How to Refill a Mechanical Pencil: A Complete Guide

It might be difficult for many people to refill mechanical pencils. Most of them don’t know exactly how to refill a mechanical pencil. This article will explain the most effective and practical way to refill your favorite writing and drawing equipment. Keep reading…

The Basics of Mechanical Pencil

Mechanical pencils are very popular to students and writers who need to make lines of constant or steady width. These pencils can be used without sharpening and these are very popular in neat writing as well as technical drawing.

These pencils do not need a pencil sharpener to sharpen the marks. The lines from the mechanical pencil are clear in sizes and diameter, suitable for different tough drawing.

These make it unnecessary to constantly sharpen the sharp and broken ends of the pencil. With a click or a twist, a new pointy thread is delivered and ready to use. The only requirement is that fresh lead needs to be added frequently.

How to Refill a Mechanical Pencil

The first thing to keep in mind is the size and diameter of the lead. There are numerous types of mechanical pencils on the market. Most of them use different lead diameters depending on their preferences.

Most importantly, the refill used to fill the pencil should be in equal size as the refill that comes with the pencil. The expected format is printed on many pens.

If you exert very narrow tips, they will just fall off the tip of the pencil when you attempt to enlarge them. If you use large tips, they get stuck in the pen.

This article comes up with simple ways to fill a mechanical pencil. Let’s take a look.

Method 1

It is a very familiar and easy process.

After choosing the exact size of the lead, you should slide it through the mouth of the pencil.

The mechanical pencils throw the leads from the inside of the pencil most of the time by a twist or click or press on the top of the pencil. This press causes the cassette holder to open up its mouth and free space for the in and outgoing of the lead.

When you press, the line should be inserted through the mouth of the pencil. Be very careful during this process. Since the leads are fragile, they must be kept carefully and inserted carefully.

It is not possible to insert multiple tracks at the same time. You must insert a lead once and try another insert after.

Method 2

This affects the section of the rubber to be removed.

The top of the pencil contains an eraser that can be removed or replaced. This part also leads directly to the cassette or the pellet compartment. After removing the rubber from its position, a hollow part becomes visible, which is the path to the lead support.

Leads can be pulled directly into the bracket from the top of the pencil. Multiple leads can be transferred to the holder. It takes less time and it is easy to refill your best mechanical pencil.

Once the refilling is complete, the rubber must be attached. Sometimes the eraser part is thrown away with use. Rubber extraction becomes more difficult in that situation. A puller, such as a metal pin or pliers, can solve the problem.

Method 3

With this method, the lead holder is replaced by new leads or guided by the top section.

There is a lead holder in the pencil. You may need to remove the bigger top of the pencil for some unique mechanical pencils. It is common for twist-erase pencils, shaker pencils, and some other pencils where the top section works as a push button.

To fill these pencils, you need to remove this big button on the top of the pencil or replace the pencil holder, opening it with new marks. A single lead and multiple leads can be transferred at the same time.

Another Important Part to Refill  

Sometimes the eraser can be decayed during use. Filling the pen with Method 2 becomes difficult then. On the other hand, the erasers are very useful. Changing the rubber is quite easy. Removing the old deterioration sometimes becomes difficult. A metallic substance can help you get rid of them.

The first and most important problem when changing erasers is the matching of the size of the new one with the old one. After choosing the perfect one, simply place it on the rubber holder. You just need to attach it carefully.

Some Important Issues with Mechanical Pencil Refilling

Sliding back of the lead

As long as the lead reaches the smallest size, the ribbon holder will no longer be able to hold it; the lead will slide back when you try to write. In that case, you must need a new lead to continue.

Lead is stuck

If the button works, but the lead continues to break as you extend it, your pencil may have a partial paper jam. In that case you need to clean the inner section of the pencil and insert a new lead to continue.


Now, you know the mechanical pencil mechanism and how to refill it. The right way to refill and use this pencil will give you pleasure of correctly utilizing it. These mechanical pencils are very helpful and they will be more beneficial when you know the basics of these pencils.

I hope the article has helped you to know the refilling process of the mechanical pencil. An easy to use and maintain pencil can be great for long term use. So, you have to be more careful when buying a mechanical pencil.