Best Red Fountain Pen Ink Reviews 2021

To make your words more significant and cabalistic, a red fountain pen ink will stand out from all other colored inks. The color red has always been recognized as the color of love and war at the same time. Your written statement or letter gets way quicker approval to the receiver when you use red ink.

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Let your precious fountain pen be filled with the colored red ink. Also, let yourself be more romantic and utter the deeply held feelings in your writing in their utmost way with any of our 7 best red fountain pen ink picks of the year 2021!

Pick your desired top notch red fountain pen ink from the list:

Image Product   Price
Waterman Fountain Pen Ink, Audacious Red   Check Price
PILOT Iroshizuku Bottled Fountain Pen Ink   Check Price
Dryden Designs Fountain Pen Ink Bottle (Million Dollar Red)   Check Price
Thornton’s Luxury Goods Premium Fountain Pen Ink Bottle 30ml – Red   Check Price
PELIKAN Ink Bottle 4001 Brilliant Red 625ml (329169)   Check Price
J. Herbin 1670 Anniversary Inks   Check Price
Diamine Refills Red Dragon Bottled Ink 80mL   Check Price

7 Best Red Fountain Pen Ink Reviews

Your art or your writing deserves to be inked in a special color. Hence, red fountain pen ink is highly recommended. But a wrong selection of ink can ruin your artwork. So, let’s represent your artwork with the best red ink fountain pen we have chosen.

1. Our Top Pick – Waterman Fountain Pen Ink, Audacious Red

Waterman Fountain Pen Ink, Audacious Red, 50ml Bottle

As like any Waterman fountain pen, a Waterman ink also achieves the top position. And to talk about the audacious red ink of Waterman, I bet, you will instantly fall in love with the color.

The moment you start writing with this ink you will feel the authentic Waterman properties lies in between your words. The color tone is also stunning.

This Waterman red ink fits in to any fountain pen out there giving a good flow to the writing. Because of its just right flow, you will not have any dry scratchy feeling while writing.

The Audacious red ink is bottled and offers easy pouring inside the pen. The color is extraordinarily beautiful when it touches the paper. Your paper won’t get any unnecessary ink spread around the letters with this fountain pen red ink.

Top Features:

  • The Waterman Audacious Red fountain pen ink comes in a 50 ml bottle.
  • It comes with a primal sensual red color.
  • Manufactured in France by skillful craftsmen.
  • Arrives in a total weight of 1.6 ounces.

Audacious red of Waterman should be your first choice as it is the best red ink fountain pen ever! Your writing would be full of passion when you will write with this ink we have put at the topmost position.

2. PILOT Iroshizuku Bottled Fountain Pen Ink, Autumn Leaves (Red) (69208)

PILOT Iroshizuku Bottled Fountain Pen Ink, Momiji, Autumn Leaves (Red) 50ml Bottle (69208)

With a very straightforward red color, Pilot Iroshizuku bottled ink is out second most choice. The color offers a different shade of red on your paper.

Depending on the paper type, the red color seems to be appeared a deep purplish magenta hue than a deep red color. With no bleeding problem, the ink likely to offer the pen writes in a satisfying flow.

The Pilot ink is manufactured considering the Japanese tradition and nature. The nature, plants, and landscapes of Japan are lying beneath the ink color and its name.

‘Iroshizuku’ refers to the mixture of ‘Iro’ and ‘Shizuku’ words which mean coloring and droplet respectively. At the end, it is the way of express your art in the most beautiful way.

Throughout every stroke of your pen, you are about to get the best feeling about the Pilot Vermilion red fountain pen ink. Even the appearance of the ink bottle is absolutely elegant.

Top Features:

  • The ink comes in an elegant bottle of 50 ml.
  • The ink is given a Vermilion red color.
  • The red ink is manufactured from high standard of various colors.

To speak the fact, you cannot help but immensely fall in love with the deeply saturated red color of this Pilot Iroshizuku Bottled Fountain Pen Ink. Your great fountain pen would certainly look greater with this best dark red fountain pen ink!

3. Dryden Fountain Pen Ink Bottle (50 ml), (Million Dollar Red)

Dryden Designs Fountain Pen Ink Bottle (50 ml)

Among all the ink lines of Dryden, the Million Dollar Red has a separate fan base. This red ink brings the fancied reflection of your handwriting as an art.

The color is created with a great deal of care and high-end components. The color can pass any of your brief water tests as it has the quick dry ingredient in it.

This red ink comes in a compact-sized bottle that fits into any desk or purse. It can be carried anywhere as the cap holds a plastic cork under it not giving any chance of leaking. Again, Dryden provides the bottle that requires luxurious craftsmanship.

The color is vivid and vibrant at the same time. It looks amazing on paper and serves an appreciable flow gliding pages.

Top Features:

  • The Million Dollar Red ink is created using the delicate fountain ink elements.
  • Produced with a formula of quick-drying while writing.
  • The bottle is designed compactly giving a luxurious appearance and wide opening feature.
  • The bottle comes with 50 ml ink and arrives in a weight of 6.4 ounces.

