Top 10 Cup Turner for Crafts Brilliant Tumbler & Gift in 2021

I absolutely love crafting and with summer almost here, and the pandemia restrictions relaxing, I can’t wait for summer get-togethers and barbeques. I really enjoy crafting to make my party décor unique and colorful.

Luckily for me, a friend gifted me a cup turner a while ago, and I have taken up making my own one-of-a-kind tumblers for our parties that friends and family, especially kids, can take home at the end of the day.

If you are a craft person and one of your favorite hobbies is creating your own custom cups and tumblers, one way to improve and perfect your craft is by purchasing your own best cup turner for crafts.

This compact machine has an arm that is motorized to keep the cup positioned horizontally while you are rotating. This is a big help in keeping the sides of your tumbler or cup exposed so that you have your hands free to add layer upon layer of epoxy resin or other decorating materials.

Best Cup Turner for Crafts

If you get a good turner, the rotation will be consistent speed-wise, and this means a more finished cup regardless of the texture or detail that you decide to use. However, selecting your turner shouldn’t only be based on the price.

I’ve done some original tumblers for birthdays and graduations with paint, glitter, epoxy, vinyl, and just about anything that comes to mind. This was a hobby, that’s now turned into a mini business for me. With so many requests, I decided to upgrade my turner, so I researched and tried out quite a few to find the best cup turner for tumblers.

Here’s my take on ten cup turners that are worth consideration, depending on your needs and your wallet.

What to Look for a Good Quality Cup Turner for Crafting

When setting out to choose your cup turner, you’ll immediately notice there is quite a wide price range, so your budget will be one of the factors you’ll want to consider right at the outset.

Here are a few factors that I took into consideration when I upgraded my cup turner.


There are cup turners in both wood and metal. The turners manufactured in wood benefit from an aesthetic appeal, and they are actually quite durable.

A metal cup turner will appear more machine-like or “mechanical”. The metal version can also offer durability if it is produced in sturdy metal.


There are several characteristics to check when you evaluate the turner’s motor. The more obvious is how many spins will it do per minute. Some motors will allow the cup to turn in both directions which can prove to be a handy feature.


If you have a craft room or area in your home, you may prefer a turner in a specific color. Metal turners often come in a variety of colors where wooden ones usually don’t, although you can decorate or paint them if you so choose.


This may matter if you have a specific space in a cabinet or drawer for storing your cup turner.

Top 10 Cup Turner Kits for Tumbler – Expert Choices

1. LFSUM Cup Turner for Multiple Crafts

LFSUM offers us an easy-to-install cup turner that requires putting five pieces together with several screws. In five minutes, your machine will be up and turning, and both an instruction manual and the correct size screwdriver are included in the package.

A sturdy thick wood base that features anti-slip feet makes sure there will be no undesired movement of the cup turner while you are working. Better yet, the steering shaft is joined to the motor by design with a screw and bolt, so there won’t be any sagging either.

This kit is impressive in that it gives you everything you need to begin making your tumblers or cups with including a silicone mat, a silicone brush, nitrile gloves, mixing sticks, measuring cups, two adjustable foam molds, PVC tubes, and even two cup drying racks for your creations. All you add is the material.

The manufacturer also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and an impressive two-year warranty, demonstrating that they stand behind their product. The size is compact, measuring 4 x 9.8 x 6 inches, so storage is easy.

Easy assembly, a 4 to 5 RPM speed, and a 6.5-foot electrical cord make this a winner. If we add in the UL-certified motor housed in PVC that is not only silent when running but safe, and the possibility to change rotation direction, it makes for a complete cup turner kit. The input voltage is 120V. A simple on/off switch makes using it a breeze.

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2. KingBaas 4 Cup Turner Kit for Crafts

This Tumbler kit from KingBass may initially seem a bit more expensive than other kits on the market, but there is definitely a “why” to this. Here we have a tumbler kit for four tumblers! So, if you need to make a batch, or you want to gift a set, this option may facilitate your crafting.

The motor’s rotation speed is a nice 3.5 RPM allowing you to work on multiple cups for as long as you deem necessary. Again, installation is easy to do, thanks to an explanation user’s manual included in the kit. 1.8 meters of power cord give you room to move and the cup turner features two safety switches that are independent of each other.

KingBass provides adjustable foam molds so that you can do various sizes of cups and tumblers including 12oz., 16oz., 20oz., and 30oz. creations. The motor is silent when operating and uses 120V AC current. This motor also will permit you to run it for drying your cups for up to 24 hours without overheating.

Quick, easy assembly made this 4-cup turner interesting along with the fact that you can work on four cups at one time. The only reservations are that unfortunately it does not reverse rotate, and it has only one speed.

