It doesn’t get much better than when one product can assure you this type of flexibility in sizing.

These blockers have a design that ensures that knitted socks will achieve and maintain the correct shape and the size that you are knitting for. They feature rounded edges so that no pulls or snags take place during blocking.

The top of the blocker has a hook shape so that it can be hung when it’s necessary to dry the socks. As an added plus, you can display your creations also by hanging them.

Made in sturdy plastic, they are easy to keep clean. Their increased flexibility allows wet yarn to be positioned without difficulty.  A convenient PVC bag that is reusable comes with blockers.


  • These blockers can be used for socks from women’s small to men’s large sizes.
  • Sizing options include both American and European sizes.
  • Thanks to a two-section design that allows for detachment and repositioning, seven settings guarantee multiple sizing possibilities.
  • Made in durable plastic, they feature rounded edges to keep your socks safe from snags and pulls when in use.
  • A hook shape at one end permits hanging the blockers for both quick-drying and displaying.
  • They come in a PVC bag that is reusable.


  • Some reported concerns about the smallest women’s sizes being too large.

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2. Knitter’s Pride Aqua Sock Blockers KP800120

Knitter’s Pride Sock blockers are also a great tool if you need to block wet socks once you finish knitting. Made in durable acrylic, they come in an attractive shade of an “aqua” color that is translucent. Their construction is sturdy but flexible at the same time. As they cannot absorb moisture, they do not risk warping.

Knitter’s Pride manufactures these blockers in three sizes of small, medium, and large. Small blockers measure for an 8 and ¼ inch length, while medium blockers measure for a 9 and 1/8-inch foot length, and the large blocker measures for a 10 and 1/8-inch foot length.

These measurements translate approximately into male sizes 3.5 to 5.5 and female sizes 5 to 7 for the small blocker. The medium blocker will fit male sizes 6 to 7.5, while the large blocker should manage male sizes 8 to 10 and female sizes 7.5 to 9.5.

The edges of the blockers are smooth, so you don’t have to worry about pulls or snags during blocking and they slide easily into wet newly knitted socks making them nice to use. A hole is featured at the top end of these blockers so they can be attached to a hook or wire if you want to hang them for drying purposes.

Unfortunately, a hook shape at the top or hook attachment would have been a nice feature but was not included in the design.

You should pay attention when ordering these blockers because they are sold in both single and pair options. If by chance you select the single option instead of the two-pack, you will find yourself with only one blocker to use. This was the principal observation in much of the customer feedback I read before ordering them.


  • Constructed in durable acrylic material that is flexible enough to be used with wet knit socks.
  • This Knitter’s Pride KP800120 is available in three sizes and features a cut-out design to facilitate even quick drying.
  • Because they are made of acrylic, they are resistant to moisture absorption and thus will not warp.
  • These blockers come in three varied sizes including large, medium, and small.


  • They are sold as single blockers. This can be confusing for some buyers at the moment of purchase.
  • Some reports of rough spots on the edges.
  • A few concerns about sizing have been expressed by some buyers.

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3. Alpaca Direct – Pair of Stainless Steel Blockers

Alpaca Direct Pair of Stainless Steel blockers offers a set of two sock blockers that are actually a frame of a sock constructed in stainless steel wire. They offer a simple but extremely effective design that allows for fast air-drying as they have a simple wireframe that in no way blocks the air from reaching the knitted yarn yet guarantees the desired sock shape.

Manufactured in three standard sizes, they are available in small, medium, and large. Alpaca Direct indicates that their approximate sizing of small corresponds from children’s sizes to women’s size seven or men’s size five. Medium corresponds to women’s sizes eight to ten and men’s sizes six to eight and one half.

The large blocker is for women’s sizes ten and one half and over or for men’s sizes nine and over. I found these sizing indications to be quite accurate.

The top of the blockers features a hook shape to permit hanging for drying while the open frame guarantees uniform airflow. Displaying is also possible thanks to the hook feature. Wire construction makes them very lightweight at approximately eight ounces.

Another consideration is that stainless steel is both strong and resistant to corrosion due to water making it ideal for blocking wet socks.


  • They feature a stainless-steel lightweight frame construction that provides strength, durability, and corrosion resistance.
  • Available in three different sizes.
  • The frame design guarantees uniform airflow for quick drying.
  • A hook in the top design permits hanging for both drying and display purposes.


