Best Pencil Box for Kindergarten (for Boys and Girls) in 2021

Kindergarten and elementary school students usually write with pencils. So, they need to carry pencils in their class as well. That’s why a pencil box is a very important supply for kindergarten students.

However, just a mere pencil case won’t be enough for them. Because kids love to have colorful, good-looking, comical school supplies in their school bag. The best pencil box for kindergarten has to be in a special shape and design that the kids love.Best Pencil Box for Kindergarten

This is a pretty common scene in every home where kids go to kindergarten. Let the stress fade away, and we show you some of the best pencil box for kindergarten.

Plus, you get a complete buying guide on this to know what will be a better choice than others and why. Should we jump right into it?

5 Best Pencil Box for Kindergarten Boy’s & Girl’s

Pencil Rating Check
ZIPIT Beast Pencil Box for Kids, Cute Storage Case for School Supplies 4.5/5 Check
BTSKY Cute Unicorn Hard Shell Pencil Case- Large EVA Colored Pen Holder Box with Compartments Girls Cosmetic Pouch Bag Stationery Organizer 4.5/5 Check
GirlZone Arts and Crafts Fruit Scented Markers and Pencil Case For Girls, Great Gifts For Girls 4/5 Check
School Boys Pencil Bag Pen Case with Compartments 4/5 Check
Vaultz Locking Locking Supplies & Pencil Box with Key Lock, 5″x 2.5″x 8.5″, Blue Bling with Butterfly 4.5/5 Check


In this article, we will feature some of the top pencil boxes and cases that are popular among kindergarten and preschool students and we hope this will help you. Our mission is to provide valuable reviews and recommendations on pens and school supplies to our readers on quality pens, pencils, papers, and art supplies.

Reviews of the Best Pencil Box for Kindergarten

We have picked some of the most popular pencil boxes available and check them out from different perspectives.

See for yourself.

1. ZIPIT Beast Pencil Box for Kids

The Beast pencil case has a special feature to keep your items safe. Unlike traditional containers, this one will always stay closed once zipped up! So you can take it with confidence anywhere without worrying about accidental spills inside or on the outside of your bag.

Lightweight and Durable

The beastly storage box is the perfect thing for all your crafting needs. Not only will it keep everything safe and sound, but this durable container can also double as an emergency first aid kit or school/office supply bag!

Perfect Size

This cute pencil case holds just about anything! It measures 8.27″ x 2.95″ x 5.32″, and is the perfect size for any desk or craft area – not too big, but still spacious enough to store all your supplies in style (and keep them organized).

Versatile Use

If you are looking for a unique gift, this is it! Perfect for storing and organizing your pens, pencils, or anything else you want to keep in one place!

This best pencil case for kindergarten features an easy-access design with enough space inside to store up to 60 items at once without any problems whatsoever – making it great as a craft storage container too!

Easy Wash

Keep your pencil case safe and sound with the beast box. The durable fabric will keep its shape, even after many washes! Just machine-wash it on a gentle cycle in cold water (around 30°C) to prevent the deformation of zippers or other materials that may not withstand hot temperatures well.


  • Multipurpose use
  • Machine washable
  • Ideal size for a pencil box
  • Lightweight and durable material


  • Quite short if you have a big pencil

2. BTSKY Cute Unicorn Hard Shell Pencil Case

The versatile bag can hold seventy-two pencils and has those handy elasticated holders so you never miss a beat. The BTSKY carrying pencil case is an excellent way to keep your items safe while traveling.

Made of durable and stylish EVA material, this best kindergarten pencil case will protect your item from any shocks incurred during transport!

High Capacity Box

The BTSKY Big Capacity Pencil Box is a neat little box that’ll hold your essentials in one place. It has 5 elastic slots to accommodate pens and pencils, as well as mesh pockets inside for things like loose change or rubber bands!

Eye Watering Look

The perfect gift idea or just something fun for yourself. The sleek design will make any desk stand out with its colorful flair while keeping belongings neat at home or school. In terms of outlook, this is the best pencil box for elementary school kids.

Compact and Ideal Size

The BTSKY Pencil case is portable, lightweight, and compact. With a zipper on one side, you can zip up the pencil wrap when in use to protect it from breakage or damage. The best quality about this pencil case is that it’s super compact. It will fit in your bag or purse, and you can just zip it up when not using it!

