Best paint pens for lettering on canvas in 2022

Looking for the best paint pens for lettering on canvas? In the different kinds of markers, paint markers still remain supreme when it comes to longevity. They’re heavily pigmented, and that they won’t budge on any surface you apply them on.

This is why paint markers are an excellent addition to your art collection. If you’re trying to find the most modest paint marker, you came to the proper place. I do know it’s hard to seek out the best paint pens out there only because of the sheer number of choices we’ve. But to form it easier for you, I narrowed it right down to the most useful markers suitable for various mediums.

Stick around to seek out what your best choices are. So down below are the best paint pens for lettering on canvas.

Best paint pens for lettering on canvas

1. Artistro Acrylic Paint Pens

Artistro 30 Acrylic Paint Markers Medium Tip and 30 Acrylic Paint Markers Extra Fine Tip

When it comes to painting pens, this one is most renowned for its quality. With this you can create an art project on any surface like rocks, stone, metal, pottery, treated smooth wood, plastic, cardboard, canvas, fabric, polymer clay, card stock, photo album scrapbook journal, and more! Unlike other paint pens, it is true to its color pigment. This one will guarantee you No Mess-No Stress.

This comes with 28 most wished colors set + extra black & white. It is Non-toxic and free of odor which confirms safety standards. The pen design is impressive, with a long tip, it becomes easy to use for shading. The marker’s color is vivid and glossy and comes with a good number of options for your art collection. 

Altogether, this is a perfect item for your art and craft which you will find very smooth after using it.


  • A good number of color selections.
  • The ink writes down quite quickly.
  • Longevity.
  • Perfect nibs for good coverage.
  • Bright finish.


  • Doesn’t dry up quickly
  • Consistency of ink is not uniform

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2. Uni-Posca Paint Marker Pen

uni Posca Paint Marker Pen, Medium Point, Set of 7 Natural Color (PC-5M 7C)

Speaking of standard Uni-posca paint marker pen have earned an excellent reputation in the heart of the artist. It is originally a Japanese brand and has a tremendously positive review. This set has a great variety of colors, which will surely touch your mind. the most impressive point of this pen is that it’s heavily pigmented. Speaking of heavily pigmented this can cover the black ink without being noticed. With this, you don’t have to add a second coating. This pen has a fine tip similar to the bullet tip and has good coverage. The nibs glide easily on paper and other glossy and non-porous surfaces. And if you are looking for the best pens for plastic, this would be a perfect candidate. 

And about the quality of the ink, it’s superb. The ink stays vibrant for a long time. The color looks vivid, also when used on rocks. It also has a large ink volume. Unlike alcohol-based pen ink, the ink does not flow. It’s non-toxic and waterproof. The drying time is moderate. Uni-Posca Paint Marker contains 22 standard and 7 natural colors a total of 29 shades of soothing color. The pros and cons 


  • Beautiful color section
  • You can apply it smoothly and don’t snag it.
  • It stays vibrant 
  • Long-lasting ink


  • Needs some priming before you can use them.

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3. Penguin Art Supplies Dual Tip Acrylic Paint Pens

28 Dual Tip Acrylic Paint Pens: Craft Paint Markers for Painting Wood

Imagine having dual tips in an item, penguin art supplies made it possible so now you have more options for your art. Let your creativity run wild with this unique dual-tipped acrylic paint marker set. Create bold strokes with the medium 5mm tip or paint fine lines with the versatile 3mm finishing tip. With this paint pen create long-lasting crafts with water-resistant and UV-resistant durable paints. You can do your art on various surfaces like wood, ceramic, glass, rocks, stone, canvas, metal, and paper. This item provides a zip bag for easy storage. The cleaning is also easy if it touches your hand just wash with soap.

It is non-toxic and safe for any age. In my opinion, don’t settle for 12 primary colors, use this set of 28 vivid, non-transparent paint pens to draw full-color drawings without changing or mixing colors. The pros and cons of this item-


  • Easy storage after use with the zip bag.
  • UV and water resistance.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Dual tips 3mm and 5mm can be adjusted with tweezers supplied in the case.
  • A good number of color options.


