rOtring 600 Vs 800 – The Great Vs Greater Mechanical Pencil

Mechanical pencils are always the best option for creating a neat and clean drawing and writing. And considering all the benefactors, rOtring brings lavishly awesome pencils. Though there are other many pricy mechanical pencils in the market, focusing on performance Rotring provides the best service.

With respect to that, rOtring 600 vs 800 is the highlighted topic that people are very much interested in. Both of the pencils have the potentials to give you a lifetime experience. Besides, their seamless construction is appreciable. From writing on a clean sheet to draw fine-arts, rOtring 600 and 800 have a great contribution.

Experience both rOtring 600 and 800 mechanical pencils without any breakage and make them your lifetime companion. Though they carry some slight differences, they both worth it. Let’s have a clear comparison of rOtring 600 vs 800.

rOtring 600 Mechanical Pencil

rOtring 1904444 600 Mechanical Pencil, 0.7 mm, Silver Barrel

oOtring is always best in the segment of delivering authentic and well-constructed mechanical pencils. Rotring 600 is no other exception. With its fixed graphite lead, the nib is determined to be conducted as per the wish of the user. The lead is so consistent that it glides smoothly through the sheet.
But again, their perfect sleeve prevents the nib to sleep at any point of the drawing. rOtring600 comes with a silver barrel. This barrel looks stunning and gets fit easily in the fingers of the users. It has a perfect balance as well. The body is metal-based including the knurl. The hexagonal body shape helps to reduce finger soreness.

The 0.7mm is the perfect size for rOtring 600 as it is appreciated by many users. Following the brass mechanism, the Rotring 600 pencil allows you to work for a longer time without any breakage. However, the mechanical pencil is not beyond any fault.

The retractable system is not available in this pencil. Hence, carrying the pencil is not easy as it leads to some dangerous issues like leaking the pockets or poking the legs. Nevertheless, Rotring 600 provides the clearest image on paper. For definitive artwork, there is no better option than the rOtring 600.

For long-shifted work or sketches, the pencil is reliable enough. Without breaking at a certain point and allowing its indicator to work perfectly, the rOtring600 mechanical pencil is a gem in a word. Also, the tip of the pencil works instantly without breaking the nib.

Things We Liked about rOtring 600

  • Specific click and definitive art-work

Rotring 600 pencil leads the nib to point out the details of your artwork or drawing. Its click is so definite that the pencil-work looks beautifully organized and clean.

  • Spic and span construction

The rOtring 600 pencil comes with a sleek design and stunning features. The silver color evokes a sense of clear image and great service. Besides, the metal-based body carries the perfect weight.

  • Fatigueless long hour work advantages

The shape of the body of the rOtring 600 mechanical pencil offers a nice grip. The shape also resists the pencil from drawing over the table. Besides, the knurled grip allows the finger to work for a long shift and doesn’t make your fingers sore.

Things We Didn’t Like about rOtring 600

  • Doesn’t come with a retractable mechanism

This is the most disadvantageous part of the Rotring 600 mechanical pencil. Just because it doesn’t offer a retractable mechanism like its updated models, this pencil lacks behind a little.

rOtring 800 Mechanical Pencil

rOtring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm, Black Barrel (1904447)

With 0.5mm size, rOtring 800 mechanical pencil is the updated and greater version of the 600 models. Rotring 800 pencil has got the finest and classy look. The color combination of the pencil is highly appreciable. The black sleek body and red logo on the body evoke a great sense of sophistication.

In addition to that, the golden border at the beginning of the tip and the golden lead sleeve enhances the look greatly. Apart from the outlook, the Rotring 800 mechanical pencil offers outstanding performance in ruler-based drawing.

The black sleek barrel is made of metal fully. It doesn’t weigh much. You can carry the pencil in your pocket. The pocket clip of this pencil is solid and it is black as well. The pencil provides a retractable mechanism. This mechanism is absent in most other versions of rOtring mechanical pencils.
However, the rOtring 800 pencil has a hexagonal shape as well. The shape is resistant to incline downwards of a tilted table. It remains fixed on a table where you set it. The knurled grip helps the user to have a nice experience of drawing detailed work.