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3. CPPSLEE Cup Turner for Tumbler Crafts

CPPSLEE offers a cup turner that is manufactured in a rose gold-colored metal including the tumbler spinner with durability in mind. Its motor is reversible so you can quickly change directions by simply flipping a switch, which, by the way, is waterproof.

This little jewel is really easy to install thanks to its practical design of only five pieces that need screws fastened. It will take you maybe all of three minutes to prepare. The open design also permits easy cleaning, by just wiping it down once you’ve finished

One of the lovely things about this cup turner is that the motor is quiet when in operation. So, if you decide to work on a project after bedtime, you won’t need to worry about disturbing anyone else.

The turner comes in a “kit” form and features a cup turner, a wrench, a screwdriver, two foam pieces, ten mixing sticks, four measuring cups, tape, a silicon brush, a drying rack for your cups, six pieces of anti-slippage material and two pairs of gloves. All you need to add are your materials and you’re ready to create in no time. An independent on/off switch is featured for safety and the machine has a forty-one-inch power cord.

Storage is easy due to its dimensions of 4.72”H x 11.22”L x 4.72”P. It uses 100V-120V AC current with power at 4W. Spin speed is a comfortable 3 to 4 RPM.

The pros to selecting this cup include its easy assemblage, the super quiet motor, and the fact that it will turn in both directions at the flip of a switch. It can also hold tumblers that are 30 ounces in size. The one reservation I have is in regards to the power cord which seems a bit short to me, but that’s something that an extension cord can resolve.

Assembly is easy with six parts and four screws to put in place. The kit comes with lots of supplies. You’ll find five the cup turner, mixing sticks, three pairs of gloves, three silicone brushes, a silicone measuring cup, two epoxy resin mixing cups, a silicone pad, twelve jars of glitter powder in different colors, pipettes, foam forms, and best of all a mini hot air gun. The glitter powders are in shaker jars for easy application. They are non-metal and non-toxic as well as resistant to solvent.

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4. Etrech Tumbler Cup Turner

Etrech offers a professional cup turner kit with an impressive motor to keep your cups rotating. It uses 120V AC current and has a rotating speed of approximately 2.5 RPM so you can work slow and easy. This motor is exceptionally quiet when running and does not appear to produce much heat even after several hours. Installation is easy and super fast with five machine pieces to simply screw together.

The cup turner base is made of sturdy metal and the motor has a nice plastic cover for protection. Both the switch and motor are waterproof for safety.  It is both waterproof and grime-free, making clean-up quick. A power cord is forty-one inches in length which should be adequate for most workstations. Two-way rotation is an added plus.

Etrech’s Tumbler Turner comes complete with the turner, two pairs of gloves, sixanti-slippage pieces, two foam molds, tape, four measuring cups, a silicone brush, a cup drying rack, a wrench, ten mixing sticks, and its very own screwdriver. You can start immediately once you set up, and that shouldn’t take more than three to five minutes at the most.

Considering the exceptionally quiet motor, easy installation, and sturdiness, I give this turner kit a thumbs up.

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5. QING Full Kit Cup Turner

Qing includes something in its cup turner kit that many other kits don’t include. You actually receive 3.45 fl.oz. bottle of epoxy resin together with an identical bottle of hardener. If you want to begin and try your hand before acquiring other supplies and materials, perhaps this will be your ideal kit.

The turner itself is produced in aluminum alloy and features anti-slip pads under the base to prevent unwanted movement when working. A UL-certified motor keeps your cups turning with a spinner that rotates in both directions thanks to a switch. It’s quiet with a 5 to 6 RPM speed and is guaranteed by a one-year warranty.  120V AC.

This 27-piece kit comes with everything but the kitchen sink! You’ll find the cup turner, resin, and hardener, a 20 oz. stainless steel tumbler, twelve different glitter powders, and an amazing twenty-seven tools to get you working immediately.

Among the tools are mixing sticks, graduated mixing cups in silicone, foam forms, ten plastic cups, three pairs of gloves, a silicone mat, three silicone brushes, and lots more.

Easy fast installation and super quiet when running, this kit is ideal for beginners because everything you need is inside the package including the tumbler! The only drawback may be in the screw that needs to be placed for it to spin, and then removed. Otherwise, it’s definitely a go!

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6. XU Tumbler Cup Turner

I found this to be a great kit cup turner that came with lots of supplies. The cup turner itself is made out of nice thick wood guaranteeing sturdiness.  A quiet motor that can rotate in both directions is enclosed in a case for protection and changing direction is operated by a simple switch.

