Best Pens for a gift in 2021

Choosing a perfect and fancy gift for a specific formal occasion is a very tough job. You cannot pick up any random thing rather you have to choose one that will go with the occasion and also last long. According to the saying what would be greater than selecting the best pens for a gift?

Only the best pens can be a universal gift that will have every convincing feature. There are hundreds of various pens found in the market. Picking up from this long list is tougher. Hence, shortening the list we have come up with the 10 best pens for gifts. Keep reading!

In a Hurry? Check Our Top 5 Picks of Best Pens for a Gift

Top 10 Best Pens for a Gift

A pen that will last a lifetime and perpetuate its internal and external features to death is considered the best pen for gifting. You surely do not want to gift a pen that will not withstand years of service. So, focus on the high-quality pens we have picked below!

1. Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pen Set, Medium Nib – Best pen for him

Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pen Set, Medium Nib

This pen from Wordsworth & Black is our first pick and it is the topmost pick for its beauty and impression. This fountain pen set comes with a total package and ready to gift at the time of its arrival. From this brand, this pen is one of the most hyped. However, the set includes an ink refill converter, 3 black ink cartridges, and an elegant gift case.

Moreover, the fountain pen is also constructed very thoughtfully. Its weight tells its delicate building. It glides seamlessly on the page and both the left and right-handed writers can hold the delicate weight of the pen. Also, building materials are high in quality.

Without losing its actual design the pen is crafted ensuring long-term usage. The nib of the pen is German made and medium-sized that delivers a great and even flow of ink. The pen is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen and it is carefully hand-tested as well.

Overall, the Wordsworth & Black fountain pen set comes with a great structure and user-friendly vibe. Hence, the pen is manufactured for everyone and the best pen for a gift.


  • Comes with a smooth, elegant, and sleek design.
  • The feature and structure are made for users of all types.
  • The pen set arrives with a total gift package.
  • Reliable, and hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed.


  • The pen is very expensive.

2. Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib Classic Design

Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib Classic Design with Converter and Metal Pen Box Set by Hongdian

After the Wordsworth & Black fountain pen set, our second-most favorite is the pen from Matte Black Forest. This pen is a slayer if you are a black lover. This pen is crafted very carefully and you can easily assume that by holding it. The pen is well balanced and the weight is calculated perfectly while constructing the pen.

The sleek design of the pen allows the writer to write for a longer time. This writing instrument is a piece of art. The matte black color and the metal material pen case can be considered a great gift not only for the near and dear ones but also for yourself.

However, the most attractive part of the fountain pen is its extra-fine nib that is made of streamlined stainless steel. The nib is highly efficient and unique. It delivers a lifetime experience while writing. Moreover, the pen lies in a metal pen case which makes it way classy.

Nonetheless, for a safety issue, the Matte Black Forest classic fountain pen is an exceptional one to have a different experience. Hence, for gifting purposes, selecting the pen will always be the right option.


  • Comes in an elegant matte black color.
  • The extra-fine nib works flawlessly.
  • Ensures a remarkable writing experience.
  • It includes a converter and metal pen case.


  • Doesn’t come with a cartridge.

3. Waterman Hémisphère Ballpoint Pen

Waterman Hemisphere White, Ballpoint pen

Looking for the best midrange pen for a gift? Well, have a closer look at our next pick! Waterman Hemisphere Ballpoint pen is the ultimate writing horse with designer features. If you want to gift a pen to one of your friends who is a true writer what would be way better than this powerful pen?

From the barrel to the nib, everything about the pen is worth having. Its sleek lacquered barrel feels very nice on the grip. Moreover, the pen is featured with 23-karat gold. This feature accentuates the writing experience with the pen.

Surprisingly, this designer-quality pen comes at a budget-friendly price. The pen boasts its rugged and refined feature at the same time which is convincing enough. In addition to that, the pen rests in a Waterman gift box which is dark blue.

Its slim clip adds extra elegance to the whole look of the pen. Overall, the Waterman Hemisphere Ballpoint Pen delivers a lifelong superior experience to its beholder.


  • Comes with an excellent glossy black color and 23-Karat gold material.
  • Medium point empowers sufficient writing power.
  • The blue ink cartridge is included.
  • Arrives in a sophisticated gift box.


  • May show inferior twists.

4. Fisher Space Pen Bullet Pen – 400 Series

Fisher Space Pen Bullet Pen - 400 Series - Matte Black w/ Clip - Gift Boxed

A gift should always be versatile no matter if it is a pen. Here we present one of the most versatile pens, the Fisher Space Bullet Pen. The pen will give you an infinity feeling the moment you hold it and start writing with it. Do you want to hear the fun fact? This is one of the famous pens that were approved publicly by NASA astronauts.

