rOtring 600 vs Rapid Pro – Top pens compared

Rotring is a brand that comes with high-quality and long-lasting pens. Two of its pens, Rotring 600 and Rotring Rapid Pro are considered the best ballpoint pens of Rotring. They are quite similar, so, it is difficult to distinguish the pens from each other.

Both the pens may have similar exterior, but they are not exactly the same. They come with different features and sizes. To decide which one you should pick, know the differences between these two pens first.

In this article, we will compare both Rotring 600 Vs Rapid Pro and will discuss the differences.

Rotring 600 Vs Rapid Pro – Differences

The beautiful designs of these pens will amaze you. They have all good features to help you in writing. But there is a little difference between them also.


Both Rotring 600 and rapid pro come with a nice design and an amazing finish. Both of them have an ideal weight, so you won’t feel any kind of discomfort while holding them. The pens are featured with a non-slip knurled grip, which makes them ideal for frequent use.

Even though they have a balanced weight and a knurled grip, the build-quality of the pens are not the same. Rotring 600 comes in a solid full-metal body and an ergonomic hexagonal barrel that prevents it from rolling off from the table.

 Even the threading that connects the barrel and grip is made with metal too. On the other side, rapid pro has a metal body with an internal plastic part. It lacks the metal feel and is not too heavy or lightweight.

The thing most of the users of the pen complained about was the plastic red ring thread that connects both the barrel and the grip part. The barrel becomes loose at the red ring and can probably break if dropped accidentally.

Moreover, there is a lead hardness indicator featured in the Rotring 600’s body, which doesn’t exist on Rapid Pro. So in this case, Rotring 600 has a better design and is more durable than rapid pro.


Both the retractable pens have a nice weight, but the Rapid Pro is slightly heavier than Rotring 600. The weight of Rotring 600 is about 23.7 grams, while the weight of Rapid pro is 25.3 grams. Also, Rotring 600 is quite smaller in size than Rapid pro.

Rapid pro is 145mm long, while Rotring 600 is 137mm long. Both the pens have the same 9.0mm width. Rapid pro is larger than Rotring 600, which makes it perfect for those who have large hands.

Refill system

The pens come with high-quality Rotring metal Jumbo refills. They use 1.0mm refills, Rapid 600 is a black ink ballpoint pen and Rapid Pro comes with blue ink. You can use the Parker-style G2 refills with them.

Parker style refills like Schmidt easy-flow 9000m and OHTO Flash dry gel refill especially, works quite well with Rotring 600. Some refills might not work with Rotring 600, so you have to choose carefully and try them before purchasing. Rapid pro doesn’t come with such a problem.

Writing Performance

Both the pens write well and you will feel quite comfortable while writing with them. Rapid Pro is long in size, so you can hold it better and won’t feel any fatigue while writing, drawing, or sketching for a long time with it.

Rotring 600 is a fine pen too, but it is smaller in size. You might start feeling uncomfortable while writing with it for an extended period. So choose wisely while buying one.


The pens are made with durable and sturdy materials so that they can perform for a long-lasting period. But the users complained that Rapid Pro has more chances to break since it has plastic parts.

So you cannot store it anywhere and should keep it safely to prevent any damage to the pen. Whereas, the pocket-size Rotring 600 ballpoint’s all-metal body construction makes it more long-lasting and durable than Rapid Pro.

Plus, you can store it in your bag or pocket without any worries. But, Rapid Pro is backed up with a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase against any damages or defects, so it a plus point if you want to use the pen for an extended period.


The price of the pens may fluctuate depending on the demand. Before the Rapid pro was more affordable and less costly than Rotring 600, but recently the cost of Rotring 600 has decreased, making it cheaper than Rapid Pro.

The cost of the pens also may differ if there is any special offer or sale.

Rotring 600 or Rapid Pro: Which Pen is better?

rOtring is a very popular brand as a pen and pencil maker. That’s why there are many searches comparing its popular models. rOtring 600 vs 800 or rOtring 600 vs Rapid Pro are some of them.

Here, we discussed how both the pens are not similar and contain some differences. And now, we will compare the pens based on some factors to find out which one is the best among them.

Easy to Hold

Based on the opinions and reviews of both the pens, most of the users found Rapid Pro’s wide and long grip easier to hold, and they had no issues while writing with it for a long time.

So we can say Rapid Pro is more comfortable for everyday use than Rotring 600.


The full-metal body of Rotring 600 beats the metal and plastic body of Rapid Pro. So we can expect Rotring 600 to be more durable and long-lasting.


They have an almost similar design, where Rotring 600 comes with a hexagonal barrel, and on the other side, Rapid Pro is featured with a rounded-hexagonal barrel. Both the designs are attractive and prevent the pens from sliding off the table.


The price of the pens may not remain the same every time. They keep on fluctuating depending on the demand and sale factors.

We have compared both the pens and each of them comes with some advantages and disadvantages. You can invest in one of these excellent pens if you feel it is perfect for you and can overlook its shortcomings.

Final Verdict

Rapid Pro may have cheaply built, but it is more comfortable and offers fatigue-less writing performance than Rotring 600. On the other side, the Rotring 600 ballpoint is an iconic pen with a sturdy body that you can use for a longer period.

I hope by reading the above Rotring 600 vs Rapid Pro comparison, you have got an idea about the differences between these amazing ballpoint pens and have made your mind.