Best Wool for Needle Felting in 2021

Felting wool is a hobby reserved for a few. Not everyone has the patience and creativity of working with wool and needle.

But there is much more to it than just wools and needles. And you want all of them to be right on the money. The journey starts with getting the best wool for your project.

Even though there are many types of wool that can be used for felting, we would share with you our opinion on the best wool for needle felting. We explain them below:

1. Fuyit Wool Roving (72 Colours Needle Felting Wool Fibre)

Fuyit wool roving is one of the best wool for needle felting made from natural wool fiber and perfectly dyed with high quality dyes that won’t stain your hands or other surfaces. It is perfect for a variety of DIY projects and has a wide area of application such as wet felting, needle felting, spinning, weaving, etc. Some of its notable features include:

This set contains 72 different colours of wool roving to meet your needle felting project requirements.

Each colour of wool weighs 3 grams and is packaged separately in a reusable bag. This packaging prevents it from mixing with other colours and makes it very easy to select the colour of your choice.

The wool roving is natural, soft and is ideal for a variety of projects that require wool such as weaving, needle felting, wet felting, spinning, etc. It is made of high quality wool fibre and is convenient to use, hence beginners won’t have any difficulty using this set.

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2. Habbi Wool Roving Kit (72 Colours Needle Felting Wool Roving Yarn Set with Needle Felting Tools for Starters)

This set not only contains 72 different beautiful colors of needle felting wool roving yarn; it also comes with the essential tools for needle felting, making this an excellent set for beginners. Habbi wool roving kit has the following notable features:

High quality wool roving fiber with 72 assorted colours; so you have a wide range of colours to choose from. Each color of wool weighs approximately 3 grams.

A tool kit that contains all other basic accessories you need for your needle felting projects. These accessories are 10 felting needles, 2 leather finger cots and a felting foam for extra protection, 2 wooden handles, a pair of scissors, and an adhesive glue stick.

This set is also ideal for other projects (not just needle felting and wet felting) like jewelry making, wool painting, soap making, decorations, etc. and is easy to use by beginners.

A tool storage box with independent compartments that keeps all the tools in one place so won’t misplace any.

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3. Desert Breeze Distributing (Corriedale Cross Wool Roving)

Here’s one of the best un-dyed, natural wool roving for needle felting. The thick and strong wool fiber is gotten from the Corriedale sheep, which is a cross between the Merino breed and the Lincoln breed. The raw wool fiber is gotten from Australia and transported to the USA where it is cleaned, processed, and wound into bumps. Here are some notable features of the Corriedale wool roving:

This is 100% natural wool sourced directly from sheep, and the sheep farms adhere strictly to regulations that protect animal welfare.

The wool is un-dyed; hence you can dye with different colours of your choice.

It has a 29.5-micron fibre and a staple length of 3.5 inches (90 mm).

This pack is ideal for spinning, needle felting and wet felting.

It makes great core wool roving for easy felting.

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4. Woolbuddy Needle Felting Wool Roving, Beautiful Felting Wool

This wool would be great for those who are taking their baby steps in the world of needle felting. There are very few chances of any mistakes with this wool. Mixing and blending the colors are very easy. You just have to shuffle them repeatedly. However, the convenience might cost you a bit more.

Here are some of the features of this wool:

The wool feels very soft and premium. You can easily assemble that in any form you want.

24 different colors, including a ball of white wool. There is around ten grams for each color which could be considered a little less than other felting wool.

  The wool is ideal for kids and experimental projects.

All the colors are separate in plastic bags and maintain their quality even in the most inexperienced hands.

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5. Maori Wool – A Special Blend of New Zealand Wools

From the perspective of an experience wool felter, this is s excellent for needle felting. It feels a little wirey making it easy to needle felt. Although I found some bits of seeds or vegetable matter, but they were very easy to pull out. It surely made needle felting more fun.

Some of its district features are-

It is a mix of Coopworth and Corriedale wool which are one of the best wools from New Zealand.

Italian manufacturer DHG collects that wool and processes it for felting.

Semi-soft wool with 27 microns

You need to buy colors individually, each amounting to 3.5 ounces.

They have the best catalog of 33 colors. It is perfect for any big or small project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s get introduced to some of the most common queries about needle felting with wool-

Q: What is carded wool?

A: When it is processed in a drum, you get carded wool. These wool batts are not bunched up, and they are generally in a crisscross pattern.

Q: Which type of wool is best for needle felting?

A: Some of our favorite types are Jacob, Shetland, and Swaledale.

Q: What do I need to start wool felting?

A: For beginners, the following list should be enough-

  • Felting needle
  • Good quality wool
  • Soft and firm felting base
  • A combination of skill and curiosity

Final thoughts

Not everyone has an interest in working with wool. So, you can consider yourself special. To develop your unique personality, we have shown you the best wool for needle felting. All of them are worthy of your time.