The cup spinner will rotate between 2.5 and 3 rotations per minute. This is a lovely speed If you like that extra fraction of a second for detail. The machine can easily find space on your shelf or in your cupboard thanks to its measuring six inches in height and thirteen inches in length, and best of all the power cord is a very convenient five feet in length.

The mini hot air gun is known as a “bubble buster tool”. It’s manufactured in stainless steel inside and sturdy ABS plastic outside. This tool will enable you to remove any air bubbles in your epoxy resin while making your tumblers. Particularly nice is the retractable stand that allows you to keep your hands free when not using it.

The quiet motor, super easy assembly, and all the supplies certainly make this a cup turner option to consider. Since everything you need for cup crafting is in the package, it’s in a five-star category, especially for beginners. The latex gloves that come in the kit may present problems for people who suffer from allergies.

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7. ALTER Cup Turner Craft Supplies

A fantastic starter kit, this cup turner by manufacturer Alter comes with lots of supplies for creating your tumblers. Among the conveniences with this turner, you’ll find a 6.8 fl. Oz. bottle of both resin and hardener in the box. Twelve various glitter powders. A 20 oz. stainless steel tumbler and thirty crafting tools make this package attractive, especially for the price.

In your kit, you’ll find two silicone brushes, four plastic cups, fifteen mixing sticks, four pairs of Nitrile gloves, and three different drying racks for your cups among other accessories.  These tripods for cup drying are an important accessory to have when using epoxy resin.

The machine itself is made from aluminum alloy while the base features anti-slippage pads. An especially quiet UL-certified motor that rotates in both directions with the flick of a switch, this turner comes with a full sixty-day refund if you are not satisfied. It also will not overheat when left on for extended periods.

Another positive is the inclusion of the multi-purpose foam molds that are made with foam that is high density. These inserts are washable, reusable, and won’t scratch or harm your cups in any way. They can fit tumblers and cups in sizes: 10 oz., 12 oz., 14oz., 20 oz., 30 oz., 35 oz., and even 40 oz. They work fine for both normal-sized and skinny tumblers.

Last, but not least, this tumbler has a five-foot electric cord for easy movement. Installation requires six screws, so it can be accomplished most probably in under three minutes. Easy quick installation and all the equipment make this turner a serious contender for anyone who loves making tumblers.

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8. NODDWAY Cup Turner Kit

The Noddway Cuptisserie kit is a two-cup turner manufactured in deep pink sturdy metal. This entire machine boasts a full metal construction that will maintain your tumblers level while you design. Included with the cup turner are two silicone brushes, two silicone cups, two wands, and four foam mold inserts that are flexible.

Assembly is simple with only a few screws to use for mounting. It can be accomplished in minutes. A UL-certified motor makes use of 110V AC electrical current forsafe and quiet performance with 5 to 6 RPM. Two independent switches keep you in control if you want the wands to turn individually, as well as the power cord that has the on/off switch.

An interesting feature is the 2.36-inch adjustable holder function. This turner has a slot in its design that permits you to modify the holder’s distance so you can meet any particular cup needs when crafting. Also, the four foam inserts come in two sizes of small and large making it easy to do 10 oz. to 30 oz. tumblers.

Straightforward assembly, a quiet motor, the possibility to work two cups, and the awesome distance adjustment feature make this an attractive option. Some reservations include the space between the two cup turners. If you want to do mugs with handles, it won’t be easy. Also, if you want to remove a cup without touching it, you’ll have to screw and unscrew the rods.

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9. HOME PRO SHOP Crafts Cup Turner

If you’re not ready to invest a lot of money in a cup turner, this option from manufacturer Home Pro Shop is reasonably priced and will get you started on your crafting adventure. It’s a solid machine produced in easy-to-clean metal with an uncomplicated design that gets the job done.

This affordable kit includes twelve different colored glitter powders, two pairs of gloves, five mixing sticks, four measuring cups, a silicone brush, a silicone pad, a regular brush, three foam molds, and a screwdriver and instruction manual for assembly. The foam can be adapted to work on cups from 10 oz. in size to 30 oz.

An ultra-silent motor will rotate six RPM giving you a good speed for your work.  Manufacturer Home Pro Shop gives a lifetime warranty, and full refund if customers are not 100% satisfied.

Lightweight, but very stable, it features easy adjusting and foam created to guarantee the stability of the tumbler.

The winning feature here is undoubtedly the adjustable foam that impedes your tumbler from falling off after a certain period of rotating. Coupled with the fantastic customer service that the manufacturer offers and the affordable price, this cup turner kit certainly merits attention.

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10. LFSUM Cup Spinner Machine Kit

Another very convincing cup turner kit manufactured by LFSUM. A quiet rotisserie motor is UL-approved with a seventy-inch cable and two separate on/off switches as well as the capability to change directions.

