How to get permanent marker off dry erase board

If you are using a dry erase board you should know how to get a permanent marker off a dry erase board.

Because you are aware of the permanent marker as this leaves a mark and a hazy board. But some time due to confusion between permanent and whiteboard markers, we made mistakes and caught up with unremovable marks or a hazy board. Fortunately, it doesn’t mean you have to change the board and buy a new one. It’ll take a touch of additional work, but however, removing these sorts of marks isn’t far more difficult than the standard swipe of a dry eraser. So here are the 6 ways of how to get permanent markers off a dry erase board.

How to get permanent marker off dry erase board in easy steps

Step 1: Gather Your Cleaning Supplies

Don’t worry; you just need some of the bellow things:

  • dark-colored dry erase marker
  • standard whiteboard eraser
  • regular pencil eraser
  • rubbing alcohol
  • cotton swab or pad
  • nail polish remover or hand sanitizer(if alcohol is not available)

After collecting the items, just place your board on the ground where you can scrub and rub with comfort now; let’s get started.

Step 2: Use Dry Erase Pen

Whether you’re working with a magnetic whiteboard or non-magnetic, permanent ink will often come off much easier than you would possibly assume. But try it out, take your dry erase marker, and easily write over the top of the permanent marks. Ensure to completely cover everything that you simply wish to get rid of. Then immediately advance to step three, as below.

Step 3: Using the Dry Eraser

This spell is much easier than replacing your board. Just with a little bit of pressure, you can remove the marks of the marker; after covering the marks (according to step 2) and wipe it out. Now you may have to pressure some troublesome spots, which may result in specks of dried ink all over the board, meaning you will probably not want to use it in the future. But Wait! It’s not over yet. You could apply other methods if these didn’t work for you.

Step 4: Try a Different Kind of Eraser

Now grab a pencil eraser. Yes, you heard it right; it’s capable of cleaning more than just graphite from your paper. You can use it to clean smaller permanent marks or a part of the board where you sense a remaining spot. This may leave some hazy feeling on your dry erase board; still, the step is worthy of trying. But if you are cleaning a larger area and the previous step is not working, don’t give up. There are other solutions to try.

Step 5: Using Rubbing Alcohol

This is the best way to remove the most challenging marks on your whiteboard. Take a cotton pad or swab; apply a little amount of rubbing alcohol to the board where permanent marks are present. Now rub away the marks with a bit of circular or back and forth motion. This will also work on a magnetic whiteboard or on any other sort of dry erase surface. If the marks are still on the board, use a little more alcohol, and it will surely vanish. However, the ink will usually be tougher to get rid of the longer it’s been sitting on the surface.

Step 6: Get it ready for use.

After finishing all the above steps and assuming you have a mark-free whiteboard wipe up the whole board with a paper towel or soft cloth, assuring no reaming residue on your fresh whiteboard. Now let it dry for 15-20 minutes before using it. Here you go with some hard work and just using some household items; you can now Remove Permanent Marks from a Whiteboard.

Additional Tips and Advice

  • You can use nail polish remover or glass cleaner on your whiteboard for removing permanent marks or spots. These will also work great if you don’t have to rub alcohol.
  •  You can also make homemade dry erase board cleaners by mixing vinegar and water equally. After applying it on your whiteboard, let it settle for minutes before wiping it with a clean cloth.
  • Hair spray contains alcohol, which will help to lift dirt and ink from the whiteboard. Just spray it over the board, leave for two minutes and wipe it out with a clean cloth.
  • Never use a sharp object to scratch off stubborn marks from a dry erase board, which may leave damage to your board.

Now that you know it all. You don’t have to buy a new whiteboard or live with a messy whiteboard. So don’t wait; use the following steps and tips to clean up your whiteboard for your next presentation.