Is Knitting Better than Crocheting? Learn About the Differences Between these Two

Is knitting better than crocheting? Or the truth is the opposite? Both are examples of yarn crafts but there has always been some confusion between which one is better and which one offers more benefits, values.

why knitting is better than crochetingThere are differences in both of them, like everything else in this world. To tell one between these two as the better one is a debatable matter. But whatever your needs are and wherever your stance is depending on your needs, it’s always a good idea to learn more about the differences and similarities between these two.

In this write up, we’ll talk about both knitting and crocheting as well the differences and similarities between them. Knowing this information will help you understand more about both of these, which, in turn, will help you become more decisive while picking one over the other. You’ll know which one’s better for your task, too.

Comparison between knitting and crocheting – The similarities

Let’s talk about the similarities by showing them in some boring bullet points –

It is Cheap and easy to get started: Anyone can learn these skills without making a sweat. It doesn’t take much money to buy the necessary items either. No need for complicated equipment makes both of these easy to master.

The techniques are Flexible enough: There are several methods of doing each. You can choose whatever suits your fingers best in terms of flexibility and repetitive hand movement.

There are many complicated projects possible with the techniques: However, a beginner isn’t required to learn the techniques of the advanced designs. Anyone can start and within a short time be able to get a few simple tricks under their sleeves.

The level of dedication and patience to do any of these is insane: Yes, they’re rewarding if you have the time and will to go through the pain. But persevering through the initial step isn’t a piece of cake.

The more you practice, the more you’ll start to learn about various designs: You’ll start to understand which colors match with what and which ones don’t. You’ll be able to create beautiful mathematical patterns. Even though the hobby of any of these might be hard, the rewards are a lot.

Both use the same element “Yarn”: The difference between these two is in the work, not in the material itself.

Comparison between knitting and crocheting – The Differences

We’ve talked about some similarities between these two. Now let’s move our focus into the distinction between them.

The crafting process

Without this, there would actually be no significant difference between knitting and crocheting.

Knitting is done with specially designed knitting needles. The needles are used to ring like loops in a row, and once one row is complete, move to the next. One needle is used to make rings while the other holds the rings in place.

The basic stitches for knitting are the purl stitch and the knit stitch. There are other knitting techniques too but these two are some of the simplest and preferred by new knitters.

On the other hand, crocheting is done with one center and by going in a circular shape as the crocheting piece gets larger. Other shapes such as rectangular shapes are common too. The chain stitching is an easy and common beginner technique for crocheting. Single, double, half-double and slip stitching are popular too.

For both crocheting and knitting, there are many different techniques available. But newbies don’t have to go through them. A few simple tricks, if learnt well, can be enough to start with. The techniques are simple and all it takes is some good amount of patience to make beautifully patterned items.

However, making complicated designs with crocheting might be more complicated than it is with knitting. A single crocheted piece can include hundred different patterns in itself. It’s not the same with knitting since you can continue to knit with only a few methods for a long time, as much of it can be done with a few stitches.


You can knit with machines but crochet only with hands. There are special knitting needles for knitting. Likewise, crocheting needles are designed differently.

The main material is yarn. You can use any yarn of your choice as long as you think of doing any of these two.

Produced Materials

It doesn’t matter whatever you make with knitting or crocheting. As a matter of fact, both of these are used to make many similar items. Things like socks, scarves, home decor and many more can be done with any method. Your creativity is your only limit. However, if you need something soft, try to choose knitting for that.


Usually, crocheted items are made thicker and heavier. It is because of the patterns of the threads. For this reason, Crochet products usually last quite a long time.

On the other hand, knitted items are suited for soft and flexible pieces of cloth. Knitted pieces feel easy to touch and hold. While these might not be the most durable stuff, they fulfill their goal of making comfortable products.

Choosing the right one for you

We’ve talked about some of the differences between these two. Now let’s talk about the problems and benefits of both of these and talk about some practical points to think about before choosing one.

Knitting – Advantages

  • You can start very simple. Just learn one or two techniques initially.
  • Easy to make color variations in the patterns with knitting.
  • Soft, flexible, stretchy fabric.
  • It’s heavy. So, good for quits or dresses such as sweaters.

 Knitting – Disadvantages

  • When you make a mistake, you have to go through a slow reverse process.
  • Time consuming.
  • Not very durable. Better not to make products that need constant handling with knitting.

Crocheting – Advantages

  • Faster than knitting.
  • So many variations possible in a single crocheted piece.
  • Thin and durable fabric.

Crocheting – Disadvantages

  • Clothes don’t usually look as good as a knitted piece.
  • Fabric isn’t very soft to touch or hold on to.

Final Words

As a fact of the matter, whether you like crocheting or knitting for your preferred project, it’s not that of a big deal. Choose whatever you feel more comfortable to work with. Once learnt, both of them can seem highly intuitive and accessible to any new learner.