Offering an easy way to fill up your fountain pen with the plangent color your pen looks great. Your handwriting possesses an outstanding gratuity when you use this best deep red Dryden fountain pen ink.

4. Thornton’s Luxury Goods Premium Fountain Pen Ink Bottle 30ml – Red

Thornton's Luxury Goods Premium Fountain Pen Ink Bottle 30ml

With a high-quality built-in feature, Thornton’s premium red ink is a real beauty. This brand new red ink of Thornton’s is created giving all convenient features possible.

The color is awesome and the quality is high-end. The wet ink allows precise writing without even bleed or feathers and results in a dramatic collaboration of the colloids.

With smooth, sturdy, and tight protection, this rich red premium ink gives the writer a luxurious and expensive experience.  The ink flows gently and smoothly. With a classic vintage look, the bottle is also engineered with high-standard material.

Giving a special feature to the mouth, the bottle fits anywhere and it is easy to use.

Top Features:

  • The red ink is created with high quality components free from corrosion and sediment.
  • The bottle comes in an appropriate size with a special mouth feature.
  • The ink comes in a total of 30 ml, arrives with a product weighing 4.6 ounces.

This Europe-made Thornton’s Luxury Goods Premium fountain pen red ink is an exquisite beauty with classic built-in style. Hence, to have effortless writing, the ink is the best red black fountain pen ink. It is also ideal for gifting and fits in to any fountain pen out there.

5. PELIKAN Ink Bottle 4001 Brilliant Red 625ml (329169)

PELIKAN Ink Bottle 4001 Brilliant Red 625ml (329169)

Unlike another red ink bottle, the Pelikan ink bottle comes in an absolutely different shape and size. Its brilliant red color is bold, vibrant, and straightforward.

It is an interesting fact that the ink color of Pelikan is developed around 125 years ago. That means the traditional pride is combined with every droplet of the ink.

The ink creates art defining every letter on the paper. You will find lines after lines with even flow and without any feather or bleed. The Pelikan 4001 bottle is featured in a different way. It has a tipping system by which you can refill your pen easily using its last drop.

The qualitative red color ink is formulized with elements that protect the nib and the pen. The overall feature of the container and its ink refers to the best deep red fountain pen ink.

Top Features:

  • The Pelikan ink is formulized over 125 years earlier.
  • Red ink is created with high-quality material and protective components.
  • The bottle comes in a great shape featured with a tipping system.
  • Produced in Germany and arrives in a weight of 6.5 pounds.

Overall, this Pelikan ink bottle is good for a Pelikan fountain pen holder. It is also suitable for fountain pens with converter or plunger mechanism.

6. J. Herbin 1670 Anniversary Inks – Rouge Hematite (Dark Red Ink)

J. Herbin 1670 Anniversary Inks - Gold Sheen 50 ml Bottled - Rouge Hematite (Dark Red Ink)

With the darkest red ink color, J. Herbin 1670 Anniversary ink is lit! From the cap of the bottle to the color of ink inside, has its own significant and distinct look.

The red color ink is of Rouge Hematite which indicates its vibrant color with greenish sheen overwhelming gold shimmer. So, when you write you get the best color and best flow, saving your nib.

The bottle has a classic look. To give it an antique look, the cap is wax sealed and the bottle is given cube-shaped.

To ensure the waxy knob doesn’t get a crack, it is rubberized carefully. Even years later, you will get your bottle shining the same out-of-the-box way.

Top Features:

  • The strong red color ink is of rouge hematite.
  • The bottle cap is of wax seal and hand-dipped.
  • Arrives with a hot stamping of silver or gold.

To make your letter be received in a classic and primal way, a beautiful hot stamping is offered. Thus, you write with more enthusiasm with the best dark red fountain pen ink of J. Herbin 1670.

7. Diamine Refills Red Dragon Bottled Ink 80mL – DM-7077

Diamine Refills Red Dragon Bottled Ink 80mL - DM-7077

Living up to the brand’s reputation, the Red Dragon of Diamine is one of a kind. The red has an almost burgundy shade with an intensive strong dark hue. You will find no bleed and feather through the writing. The potential pigmentation in the ink will amaze in many ways.

The bottle comes in a bit larger shape than other ink Company’s bottles. The bottle is manufactured with the technique of placing it on different sides. So, you don’t leave even a single drop of your valuable ink when it’s about to finish.

With consistent flow, the ink gives a fiery red expression to your writing. It has fast drying component so your fast writing never slows down.

Top Features:

  • The Red Dragon color of the ink comes in great penmanship.
  • Featured with a larger bottle of 80ml.
  • The bottle lid is smooth and medium in size.

With the most reliable and prolific red color, the Diamine Refills Red Dragon bottled ink is great and worth trying.

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Final Thoughts

You always need to get a remarkable art of ink right to your hand for your classic fountain pen. For that, no color can beat the color red. Hence, to get the best out of all other red ink we prefer Waterman Fountain Pen Ink as the best among all.

Rests of our recommendations too will be holding their position as the best red fountain pen ink of this year as we have tried to recommend you the ‘red of all reds’ inks out there. So, make your word more distinct, more momentous, giving them a very warm character using your chosen best fountain pen ink.