The LFSUM cup spinner machine motor also comes with an enclosure that is flame-retardant, and the motor is tested for 24 hours before it leaves the factory to ensure that it does not overheat. In fact, LFSUM offers a two-year warranty together with a thirty-day money-back guarantee. They like their customers to be satisfied.

Drying racks are a plus, especially if you want o work on more tumblers at a time. These racks permit you to move your drying cups and continue working on the cup turner.  The machine is constructed in heavy-duty metal making it rugged and durable. Installation is painless with only five screws to insert and a step-by-step assembly card. Three minutes and you are ready to roll.

The kit includes quite a bit. You’ll find a silicone brush, a silicone mat, measuring cups, Nitrile gloves, masking tape, two foam inserts, mixing sticks, and twelve glitter powders. The arms are in PVC and are fixed by a screw. RPM is five to six at its highest. Tumblers up to 30 oz.  and even 32 oz. are easy to decorate.

Easy assembly, a 4 to 5 RPM speed, and a 6.5-foot electrical cord add to this cup turner’s appeal. If we add in the UL-certified motor housed in PVC that is not only silent when running but safe, and the possibility to change rotation direction, it is an attractive complete cup turner kit. The input voltage is 120V. A simple on/off switch makes using child’s play.

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Safety and Epoxy Resin Tumblers or Cups

Epoxy should always be handled with caution. It is a favorite when creating unique tumblers, cups, bottles, etc. because it will create the appearance of a lovely finish similar to glass and will protect your designs made with glitter, paint, or even decals.

It should be handled carefully to avoid dangerous exposure and potential allergic reactions. Here are a few reminders to guarantee your safety when creating with epoxy resin.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Epoxy can cause irritation to the skin and the eyes. Wear PPE. Your PPE should include a pair of safety gloves, an apron, a shirt or blouse with long sleeves, protective glasses or goggles, and better yet a full-face respirator mask particularly when you are mixing and curing.

Latex gloves may not be ideal because they are porous and can swell if they make contact with any solvents. If your skin comes into contact with epoxy, you will need to wash it immediately using only soap and warm water. Do not ever use solventsin an attemptto remove epoxy from the surface of your skin. Solvents do facilitate absorption.

A full-face respirator with a filter cartridge is ideal if you are in proximity to uncured epoxy because of the fumes. Fumes are dangerous to both humans and pets.

Accidental spills and splattering can happen so a PVC apron is a perfect option. Epoxy will not come out of clothes and may seep through to cause skin irritation. Also, long sleeves are in order to keep from any skin contactat all times.

Work in a location that has good ventilation

Since the fumes during epoxy mixing are toxic, a well-ventilated area will help ensure your safety. Fumes will continue to be produced for the entire duration of curing your tumbler, even as long as seventy-two hours.

If by chance you can work outdoors, all the better, but remember the temperature should be at least 70°F. for mixing. If it is colder, the epoxy will not cure. Also, take care that any breezes are blowing epoxy fumes in a direction away from you. If you sand your tumblers, consider wet sanding to limit the amount of epoxy dust that can permeate the air and keep your PPE on.


Keep your work area clean from drips and spills. A disposable plastic sheet placed on surfaces can resolve this worry. Use tape to keep your plastic firmly in place.

Tape can also be used on both the rims and the bottoms of your cups or tumblers if you want to avoid getting epoxy on them. If you need to wipe tumbler rims or spills, use 91% isopropyl alcohol.

Wooden mixing sticks as well as disposable cups for mixing are a great solution for cleanliness and preventing accidents.

If you have any left-over epoxy resin, allow it to cure completely before disposing of it. If your left-over epoxy is completely hardened, it is not dangerous and can be disposed of in the regular trash.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What does a cup or tumbler turner do?

Ans: A cup turner will hold a blank glass, cup, bottle, etc., so you can add epoxy onto it. This turner will hold the object and rotate it slowly so the resin can cover the surface.

2. Are resin and epoxy resin the same thing?

Ans: No, an epoxy resin is used for coating while resin is used for casting.

3. Is epoxy resin safe for food?

Ans: Some epoxy resins used specifically for coating applications do comply with FDA requirements for contact with food.

4. The epoxy on my tumbler is sticky. Why?

This may happen when the measuring is incorrect, or the epoxy has not been mixed enough. Try moving it to a warmer location to see if it dries. If not, you need a new coating of resin.

The Final Turn

If you are new to crafting tumblers or cups. I highly recommend getting a best tumbler turner kit from the several in my list because it will provide you with everything you need to start. You need not stress out about forgetting something.

If you literally want everything, try the Qing Full Kit Cup Turner or the Alter Cup Turner because it comes with resin meaning you won’t have to purchase it separately.