How to fill a Calligraphy Pen?

Calligraphy is a passion and to be honest, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Yet, why not try it out once? But something is stopping you there, right? Well, what can that be? The calligraphy pen without ink might be the problem. You must be wondering how to fill a calligraphy pen.

However, this question is very much certain when you imagine yourself get to the lettering passionately but find out the pen nib is out of ink. Again, if you are a total noob then you must be thinking the ink filling process is complicated. Well, shaking the head of the pen when it is out of ink is not the solution.

Then again, filling a calligraphy pen is not as complicated as it looks. It will all be cleared to you the moment we state the process step by step. However, before that let’s acknowledge some facts regarding the topic.

Fountain Pen Vs Calligraphy Pen

Fountain pens are one of the most popular writing instruments that come with an elegant appearance. This pen is used for both writing and art purpose. Illustrators, poets, artists, and cartoonists all over the world use different types of fountain pens. These pens come with various production materials including cheap and expensive. Also, they come in various nib sizes like fine, extra-fine, medium, or bold.

On the other hand, calligraphy pens belong to a particular section of fountain pens. That means, all calligraphy pens are fountain pens but not all fountain pens are calligraphy pens. However, calligraphy pens have nibs with flatter and broader edges. For any stylized lettering and projects, calligraphy pens with various thicknesses are used.

So, it can be said to enhance your writing styles calligraphy pens are made especially even though, they are kind of fountain pens.

What Do You Know about a Calligraphy Pen Nib?

You gotta know about every part of your tool if you actually want to slay with it. To know how to fill a calligraphy pen nib you need to know first, what is the nib? Well, the nib is a part of a calligraphy pen. It includes mainly four parts and they are the barrel, ink reservoir, cap, and nib.

However, the nib is the main focal point of a calligraphy pen. In fact, it is the main part of any writing instrument out there. The ink mainly flows out of the nib and it glides seamlessly onto the paper. So, it is a piece of the calligraphy pen that helps to glide on the paper creating excellent curls and swooshes of the letters.

Nonetheless, there are found various nib sizes for the calligraphy pens like the pointed nib, broad nib, stub nib, and all. So, however, the nib is you can always refill it the same way we are going to show you.

How to Fill a Calligraphy Pen?

To fill the calligraphy pen you need to be aware of its design and style first. Many pens are equipped with various designs. Hence, to know if the filling requires a cartridge, a converter, or an ink bladder you need to know your pen’s design. Now, let’s get to the steps.

Step-1: Get to the Cartridge

It is the first and foremost thing to refill your calligraphy pen. Simply just take off the can and remove the barrel screwing it anti-clockwise.

Step-2: Be careful with the Converter

If the calligraphy pen requires a converter system for its refilling, then do the process carefully. You have to dib the nib of the calligraphy pen into the inkwell. Make sure the nib is fully enveloped in the liquid. In this process, some air might get into the liquid.

You can get the air out by turning the converter to the right. When the air is out, it is time to turn the converter back to the right side again. This way the nib will suck up the ink from the inkwell. To make sure the ink insertion is even holding the calligraphy pen above the ink bottle and again turn it to the right till the moment the ink drop appears.

When you see the drop of ink on the tip, the work is done. Then blot the ink drop simply and start lettering in your own beautiful way.

Step-3: Set the Cartridge Firmly

Inserting and setting the cartridge into the pen may seem tough but once you know the process it will feel easy. First of all, you just need to find the opening to insert the cartridge. You will find the rim of the pen. Also, you need to separate the converter from the nib gently so that the cartridge can be pushed inside the pen easily. Put the cartridge inside and push it until you hear a click sound. The sound confirms that the cartridge is inserted properly.

Step-4: Ink Bladder in the Process

For the filling purpose, many pens come with an ink bladder design. However, there are two types of designs available for the ink bladder. One is a standard ink bladder and the other is the crescent ink bladder. The standard one works almost like the way of a converter. A metal bar is included for the collapsing purpose when the filling is done. Again, by releasing the bar the ink is pulled inside the nib.

However, by the crescent ink bladder, you can fill the pen using its locking mechanism. This process is not so different. By turning the locking mechanism off and on it can be done.

Step-5: Set Back the Barrel

Nonetheless, after filling the calligraphy pen nib do not forget to reset the barrel you separated at the beginning of the filling process. Simply twist it oppositely the same way you removed it before to replace it.


So, these are the steps of filling a calligraphy pen. However, there are some other methods to fill the pen with ink like the direct dibbing method or by using a pipette. Spilling of even a drop of ink may frustrate you throughout the whole process. Hence, all you need to be is careful and take a good look at your pen to have a successful attempt. See if your pen has the right cartridge. Also, make sure you clean the pen properly so that it can deliver you a lifetime service and make a great contribution to your creative lettering. Have all the fun with a pen full of ink!