How Long Does Fountain Pen Ink Last – A Detailed Guide

Who doesn’t love fountain pens? With its smooth writing ability and sophisticated look, the fountain pen provides a fancy touch to its users. But fountain pens require refilling the ink cartridges every now and then which is a bit of a hassle. So, the most frequently asked question by fountain pen enthusiasts is how long does fountain pen ink last?

In this article, you’ll get all your questions answered regarding the lifespan of fountain pen ink. So, if you’re a fountain pen user then stick around till the end to find out how long does a fountain pen ink lasts.

How Does Fountain Pen Work?

Fountain pens are very different from traditional ballpoint pens. Unlike ballpoint pens, fountain pens require ink refilling in their reservoir. There are several ways of refilling fountain pen ink. You need to refill its ink reservoir using a converter or change the cartridges every time the ink runs out.

Methods of Filling a Fountain Pen

As stated earlier, there are various ways a fountain pen can be filled. The easiest way to do it is by changing the ink cartridge. The majority of modern-day fountain pens are cartridge-based.

Ink cartridges are small capsules loaded with fountain pen ink connected to the back of the fountain pen which provides ink for the pen. You can simply remove the old cartridge after it runs out of ink, throw it away and replace it with the new one.

Another popular method of filling a fountain pen is with bottled ink using a converter. Using bottled ink is the oldest method of filling a fountain pen, any kind of pen for that matter. But after the invention of ink cartridges, people started using ink cartridges instead of bottled ink.

However, bottled ink is still a feasible method for filling a fountain pen thanks to a small thing called the converter which allows fountain pens to use bottled ink instead of ink cartridges. So, if you want to use quality fountain pen ink in your fountain pen then you should get a converter.

How Long Does Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges Last?

Let’s answer the question you’ve wanted to know since the beginning of this article. How long a fountain pen ink cartridge lasts depends totally on your usage. If you use the pen consistently, then the ink may last about a week or so. But if you use it once in a while, then it would last about 6 months to one year at best.

It’s highly recommended to change the ink cartridge every 6 months because the ink cartridges usually begin to lose their quality between 6-9 months. Ink is nothing but a solution of water and pigments and the water in the ink gets evaporated within months causing the ink to go bad.

Does Fountain Pen Ink Go Bad?

When it comes to bottled ink, it can last up to decades if it’s stored in an air-tight or sealed container in a room temperature. But if it’s not stored properly, it may go bad within 6 months because the water in the solution gets evaporated.

There aren’t a proper expiration date for fountain pen (except a few) inks but 6 months is the expected time for the fountain pen ink to go bad. So, to answer your question, does fountain pen ink expire? Yes, it does.

How Long Does Fountain Pen Ink Last on Paper?

It depends on what ink you’re using. Usually, 1 ml ink lasts for about a day or 20-30 pages of written work. Note that, blue fountain pen ink is more likely to fade than black fountain pen ink.

So, How Long Does Fountain Pen Ink Last?

Fountain Pen ink is a mixture between water and dye or pigments. It’s pretty obvious that the water in the ink would dry out within 6-9 months if not stored properly causing the ink to go bad.

So, if you’re not a frequent user and use it only for special purposes, then always keep in mind that the ink would most likely expire within 6 months and you need to change the cartridge or refill ink using a converter every 6 months.

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