  • Some concerns reported about the calf size stretching socks a bit too much.

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A Buyer’s Guide – What to Look for When Selecting your Blocker for Sock

When you search for a sock blocker, there are some key factors you may want to consider when deciding:


This blockers should be rigid enough to maintain the form of a sock when the yarn used to make the sock is drying. Materials used commonly include wood, metal, acrylic, and plastic.

When selecting, keep in mind that the material should be smooth to avoid pulls or snags. Keeping it clean should be easy. If you are considering metal, look for metals resistant to corrosion when constantly sustaining exposure to water or moisture, such as stainless steel.

Airflow Design

This is important because it will determine how quickly end evenly your socks dry. Most blockers will either be a frame of a sock shape such as in wire sock blockers or will feature a cut-out design to permit as much airflow as possible to the yarn, thus facilitating drying.

Hook or Hanging Feature

In terms of convenience, this feature is highly desirable. There is no point in having a blocker if you can’t hang it to dry your socks. Many sock blockers will come with a hook as part of their design. Others will feature a hole that allows you to place your blocker on a hook for hanging. This is a must when choosing your ideal socks blocker.


How does one choose the correct size of blocker for your socks? This can be most confusing when selecting a blocker. Newly designed adjustable size blockers can eliminate this problem because they adjust to specific sizes.

If you like a blocker that is available in large, medium, and small, look for the manufacturer’s indications about corresponding sizes for both women and men. These sizes may vary a bit from brand to brand.

How to Use Sock Blocks

This is how I use my sock blockers. Upon completing knitting, I wash my socks in warm water with soap that is appropriate for the type of yarn used to make the socks. In my case, it is a liquid soap for hand washing wool.

  • Submerge the socks completely in tepid water. They should soak in the soapy water for roughly fifteen minutes.
  • Rinse the socks and remove, patting them dry with a towel. Do not wring, pull, stretch, or squeeze the wet socks in any manner.
  • If you are using an adjustable blocker for your sock, position it to the correct desired size. Slide the sock on each blocker. Do not stretch the sock while placing it on the blocker.
  • Hang the socks to dry.
  • Once dry, remove the socks and they are ready for use.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Do I need sock blockers?

To wear the socks, it is not necessary to block them, as the socks will stretch a bit to accommodate your foot. However, if you will be giving the socks as a gift, sock blockers are a great option, as they give your newly knitted socks both shape and size making the appearance of your gift so much nicer.

Can I block socks without using a sock blocker?

If you knit a pair of socks and do not yet have blockers, you can try to shape them yourself by hand and then use pins to block the socks on a mat for blocking.

Can I make my sock blockers?

You can try. Many people make their blockers from plastic placemats or hangers. For a placemat blocker, you will need to create a template in the correct size before cutting the plastic placemat. Plus, a solid plastic blocker will not facilitate air flow for drying your socks.

For a DIY hanger sock blocker, you’ll have to bend the hanger’s wire until you achieve the shape. If you knit socks as a gift and do not have a template of the person’s foot and calf, it can be tricky. In this case, purchasing a blocker in the correct size will be faster and more accurate.

Are wooden sock blockers a good choice?

Wooden blockers function exactly as plastic or wire blockers. They often will have nice cut-out designs of flowers or various decorative patterns to help airflow for drying.

However, a wooden blocker should be smooth and have a good oil finish, because finishes that form a film will eventually flake with use, causing chips that can snag your handiwork.

Also, a wooden finish without an appropriate finish will deteriorate over time.

Final Thought

When considering sock blockers, the “blocking” refers to shaping, or in some cases, reshaping, freshly washed knitted socks. Once washed, you will want the wool to relax and maintain the correct size and shape of your sock.

Since hand-knitted or woolen socks, may look a bit uneven or even crinkly and wrinkly when washed, a good sock blocker will help stitches smooth out as well as helping the sock to keep a sock shape.

Whether caring for your own socks or preparing a handmade gift for someone else, a pair of blockers are essential for knitters and those, like me, who love to crochet.

I highly recommend the Red Suricata Blockers for their innovative adjustable design that allows you to position the blockers to a specific size as opposed to a more generic small, medium, or large. They also would be an appreciated gift for the knitter in your family or among your friends!