How to Store A Fountain Pen: A Conclusive Guide

Fountain pens are popular and no doubt, they are expensive too. So, storing them properly is vital. But before everything, you should know how to store a fountain pen that ensures the expected quality and performance for your pen.

As you go through different situations and environments, you have to be prepared to keep your pen efficient in every condition you face. Let’s find some of the ways to store your much loved fountain pens safely.

How to Store a Fountain Pen: Basic Storing Guide

Cleaning the nib of ink is vital before storing the fountain pens. It will prevent ink from pulling in cap or drying on nib.

It is not necessary to empty the ink reservoir if you plan not to use the pen for next few days. If you need to store the fountain pen for a month or more, it is recommended to empty the reservoir.

After cleaning the nib, it should be properly capped. Capping is also known as posting; it is actually the way to place the cap completely over the pen’s nib.

Some pens provide a click sound when the cap is successfully placed. In this way, you can save your pen from being damaged.

You have to choose from several options; nib facing downwards or upwards, or sideways.
If you store a fountain pen with the nib that faces downwards, gravity may pull the ink to the nib and feeder that causes nib clog or leak through nib. This wrong way of storing can spoil the inner mechanism of the pen.

The nib stays wet when you store it facing sideways. Actually, the relatively right way is to keep the nib facing upwards to prevent clogging and leakage.

However, if the pen is emptied, you can store it with the nib facing anyways.


You can store your fountain pen for up to 1 year by placing it horizontally without ink and about 2 weeks by placing it horizontally with ink.
On the other hand, a premium fountain pen can be stored for up to 1 year by placing it vertically without ink and about 1 month by placing it vertically with ink.

How to Store Fountain Pens when Not in Use

In general, fountain pens are not used frequently. Only for some particular reasons, users utilize these excellent pens.

If you’re planning not to use your pen for a longer period, make sure to remove the ink from the pen. It will help to prevent ink clog in the pen. The dried ink in the fountain pen creates other problems as well. So, it is better to empty your pen and dry it out.

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There are also other options to provide your pens proper protection such as using display chests, cases, and pen pouches. The original box that holds the pen can also be a good option for storing your fountain pen.

When you travel or going outside for any purpose, you do not use your pen. Most of the fountain pens with quality designs do not leak. But while traveling, make sure to carry or store your pens with their points up whensoever possible.

Each pen comes with a clip that allows you to keep it in your shirt’s pocket. The clip also helps to store it in many small spaces.

If you’re flying, temperature and air pressure can be changed randomly. This change may cause the ink to change, especially in volume. When your fountain pens are stored by keeping the nib up, there is a little chance that the ink will arise into the cap.

To store your fountain pens correctly, keep them in a cool and dry place. Do not forget to avoid extremely cold or hot environments for storing pens. This type of care can enhance your pen’s lifespan and you can use that again with original quality and services.

How to Store Fountain Pen: Fountain Pen Cases

There are fundamentally four different types of pen cases that can help you to store your fountain pens safely. The types include:

1. Storage Boxes
2. Display Cases
3. Travel Cases
4. Leather Pen Cases

All those options are easy and effective ways to store your pens. But when it specifically comes to office storage, the display case and storage box are the best. The leather pen case and travel case are definitely good for traveling.

Wrap Up

If you have a collection of fountain pens, you really want to store them to maintain the original performance. It is vital to know how to store a fountain pen for storing your pens.

The above tips should help you to store your fountain pens for long-time usage. No doubt, if you care for them, they will serve you for a lifetime.