Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen reviews

Parker Sonnet is known for its luxurious-looking pens. This brand makes high-quality fountain and ballpoint pens that give you an excellent writing experience. All the pens made by this brand are handcrafted and checked individually to ensure the highest quality.

It comes with a great number of pens and some of them perform exceptionally well. Moreover, they come with a timeless design that will leave you impressed. In this parker sonnet fountain pen review, we will present you with four amazing fountain pens that are purchase-worthy.

4 Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen Review

1. PARKER Sonnet Fountain Pen, Black Lacquer with Gold Trim

PARKER Sonnet Fountain Pen, Black Lacquer with Gold Trim, Fine Nib

Express your writing with the beautiful PARKER Sonnet Fountain Pen, which comes in an impeccable design that will leave you awestruck. This pen is constructed uniquely to provide you with a memorable writing experience. Let us check out the features:

Design:  The flawless design of the pen makes it different and unique from the other fountain pens. It is composed of 17 individual pieces, features a black lacquer cap and barrel, accented with gold-finish trim and clip.

The 18-karat gold nib with rhodium highlights featured in the pen makes it exceptionally beautiful and solid. It is hand-crafted carefully to offer you the best quality.

Performance: The smooth gliding function of this fountain pen will help you to write smoothly and seamlessly on a blank page. It has a perfect weight, not too heavy nor too light.

You will achieve maximum comfort while writing with this pen as it comes with a balanced weight that provides comfort and prevents hand fatigue while writing for an extended period of time. Whether it is a journal paper, notebook, or newspaper, this fountain pen writes well on them without any bleed-through.

Maintenance: It is quite easy to maintain this fountain pen. You can clean it with ease, without any mess. Plus, the converter featured with the pen allows for hassle-free ink filling.

All you have to do is stick the nib of the pen in the ink bottle, and then twist the back of the pen to fill the tube with ink.

Packaging: The beautiful fountain pen comes in an elegant box with a woven exterior and is surrounded by an inner material, which is quite soft. The sweet welcome card and booklet added with this fountain pen make it a perfect gift for friends and family.


  • Solidly constructed with impeccable design.
  • Writes smoothly.
  • Comes with a balanced weight.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Comes encased in elegant packaging.


  • The nib dries frequently.

2. Parker Sonnet Metro Fountain Pen Black C.C

Parker Sonnet Metro Fountain Pen Black C.C.

The Parker Sonnet Metro fountain pen featured a timeless design that will capture everyone’s attention. The ‘Metro’ indicates the dynamics of city life. Let us find out more details about it below:

Design: The crafter of this pen has uniquely styled the cap of the pen. It was designed inspired by the illuminated street lights and vibrant evening of the modern world.

So this is why it comes with a stylish matt lacquer black rhinestone cap with an urban map pattern. The 18-karat gold nib with rhodium-plated finish and trademark arrow clip gives this pen an exquisite look.

Performance: With the fountain pen, you can write for hours without straining your hand. It provides comfort and optimizes fatigue while writing. The weight of the pen has the right balance.

You can feel the weight of the pen while writing and it is totally well-balanced. The nib of the pen glides smoothly without any stop. It writes well on notebooks, newspapers, or cheap papers.

Cap Attachment: You can attach the beautiful cap at the back of the pen while writing and it will remain attached for hours without moving off. It won’t’ make the pen heavier and will help the users with long hands to write with ease.

Maintenance and Packaging: Maintaining this stylish black fountain pen is quite hassle-free. You have to make sure to clean it more often and it will write flawlessly. This pen, like the previous Parker Sonnet pen, comes encased in a high-quality and luxurious box.


  • Featured with a monochrome design reflecting the street lights.
  • High-quality construction with 18-karat solid nib.
  • Weight well-balanced.
  • Offers flawless-writing.
  • Can write well with cap attached at the back.


  • Quite expensive.

3. Parker Sonnet Duo Gift Set Review – Ballpoint Pen & Fountain Pen

Parker Sonnet Duo Gift Set with Ballpoint Pen & Fountain Pen (18K Gold Nib)

If you are looking for excellent fountain pens for gifting someone special, then go for the Parker Sonnet Duo Gift Set with a ballpoint pen and fountain pen. This duo set comes with one Sonnet fountain pen and one Sonnet ballpoint pen in a premium-looking gift box. Let us check out their features:

Design: Both the pens have been hand-crafted and checked individually for the best quality. The fountain pen comes with a glossy black lacquer cap and a barrel featuring gold finish trims.

It is constructed with 17-pieces and comes with a gold-plated 18-karat nib and signature Parker arrowhead clips. While this ballpoint pen comes in a similar design with a retractable twist mechanism and medium tip.

Performance: These Sonnet pens provide immense writing comfort and glide with amazing smoothness. The fountain pen offers clean writing, while the ballpoint pen is flawless, no matter how long you write with it.

Each of them weighs around 30 grams, so they are not too heavy and lightweight. They will work fine in almost every writing situation.

Packaging: This set of pens comes in a nice gift box, which makes it suitable as a memorable gift for couples, graduates, or teachers. The package also includes a black Quinkflow refill for the ballpoint pen and a long black quink cartridge refill for the fountain pen.


  • Comes with two elegant Sonnet pens.
  • Both of them have a stunning design complemented by gold trims.
  • Featured with a medium nib that glides flawlessly.
  • Includes refill for both the pens.
  • Packaged in a premium gift box.


  • Many users found the pens quite slippery.
  • Some users didn’t like the black and gold color combination.

4. PARKER Sonnet Slim Ballpoint Pen Review

PARKER Sonnet Slim Ballpoint Pen, Stainless Steel with Gold Trim, Medium Point Black Ink (1931508)

For a consistent writing performance, the stylish PARKER Sonnet slim ballpoint pen is the best one and good for note-taking. It comes with a refreshing design, different from other Parker Sonnet pens. Let’s check out what it offers:

Design: The chiseled silver barrel and cap of the pen, which are accented by black lacquer and gold-finished trims and clip gives this pen a luxurious look. The silver and black crosshatch engraving design pairs well with the gold trims of the pen and makes it quite attractive.

Performance: This fountain pen comes with an easy mechanism. It features a retractable twist mechanism that retracts the tip with one simple action.

So, there is zero hassle writing with it. This pen is featured with a medium tip that performs smoothly and offers clear writing.

The solidly-made pen has a balanced weight and an average height, which allows you to have good control over the pen.

Grip: It has a slim grip, which is perfect for those who have small hands. But for others, it might not be too comfortable to hold.

The engraved design can be rough to the fingertips, and if you hold the pen for hours, then it becomes quite uncomfortable. This pen is great for writing occasionally than daily.

Packaging: This pen is packaged in a nice and classy Parker gift box, so you can gift this to your close friend or family without any second thoughts.


  • Chiseled silver and gold trims give it a refreshing look.
  • Features a simple and easy retractable twist mechanism.
  • Offers smooth writing performance.
  • Has a good and balanced weight.
  • Comes in a simple and classy box.


  • Many users complained that the pen is very light and small.

Final Words

These are some of the fountain pens from Parker Sonnet that offers the most. You will fall in love with the pens once you have them in your hand. The flawless writing performance, comfortable grip, and hassle-free maintenance make them special and great from the other pens. I hope after reading this parker sonnet fountain pen review, it has become easier for you to find the perfect fountain pen for yourself.