  • You have to shake the pens every little while to make them come out opaque as the pigment separates quickly from the water.

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4. ARTISTRO Acrylic Paint Pens

Acrylic Paint Pens - 42 Acrylic Paint Markers - Extra Fine Tip Paint Pens (0.7mm)

When it comes to reputable brands for markers, this one is the go-to brand of many people. These water-based markers are proper for paper and other mediums like canvas, fabric, and wood, and polymer clay, plastic, and even terra-cotta. You can surely use this on many other things. The pens have a slight tip of 0.7mm, best for detailing and drawing. The colors are vibrant, and the drying time is perfect, so you don’t need to worry about any smearing. It’s also non-toxic and doesn’t emit a horrendous odor. The pen has a good volume of ink in it, so you can use it for quite a long time.

The marker’s color is so vibrant and vivid you don’t need to use it too much to get the perfect vibrancy you want. Its inks are water-based Italian imported inks for a smooth, consistent flow and glossy, opaque finish. The item contains 40 assorted colors + extra black & white acrylic markers in it. With this, you will also get a step-by-step tutorial e-book with crafts rock designs, which you will surely like. The pros and cons of this item-


  • Has a lot of ink.
  • 42 Acrylic Paint Markers.
  • Extra fine tip.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Vibrant colors.


  • The ink tends to dry when you are not using them for a long time.

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5. Sharpie 37371PP Oil-Based Paint Markers

Sharpie 37371PP Oil-Based Paint Markers, Fine Point, Assorted Colors

You should never miss the opportunity to check out Sharpie paint pens reviews when it comes to markers. Out of all brands out there, this brand has built an excellent reputation. This marker is always suggestible for professional use. You will be getting 5 primary colors, red, blue, yellow, white, and black, with this item. So if you like to do paintings a lot, then you can use them anywhere and anytime. It’s an excellent alternative to your painting set. It can be used on various mediums like rocks, glass, posters, and regular paper. The design of this pen is also good. Unlike other markers, this one has a white barrel with the caps and the pen’s tip indicating the color. The markers are thick, so it feels better when you hold them.

These paint pens have fine points. Which you will find very comfortable while drawing and marking straight lines. But if you are using it for writing, you have to add one or two more coatings to make lines thicker. Quick-drying oil-based ink resists fading, smearing, and water. According to directions on the back of the product, you need to face tip upright, push against the finger, recap, and shake. Give it a try on paper until the inks come out and you are all set to draw or paint. The pros and cons of this item-


  • Packaged well.
  • Has a decent ink flow.
  • Once dry, it’s permanent.
  • Work well with mild pressure.
  • High contrast colors.


  • Drying time is a little bit of.

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Buying Guide for paint pens for lettering on canvas

Always keep in mind these 4 factors when buying paint pens.

Color Choices

Always keep in mind that go for the item that has the colors you need. If you want more color options, it’s best to buy the one with 15 markers set or more as suggested above. Otherwise, primary colors will not fulfill your desire to go for a change.

Quality of ink

After you go for the color choice, you have to check the quality of the ink. Go for the item that has an excellent review for its ink quality. The above-reviewed product is of the best quality. Quality is an essential factor as opacity, vividness, consistency, and drying time depends on it.


After checking the ink’s quality, check out the size of the tip that you need for your drawing and painting. Many pens come with a fine tip, which is excellent for lining and great on small spaces. Besides, check the durability of the nibs cause all types of nibs are not suitable for rough surfaces like rocks or wood. As some nibs may fray when used on a surface, that causes friction.

Ease of Use

So this is the last thing you should consider while buying paint pens. You should consider facing a problem while removing the cap and putting it back with ease. Also, see if the priming of the paint marker takes a lot of time (Priming is the process of activating the ink).

Final Words

The best paint marker depends on what you’re trying to find. There are different types of paint pens out there, and all are not the same when it means ink quality and consistency. It’s up to you to seek out the one that works better for you. I hope you get an idea of the best paint pens for canvas. Remember the buying guide to get the best paint pens for your dream art and craft.