Dixon Ticonderoga Pencil Review

If you are looking for a top-quality pencil that can provide a satisfying writing performance, then try the iconic Ticonderoga pencil from Dixon. It comes from one of America’s oldest corporations – The Dixon Ticonderoga company, which is quite well-known for embodying the inventive spirit of America’s vision.

This iconic pencil pack is totally purchase-worthy for many reasons. You will get to know the features of this set in this Ticonderoga pencil review, where we have described the pencils in detail.

Features of Ticonderoga Pencil

The soft-hex barrel of the pencils is coated in a yellow lacquer, which gives the pencils a classic look. The brand of the pencils is imprinted with metallic green foil. The yellow of the pencil is not bright yellow like other pencils. The pencils are constructed with PMA certified non-toxic wood.
They come with a mature and low-tone mustard yellow, which is not loud. The distinctive green ferrule with aluminum and yellow stripes design holds the pink eraser.

The bold and vibrant color of the design will attract everyone. With the latex-free eraser, you can erase your mistakes quickly without smudging the lines. The core of the pencils is well-bonded and sturdy.

This pencil pack comes with 72 pencils having a standard 3-1/2’’ size, which is perfect for surveying or keeping golf scores. The pencils can be gripped comfortably if you have a small hand.

The length of the pencils is 4-inch, width 3.8-inches, and height 1.5-inches. So, they can be best for children too.

Performance of the Dixon Ticonderoga Pencil

You can write with these pencils smoothly and without any break. They deliver extra smooth performance as the pencil’s graphite core features a proprietary formula.

The hardness of the pencils is soft and the graphite is light-grey, which is not too dark nor too light. You will be impressed with the consistency of the pencils.

These pencils don’t come with the smoothest graphite, but still, they are better for general writing. The design of the pencils are just okay, nothing extraordinary. The included eraser is quite poor. It is of no use and is a total waste, which is a downside. You can replace the eraser with a better-quality one.

Coming to the wood, this beautiful pencil comes with premium quality wood from properly managed forests that help in providing even and smooth sharpening with minimal breakage. The quality level might be lower than its competitors. It comes with a pale wood similar to the Wopex pencil.

Most of the cheap pencils break off easily and it becomes difficult to achieve a perfect tip as the leads come off from the casing. But the Ticonderoga pencils come with a good core and holds up well.

Why Should You Pick a Dixon Ticonderoga Pencil?

The users of this pencil pack found the pencils perfect in size for small hands. Some of the users claimed the pencils are one of the best ones around. Most of the users bought these pencils for their children as these pencils are small in size and they can write comfortably with them.

They can grip them better and can write well. These pencils enhance the writing performance by making it smooth and consistent. There are 72 pre-sharpened pencils in this pack at an affordable price.

The color of the pencil is quite catchy and also not too bright, which is quite a plus point. For children, this pack is totally the best one.

Drawbacks of Ticonderoga Pencil

Most of the users didn’t like how abrasive and dry the eraser is. When you erase a line, you can see a little remnant of what you wanted to erase.
It can smudge the lines, so if you want to erase your mistakes cleanly, then you have to add a better quality eraser cap. Other than the eraser feature, this pencil is pretty decent for regular use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How long are these pencils?

Answer: The standard Dixon Ticonderoga pencils have a 4-inch length, starting from the nib to the eraser. All the pencils are pre-sharpened.

Q2: What does HB stand for?

Answer: HB means the hardness level of the pencil. It is the most common hardness level. For this pencil, the hardness level is #2, which is soft.

Q3: Are these pencils comfortable to grip?

Answer: Yes, these pencils are not too long nor too short. They are best for those who have small hands as they can comfortably grip them without straining the hands.

Final Words

Having a sturdy pencil with soft lead is desirable as you can write with it for hours. The pencils that you can grip comfortably can enhance your writing performance. These Dixon pencils are great for those who have small hands. Moreover, this pack is reasonably priced too.
You won’t get such a deal elsewhere. The well-centered core and strong lead are some of the excellent features of this pencil. I hope this Ticonderoga Pencil Review has helped you in knowing more about this pencil.