Pilot Vanishing Point Review

Well, there is a wide range of selections for the vanishing point fountain pen. They come in different colors and features but, only one of them will fascinate you the most. For me, that one is the PILOT Vanishing Point Collection refillable & retractable fountain pen. This pen has landed in my hands after a long cherish and I have come up with the Pilot vanishing point review to make a described article on the pen.

Being the first and favorite retractable Pilot vanishing point, the pen is worth all the money and the performance does not disappoint at all. This fountain pen is featured with a retractable nib which is the main attractive part. You always do not see this feature in a high-end pen. However, every other feature of the pen also indicates its high-quality only.

Pilot Vanishing Point Review

PILOT Vanishing Point Collection Refillable & Retractable Fountain Pen, Matte Black Barrel, Blue Ink, Extra Fine Nib (60579)

If you are buying a pen pay a hefty cost then you deserve to have the best one. Knowing each and every feature is the key in this very case. From the nib to the end-cap you need to verify all the specifications.

Starting with the color, the PILOT Vanishing Point Collection Refillable & Retractable Fountain Pen (60579) comes with a black Carbonesque or Rhodium color.


However, the pen comes with a special and elegant gift box. Inside the box, the pen rests on a velvety plastic bed. The box is also embossed with a PILOT logo on it. Again, the box comes with a spare space underneath the bed as the cartridge compartment.

Also, this Pilot Vanishing Point with a two-pack pen is a classy and professional choice for your everyday practical writing. The pen is capless which allows easy carrying anywhere anytime. The pen comes with a great deal of utility as well. It writes smoothly right out of the box and stays in your shirt pocket like an innocent baby.


Now, what makes the pen way ahead of its creation is its incredible retractable nib. This is the most convenient and convincing part of the pen to be more specific. Extending and retracting the nib is quite easy with the pen and you can do it using only one hand. Moreover, you will get to see a trap door hiding the 18K gold nib. This excellent feature keeps the nib always wet and clean.

However, this pen comes with an extra-fine nib. But surely you will find this vanishing point fountain pen with fine, extra-fine, broad, medium, and stub nib sizes. All of the nibs deliver a fairly smooth writing experience.


Again, though the pen looks heavy, it is not. The pen feels great in hands and it glides on the page effortlessly and you don’t even feel the simplest weight while working with it. The heaviness is standard enough to feel its lightweight. Overall, the vanishing point can be handled easily and nicely.


As we stated before the Pilot vanishing point pen comes with many color options and schemes including black or gold hardware and many. All of them come in a limited edition with the same aesthetic. Again, there are many other models of the pen that come in different colors like half matte black with gunmetal or full matte black.

The model 60579 from Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen comes with a full matte black color with a medium nib. Whereas, my reviewing pen has a Rhodium color barrel that is kinda glossy. However, the rhodium trim black one catches the eye anyway.


However, you won’t find any specific section of grip on the pen. The barrel allows the exact position for holding it. Nonetheless, you can easily detect the holding place where the clip of the fountain pen ends on the base.

Though some complain about the clip on the barrel considering the part is unnecessary and creates a problem in gripping, the feature is actually understandable. The clip in a way handles the heavy action and it works as great support.

Even the nock of the pen comes with a heavy design and action. It reduces the chances of the unwanted opening while it rests in a pocket. Capping and Uncapping is always a problem and with the pen, only one click is enough. The click is so very satisfying that it leaves you there to click and unclick it again and again.


First of all, the vanishing point pen comes in an excellent packaging box. It also contains an ink cartridge and a CNT40 piston converter. However, refilling the pen is easier with the cartridge. Just installing a new cartridge you are all set to write with it again.

On the other hand, with the converter, the refilling is easy as well. Just make the nib come out of the pen and fill the pen with ink from the ink bottle. Also, the notch attached with the pen ensures the exact and proper installation of each unit of the pen while refilling.

Specifications of Pilot Vanishing Point

Type of the Pen Fountain Pen
Manufacturer PILOT
Closure Feature Retractable
Barrel Matte Black
Accents Rhodium
Size Extra Fine Nib
Nib Size Available Fine, Extra Fine, Medium, Broad, Stub
Product Dimensions 6 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches
Nib Material Rhodium-plated 18k gold
Top Button Retractable 


  • Featured with a retractable nib which is convenient enough for use.
  • Delivers innovative luxury with a gift box and everything else.
  • The pen arrives with a converter and ink cartridge as well.
  • The pen makes a great gift for parents, graduation, birthdays, and other occasions.
  • The vanishing point is an exceptional writing instrument reserving all of its unique features and powers.
  • It also comes with a smooth gold nib and looks great.
  • Writes seamlessly on pages without bleeding or feathering.


  • The clip of the pen may annoy some of you.

What I Like Most about the Pen

Without digging into the paper, the pen writes clean. The pen is also reliable as it never shows any ink-feeding incidents. I personally like everything about the pen. Each of the features is inserted for the sake of the user’s convenience.

It is equipped with trusted quality and expensive materials. I just need to hold the pen and the rest is done by itself. It works brilliantly with smooth wet lines. It dries fast as well.

Being both stylish and practical, this vanishing point is my number one choice from a hundred fountain pens. I also can fly safely with the pen in my pocket. It will never cause any unwanted leakage or situation for its trustable designs.

Final Words

According to the design, price, feature, and everything else, the PILOT Vanishing Point is a pen worth having. If you own a number of fountain pens then you will easily understand the difference while using this great retractable pen.  This pen is an absolute joy to use. Some may find the clip of the vanishing point unnecessary but it is a strong feature being a perfect shirt-pocket material. The gold nib with several sizes fulfills the writing satisfaction in every way. The capless feature is a great improvement and gives a classy act. If you have never owned a fountain pen then you won’t get any better than the PILOT Vanishing Point. Then again, if you are investing this much money on a pen then you better make a trial before purchase it. Happy Writing!