Why? Well, this pen is specially made in a way that it can flow ink in even zero-gravity which is crazy. Additionally, it writes from -30 to 250-degree Celsius temperatures even in outer space. Do go more astonished hearing that this pen can also throw ink under the sea.

The external look of the pen is very attractive. Its rounded barrel is painted with a matte black color. The pen also includes a clip and if you thin clip in a pen is unnecessary it will give you the option to remove it.

Moreover, the pen comes with a pressurized cartridge that delivers a never-ending ink flow. Overall, this excellent bullet pen can be the best gift for an intellectual person.


  • Great pen with versatile features.
  • Writes literally anywhere anytime at any angle.
  • Hand-tested pen and NASA approved.
  • The exterior is amazing and offers a lifetime guarantee.


  • Faint lines may show up.

5. PARKER IM Rollerball Pen, Gift Box (1931659)

PARKER IM Rollerball Pen, Black Lacquer Gold Trim with Fine Point Black Ink Refill, Gift Box (1931659)

To have the smartest pen ever, get the PARKER IM Rollerball. With an aesthetic and pleasing look, the pen is one of a kind. The design is established and quite smart. The polished pen resembles a tapered silhouette. The barrel of the pen comes with a lacquered glossy black finish.

The gold trims of the pen also catch the eyes real soon. However, the pen is not capless and the cap comes with an arrow clip that boasts the PARKER signature. The overall pen has a satisfactory shape and it is ergonomic as well on the grip.

Also, the tip of this quality pen is designed in a great way. It glides on the pages effortlessly. The pen also includes a black ink refill. Overall, PARKER is the name of the class and this pen is not any different.

In fact, the pen is beyond its class and everything according to its superior craftsmanship.


  • Beautifully polished metal pen with great finishing.
  • The clip boasts the rich heritage of the pen.
  • The tip delivers ink with a consistent flow.
  • Arrives with a sophisticated gift box.


  • The pen is not filled right out of the box.

6. Black Lacquer Ballpoint Pen Scriveiner

Black Lacquer Ballpoint Pen Scriveiner - Stunning Luxury Pen with 24K Gold Finish

To give your friend the feeling of true luxury, gift him this ballpoint pen from Scriveiner. This pen is stunning for its feature and unique design. It has a brass finish of jet-black lacquer designed with 24-Karat gold.

Moreover, German Schmidt refills are used in this pen which allows you to have a smooth writing experience. You can write with this pen on any paper type including loose paper. The pen is also made carefully giving it the perfect weight.

Additionally, the pen is well-built and well-balanced. It arrives with a gift box that looks wonderful and the packaging is admired by everyone. The pen bounces the classic British design as it is made in London, England.

Overall, this pen is meant for professional use. To have a luxurious experience, you can gift this pen to yourself as well.


  • The pen comes with a medium black refill of Schmidt P900.
  • The pen slays on any occasion and considered a luxury gift.
  • Made of sophisticated materials.
  • Offers a hundred percent money-back guarantee.


  • A bit heavy.

7. Waterman Carene Black Sea St Fountain Pen (S0293970)

Waterman Carene Black Sea St Fountain Pen (S0293970)

If a pen comes with the Waterman tag in it, show your devotion because you are seeing it coming from one of the best brands with a long history. The Waterman Carene is also not any exception. This fountain pen is an extraordinary writing instrument.

The barrel of the pen is glossy and it is accented with silver-plate. Moreover, the nib of the pen is specially designed with 18-Karat rhodium-plated. Maintaining the legacy of 130 years the pen is made in France.

By the skilled craftsmen, this pen is beautifully handcrafted. Its trim and clip are made of Palladium-plated. Creating blemish-free, feathering-free smooth lines, the pen gives a wonderful experience. With midnight blue packaging, the Waterman Carene fountain pen is a pen with detailed features and perfect for a gift to your beloved ones.


  • Featured with high-quality materials.
  • Includes a converter and Waterman signature gift box.
  • Comes in almost eight ink color options.
  • Manufactured in an established well-known brand.


  • May create wide lines while writing.

8. Cross ATX Brushed Chrome Ballpoint Pen

Cross ATX Brushed Chrome Ballpoint Pen with Etched Diamond Pattern

While holding a pen you need to feel good and Cross’s pens are devoted to your good feeling. This pen comes with a unique look and feature. You may find an unreal urban aesthetic lies beneath the pen. It is a carbide ballpoint.