Ideal Present

You’re looking for a gift that will be perfect this graduation, birthday, or back-to-school season? The BTSKY pencil case is among the best pencil cases for kindergarten. This stylish pink container holds all your pens and crayons in one place while adding some much-needed color to any desk!


      • High-quality material
      • Easy fit in the bag
      • Size is very compacted
      • Perfect gift for anyone
      • Eva shell protects your items


      • Very long-chain to close and open

3. GirlZone Fruit Scented Markers and Pencil Case for Girls

This set is perfect for any creative girl. It’s got 38 different colored pens of every size-from tiny to huge! And the carrying case keeps them all neat so you never lose track of which one you need when doing arts and crafts. All the features make it an excellent present for little artists who want to explore their artistic talent with some fun tools!

Fruity Fragrances!

You’ll find yourself drooling over these pens from the moment you open them up! From fruity scents to vibrant colors and fun shapes- there’s a pen perfect for every occasion.

Fun Craft

Girlzone’s range of pretty pink and green carry cases is the perfect gift for any girl. Whether you’re going on holiday, traveling to see friends or family – pop it in a GirlZone backpack!

The fun, bright purple carrying case unfolds from within itself when opened up, revealing various colorful writing instruments at your fingertips.

Multi Size Pen

Imagine the perfect way to keep your kid’s art supplies in order. With this pencil box, they have everything they need and more than just markers! The included options include three different-sized marker pens so that coloring or drawing can be a blast for kids of all ages.

Ideal Gift

You can even send this kindergarten pencil pouch as a birthday gift from the vendor. All you need to do is order and provide instruction, then the company team will wrap it up with your beloved ones’ birthdays in tow!


      • Versatile use
      • Quite a spacious pencil box
      • Specially made for girls
      • Easy to carry with comfortable handle


      • Only suitable for girls

4. Unicorn Gifts for Girls Hardtop Pencil Case

If you’re looking for a way to keep your stationery sorted, organized, and secure, then this is the perfect pencil case. It has two mesh pockets where kids can store their pens or markers plus 5 slots in between each side flaps that are just right for storing pencils without getting smashed up against one another!

Cool Design

Clever design ensures stationery stays organized while teaching kids about storage habits at an early age too; it’ll help get them used to keep things themselves in the future as they grow up!

Light Weight and Sturdy

This pencil box is designed to be tough and durable. It’s made with hardtop EVA, which means you can keep your items safe in the shockproof container without worrying about them getting damaged! The 8 1/2 x 5 7/8 inch size also makes it easy for storage at home or on-the-go situations.

High Capacity Box

When it comes to storage, the unicorn has you covered! This pencil box not only offers a large capacity for all your stationery needs but also features two wide-open mesh pockets that can fit everything from erasers and pens.


      • Very spacious pencil box
      • Multipurpose use
      • Easy to carry with handy and compact size
      • Eye-watering design
      • Ideal gift for any occasion


      • Not suitable for your boy

5. Vaultz Pencil Box with Key Lock

Locking Pencil Boxes lets you lock your private and reserved stuff up in style. They are the seamless dimension for throwing into a backpack, holding school goods, or minor pickings like cash headsets, medication, etc. The variation of designs confirms that one of these boxes will be available just right for any need!

Secure and Safe

Vaultz Locking Pencil Boxes is a great way to keep your little one’s belongings safe. The lock system can be tricky for them at first but once they get used to it, they will enjoy this feature very much!

Eye Watering Look and Design

Locking pencil boxes are a great way to help your loved ones keep their items safe and sound. Vaultz offers them in many different designs, so you can find one with the design that’s perfect for who it belongs to!

Versatile Use with Mesh Pocket

The Vaultz Locking Pencil Boxes are a convenient and smart way to organize your pencils! It comes with an elastic band, which you can use for storage purposes. The mesh pocket on the front side of each box makes it easy access when needed- no digging around in those messy drawers anymore!


      • Safe and secure
      • Available in different designs
      • Multipurpose use
      • Ultra-durable with chrome steel corners


      • Security lock system can be a little tricky for a small child

Pencil Box for Kindergarten Buying Guide

When we adults buy something for ourselves, we think of every little detail before buying the product. But our kids who go to kindergarten won’t be able to consider these things. We must make sure we are buying the right product for them.

This buying guide is going to be different from most other buying guides you will find on the internet as we will focus more on the product’s usability. Let’s get into it.

