Best Pens for Wedding Guest Book in 2023 – Top Picks

Everyone wants to make their wedding ceremony memorable. You aren’t different, for sure. However, to make this ceremony a successful one, you need to plan minutely, every detail should be taken care of. Writing a guest book is an important part of a wedding ceremony. The guest book will be a memorable collection for the future. Many people forget to plan about this and end up managing simple notebooks and pens at the last moment. So, if you plan well, you will collect a good-looking guest book and the best pens for the wedding guest book.

In this article, we will feature some of the top pens to be used for signing and writing a wedding guest book. We hope this will help you. Our mission is to provide valuable recommendations to our readers on quality pens, pencils, papers, and art supplies.

Top 3 Best Pens for Wedding Guest Book

Features of Top Wedding Book Pens

Wedding book pens differ in look and feel from the normal pens we use. Here are the features that we should consider before we finally order a pen for the wedding day.


Appearance and elegance is the key to a wedding guest book pen. As the guests will sign and write a message wishing good for you, a comfortable and gorgeously looking pen will match the vibe of the ceremony. Love shape pens look good.


Normally, people keep the wedding pen as a collectible in their showcase. This pen is then used merely. So, you should not spend a lot on it. Good pens are available at a fair price.


Besides its look, your wedding pen has to be good at writing. If the pen writes smoothly, it will be comfortable for the guest.

What to Write on Wedding Guest Book

Many people feel blank when it comes to writing in a wedding guest book. But, it is not that hard to convey some good words for the new couple. Take it simple and think that you aren’t writing, you’re saying something. Think for a minute, hold the pen and write one or two liners like –

  • Congratulations on a special day.
  • Best wishes for your conjugal life.

If you can manage, write a verse. Or, some extended copy of your own. Again, you can have some study on what to write on wedding guest book. Here is a great piece –

Final Words

Marriage is a special occasion, writing on the wedding guest book should be special which should cope with special pens. So, we have compiled the list here of the best pens for wedding guest books. Pick your from the list, and let your guest write down memorable messages.