The carbide ball is processed through the machine and delivers break-free smooth ink ribbons. The pen works with any type of ink on any type of paper. The barrel of the pen is made of stainless steel and it also brags a beautiful diamond pattern design on it.

The glossy lacquer finish makes it worth using. It is easy and the ergonomic grip feels great on hand and its thin clip is integrated and can be kept inside your shirt pocket. Also, the pen is imitated with a delicate balance and practical sensibility.

In total, with the medium-diameter tapered barrel, silhouette, and everything else, the Cross ATX ballpoint pen offers a contemporary experience.


  • Featured with carbide material and offers incredible swivels.
  • Requires low and easy maintenance.
  • The tip is delicate and retractable.
  • Compatible and comes with an urban style.


  • The click may annoy you.

9. Luxury Wooden Ballpoint Pen Gift Set

Luxury Wooden Ballpoint Pen Gift Set with Business Pen Case Display, Nice Writing Pen with Box and Gel Ink Refills

If craftsmanship matters the most to you while selecting a pen for a gift, then take a look at this product. With an antique design, the Luxury Wooden ballpoint is just the right one to have. This natural wood made pen is lightweight and comes with a perfect balance.

To talk about the whole pen, you need to talk more about its integrated wooden box. The box is made of Rosewood and Maple wood. You can see two different wood colors in the box. However, the wood box not only works as a gift case but also it can be used as a pen holder.

The pen is completely handmade and it is featured with a twist and retractable design. The pen comes with a total of two ballpoint refills. While making this pen, the brand Renawe focused on nature and tried to connect it with the human lifestyle.

To have a pen that has an exceptional value, straight get to the Luxury Wooden ballpoint pen from Renawe.


  • Made of high-quality luxury wood materials.
  • Includes refills imported from Japan.
  • The nib is gold accented and made of iridium from Germany.
  • Offers manufacturer guarantee.


  • Requires proper maintenance.

10. Crystal Pen – 3 Fine Rose Gold Crystal Gel Pens

Our last selection but not the least is Crystal Pen from Luxye. You will immediately fall in love with these rose gold sleek crystal pens. These pens are stylish and a real slayer. They are not only made for using purposes rather you can décor your office or study room with these beautiful pens.

As a guest writing pen, these pens are just the right choice. They come in a total of two gift packaging in a glossy box. With the fine point, the pen delivers black ink. The smooth pens also write smoothly and go with every occasion.

Moreover, the pen comes with dimensions that indicate its delicate balance, weight, and everything. Overall, as a gift, these Rose Gold Crystal Pens can be counted.


  • The rose gold pens are elegant.
  • Suitable for any occasions including marriage, birthdays.
  • Well-balanced.
  • The gift box is also pretty.


  • The ink may skip sometimes.

How to Choose the Best Pen for a Gift?

Searching for the best pen to present to your closest ones is not that easy. There are many chances you pick up the wrong one with the wrong features until you know what to look for while buying one. Let’s dig into the points.

Choose the Type

Though, in most cases, people gift pens on formal occasions. Different offices gift pens to the clients. Pens are common in corporate gift boxes for employees, too. Your pen selection will depend on your purpose.

Select first which type of pen to gift your loved ones. Do they like the fountain ones or ballpoint ones or rollerball ones? All of them are great as you will get the best one of each type in our recommended picks.

Proficiency and Efficiency

Judging the proficiency and capability of the pen is the second most important thing to look for. Make sure the nib of the pens works without skipping and delivers a smooth stream of ink. Carefully choose the nib size and see if it ensures consistency.


If you are buying a pen as a present make sure it looks fantastic. There are many classic pens featured with luxurious materials including glossy, matte, and lacquered barrels. However, look for the best color and building material for the nibs. Some nibs are trimmed with gold and some are with silver.


Look for pens with a delicate balance of weight. The best pens feel weightless while writing because they are made in that way. Hence, to have the experience of effortless writing experience, choose the best pen.


The best pen for a gift arrives with a gift box. The best brands offer gift boxes that boast the real classiness and epic history with the brand name. Many times only the brand name says it all.

Final Thoughts

No matter if you want the pen for yourself or for gifting purposes, always try to get to the one that will serve you a lifetime. Hence, the maintenance of the pen is also important. However, according to aesthetics, look, feature, design, material, and everything, we highly recommend Wordsworth & Black fountain pen set as our best pens to gift. It comes as a complete gift package and enough to own anyone’s heart. Whoever not even a devotee of a pen, will immediately fall in love with the pen. Nonetheless, we tried to give a list where you can choose the best pen for any occasion and at any budget. Now, choose the one of your kind!