Visually Appealing

Kids don’t understand the material or build quality or durability. They look at the pencil box, and if they don’t like it, at first sight, they are done. They’d rather cry for an hour than taking the pencil case to school.

So, it’s crucial to know about their choice. Before you choose something on your own, ask your kids whether they have any certain preferences. It can be something with their favorite cartoon characters or superheroes.

The visual appearance of the pencil box should be charming and interesting to kids so that they love to carry it with them to school.

Bright Colored

The more we grow up, the more we learn to admire grayscale. But it doesn’t happen at such a young age. Kids are always after colors. The more colorful a pencil box, the more it will be attractive to kids.

Now, kids have different preferences for colors. So, it is better to ask them for their favorite colors. Then you can try to choose something of that color. Bright colored pencil cases will also help to find them easily inside a mess. So, there will be less chance of losing the case.

Soft and Durable Material

It would be best not to buy pencil cases made of hard plastic or other hard materials for kids. As kids often play with pencil cases, a hard case can hurt your kid. So, it is better to find something soft to the touch so that kids don’t get hurt.

At the same time, the case should be very durable. Your kid will probably play a pencil case fight or tug of war with the pencil case. If the case isn’t durable enough to withstand that torture, you will need to buy cases frequently, which isn’t a pocket-friendly idea.

Rounded Edges

Some pencil cases come with squared corners and pointy edges. These are not suitable for kindergarten-going kids. Even a small pointy corner of a plastic pencil case can be hazardous.

So, please avoid these cases and try to choose something that has rounded corners. These cases will be much softer on kids even if they throw one at each other.

Easy and Secure Closer

If your kids can’t open the pencil case at one go, they will most probably not like it and get irritated at it soon. The same goes with closing the case. If the case isn’t closed properly, nice pencils or erasers you buy your kids can get lost at any moment.

So, find something that has an easy zipper closure with a good quality zipper. It will keep all the belongings inside the case safe.


Kids are sure to make the pencil case dirty at least once a week. If you don’t want to spend money on pencil boxes over and over again, choose a case of such a fabric that is washable.

No matter how dirty it gets, you can easily wash the pencil case and air dry it to make it look new.

Multiple Compartments

If the pencil case you choose has only one compartment, it is okay. But if it has more compartments, it will be better. You can teach your kids to arrange different accessories into different compartments to find them easily when necessary.

This will also teach them to become organized in future life. Take that extra time to choose such a case, even if it costs some extra.

Why Is A Pencil Box Important for Kindergarteners?

As you all might know, pencil cases come in handy to keep everything organized for kids. At this age, it is pretty common to lose things if they aren’t organized properly. Also, carrying different small stationaries can sometimes be problematic.

Pencil cases ease the struggle of carrying such items. They hold everything together so that kids find the necessary thing easily. But this is only one aspect of this thing.

You can think in the other way where kids get to learn discipline through this box. If they get familiar with organizing things from such a little age, they will have this thing set up in their brains.

As a result, they will try to follow discipline in every aspect of life when they grow up. So, pencil cases aren’t just pencil cases. They are the way to guide your children to the path of discipline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us show you the FAQ section to know answers to some of your most commonly asked questions.

1. What should be in a pencil box for kindergarten?

There can be many different things depending on what your kid needs or likes. But commonly, there should be pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, crayons, etc., in a pencil box for kindergarten.

2. Is a pencil case necessary for kindergarten?

Though this item isn’t compulsory for education, it helps kids keep all their stationaries in one place. Carrying those things becomes much easier with such a case.

3. What is the ideal size of a pencil case?

There is no hard and fast rule. It can vary depending on the design. But don’t take an oversized or undersized pencil case. Choose something up to 10 inches in length and 3-4 inches in width.

4. Can I make a pencil case at home?

Yes. If you have a little sewing knowledge, you can turn simple denim into a nice pencil case.

5. How do I organize a pencil box for kindergarten?

Make sure all necessary items are in the box. Try to separate different types of items in different compartments.

Final Thoughts

Amid recalling the sweet memories of our childhood, let’s not forget how the best pencil box for kindergarten can change your kid’s attitude towards being sincere about education.

To emphasize the topic, we urge you to invest a bit of your time in checking the right thing for your kid and money to buy it so that they grow with sweet memories too. This will give them a positive vibe to learn with fun.