How to Use a Rectangular Knitting Loom

How to Use a Rectangular Knitting Loom?

A knitting board/knitting loom is a tool with sets of pegs on its frame that have even space between each other. People use a knitting loom to weave yarn together to create pieces of fabric.

Here in this article, we will show you a tutorial on how to use a rectangular knitting loom for excellent results of artwork.

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How to Use a Rectangular Knitting Loom?

There are various sizes, materials, and shapes of knitting loom. It comes with a fixed or adjustable number of pegs. You also can customize your knitting loom by yourself.

By using a knitting loom, you can create many creative things. For example, a headband, hat, scarf, yarn flower, pouch, and many more. If you are a beginner, start with an easy design of artwork as a practice.

How to Use a Rectangular Knitting Loom

Before proceeding to the steps on how to use a rectangular knitting loom, you need to know:

Types of knitting Loom

There are two main types of knitting looms which are; rectangular knitting loom and circular knitting loom.

  • Rectangular knitting loom: It is a multipurpose knitting loom that has a rectangular shape with sets of pegs in its frame. This type of knitting board can be used to construct flat and solid pieces as well as tube pieces of fabric.
  • Round knitting loom: It has a circular shape with pegs around the circular frame. This type of knitting loom is perfect for forming tubular types of fabric such as a hat.

Types of loom knitting

Different types of loom knitting will need different types of knitting loom. Commonly, loom knitting can divide into three types which are: single, double and circular.

  • Single knitting: Use to construct flat or circular items in a single layer. It usually involves working between the adjacent pegs. To do this type of loom knitting, any type of knitting loom is good to use.
  • Double knitting: Commonly used to form a fabric on two sides. This type of loom knitting needs a long (rectangular) knitting loom with a double row of pegs.
  • Circular knitting: Circular knitting requires a round knitting loom with a circular frame of pegs to form a circular/tubular project.

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Easy steps to use a rectangular knitting loom

Single knitting

  1. To cast on, hook your slip knot on the first peg and insert the yarn to the knitting loom by using crochet.
  2. Bring it loom at the bottom to above the top loop and place it on the next peg. Repeat the step until finished.

Or, use the e-wrap method.

  1. To remove it, place the second peg to the first peg. So, by now there are two loops in the first peg. Take the original first loop over the second loop that moved just now and place the loop to the next empty peg.
  2. Your first peg already binds off. Repeat the process until you are done binding off all the stitches.
  3. Once reached the last peg, cut the yarn off and leave some yarn around 6 inches to enable it to be tighten.

Double-sided knitting

  1. Hook your slip knot on the first peg then bring the yarn across to hook it on the other side but not the one directly opposite. It is the one next to it to your right. Mount the yarn in a zigzag.
  2. Turn around your knitting loom. Repeat the procedure (zigzag).
  3. Put long yarn in a longitudinal direction above the zigzag pattern yarn. This yarn is known as anchor yarn. The function of anchor yarn is to make sure the stitches down while creating more fabric.
  4. Repeat the procedure all over again. At this moment, every peg will have 2 loops.
  5. Use the hook to bring the stitch at the bottom over the top of the stitch above it. Repeat this step at all pegs on both sides.
  6. To cast off, on the last pegs, to slip the loop (stitch) off the needle. Place the loop to the hook. Then, repeat the step with the stitch directly opposite.
  7. Take off the stitch which is at the front of the work.
  8. Now, you have three loops on your crochet hook. Slip the loop which is closest to the hook to the tip through the remaining stitches.
  9. When you are nearly complete, there will be only one stitch remaining. Take the stitch of the needle and then draw your working yarn through both stitches.
  10. To rectify, use your crochet to create a neat edge.

Knitting using a circular knitting loom

  • Circular knitting
  1. To cast on, put a slip knot on the first peg. Pull it tight.
  2. Take your working yarn and wrap it twice counterclockwise around the peg. Then, bring the loom at the bottom to above the top loop.
  3. Do step 2 until reached the last peg. Now, you are already finished casting on and can start knitting.
  4. Bind off step is the same as the single knitting on the rectangular knitting loom.
  • Flat knitting

You also can do a flat knitting by using a circular knitting loom. Instead of go around the knitting loom, you only need to go forth and back to construct a flat pieces on knitting. The cast on and off step is basically similar to single knitting step.

Knitting fancy types of pattern and design

By using a rectangular knitting loom, you can do variety of fancy design and pattern. Follow the instruction given according to the design. Make sure you know the basic skills in knitting using loom such as cast on, cast off, removing loom from board and others to ease the process of making the desire design.


Knitting is one of the fun activities to express your creativity. Knitting using a loom makes it easier especially for the one who has zero experience in knitting. Grab one knitting loom now either by making it by yourself or as easy as buying it online.

Try to do three main loom knitting using your knitting loom as a trial. Even though there are automatic knitting machines nowadays, knitting using a knitting loom will hit you differently.


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