The nib of the pencil smoothly glides because of the brass mechanism of the pencil. The pencil works properly when you draw or sketch on something. Besides providing comfort, the “twist and click” mechanism allows the user to use it for a lifetime.

Things We Liked about rOtring 800

  • Brass mechanism and precision lead advancement

Rotring 800 mechanical pencil is so well built that it attracts consumers to great extent. Besides, the golden sleeve of the pencil determines a non-breakable relation of the lead with the rest of the body of the pencil.

  • Offers retractable mechanism

The pencil offers the most advantageous part and that is the “twist and click” part. With this mechanism, you can easily hold on to your pencil. Also, you don’t have to fear of getting poked by the nib or your pocket leaked.

  • Sleek design and performance

The rOtring 800 has possessed some good qualities by having a very good look. However, the performance of the pencil does go with the sleek design of the retractable pencil. Also, its replaceable barrel makes your work easier.

Things We Didn’t Like About rOtring 800

Doesn’t offer a clean-cutRotring 800 mechanical pencil is a pure gem until it creates a non-clear cut on the drawing sheet. The pencil doesn’t offer a neat line as we expected.

rOtring 600 Vs 800 – Differences

The debate between rOtring vs 800 is only comparable to rOtring 600 vs Rapid pro or rOtring 800 vs Rapid Pro.

Though all the Rotring pencils are awesome both from looks and performance, they carry some definite differences from each other. Both Rotring 600 and 800 performs beyond any ordinary pencils. Especially for the professionals who are more into architecture or ruler-based works, they prefer both Rotring 600 and 800 based on various occasions.

When in the one hand, Rotring 600 provides attention to the detailed work, Rotring 800 on the other hand, is more likely to create comfort for sketching and other drawings. To create a straight line in an artwork, Rotring 600 would help you seamlessly than the Rotring 800.

Then again, Rotring 800 has extra qualifications to get right into your heart. With looks and brass mechanism process the pencil is highly recommendable. It provides an accurate environment on the drawing sheet with its long lead advancement. The retractable mechanism and replaceable advantages have proceeded the pencil a long way.

But again, the Rotring 600 mechanical pencil comes with an indicator. It helps to make the user understand whether the lead is about to finish or not according to its heaviness. This profitable part is absent in Rotring 800 mechanical pencil. Still, the pencil is greater because it possesses some high definition.

Besides all the differences, the shapes of the Rotring 600 and 800 are the same and they both are perfect for the tilted tables. The hexagonal shapes not only enhance the outlook but also help you from the trouble of gliding the pencils through the table. The nibs of the pencils slightly vary from each other.

The Rotring 600 mechanical pencil comes with a nib of 0.7mm size. This size is considered the ideal size. And it also provides clear-cut linings on the drawing sheet. Your engineering work should be done with this Rotring 600 mechanical pencil.

On the other hand, Rotring 800 comes with a nib of 0.5mm nib size. This size is also ideal and best for your professional artwork. Besides, people remain in confusion in choosing between Rotring 600 and 800. Also, the price range of the two mechanical pencils varies a lot.

However, some issues arise with the ‘Rotring 600 Vs 800’ comparison. The biggest issue is that if the nibs are stable or unstable of the pencils. Well, don’t get shocked but both Rotring 600 and 800 mechanical pencils have got the stabilize issue. But it can be easily said that both pencils perform well on some definite occasions.

Final Thoughts

In fine, Rotring pencils are always awesome on paper. Still, the Rotring 600 and 800 mechanical pencils have created some hype among the consumers and collectors of pencils. That’s why the ‘rOtring 600 Vs 800’ comparison has been done by many experienced people. From our detailed perspective, you’ve already known the benefactors and oddities of both pencils.
Still, we would recommend you to try out both rOtring600 and 800 pencils on occasion. You’ve to be a little choosy and wise in finding out the best mechanical pencil for the right occasion. Thus you can make justice both for Rotring 600 and Rotring 800 mechanical pencils.