Top 10 Best Needle Felting Starter Kits in 2021

Needle felting is just another art to love. It doesn’t require special skills or sophisticated equipment, but it sure does require interest. So if you want to learn a new craft, or find a new hobby or an activity to keep you busy through your retirement, this article is for you!

Needle felting is the creation of objects with wools and barbed needles. It requires poking of wools with the barbed needles to cause agitation. The agitation causes the wool fibers to stick together until they finally solidify to give you an object with a defined shape.

A variety of objects and shapes can be made from needle felting: 3D sculptures, mats, jewelry, scarves, etc. You can even needle felt beautiful colors or lovely shapes onto your mittens, table mats, socks, or sweaters.

To get started, you’ll need a felting needle, wool, and a felting surface. The felting needle is not just any kind of needle. It is very sharp and has barbs at the end which pulls in the fibers and locks them together.

Different types of wool are used for needle felting such as roving, batting, animal furs, wool from sheep, etc. However, roving is mostly used. You’ll also need a felting surface where you’ll place your wool so you won’t poke your fingers or any other part of your body. A pillow, foam pad, or cushions will do just fine for this.

Our Top 5 needle felting starter kits Recommendation is…

  1. Editors ChoiceMayboos Needle Felting Kit
  2. Best OverallJupean Needle Felting Kit
  3. Budget Pick – Truslin DIY Needle Felting Kit
  4. Beginner Needle Felting KitsFuyit Wool Roving (72 Colours)
  5. Premium PickWoolbuddy Needle Felting Starter Kit

Best Needle Felting Starter Kits

To make it easier, we’ve reviewed some of the best needle felting starter kits and tools just for you. So grab your popcorn and keep reading.

Top 10 Best Needle Felting Starter Kit Reviews of 2021

If you’re a newbie to felting, you should get yourself a needle felting starter kit. These starter needle kits are better suited to allow you to develop your felting skill without being physically tired or losing motivation.

Using these sets of needles doesn’t mean you’re missing out on premium features, and below we will share with you the best felting kit for beginners.

1. Mayboos Needle Felting Kit

Mayboos is one of the best needle felting kits for beginners that is used for a variety of projects including wet felting, dry needle felting, weaving, spinning and jewellery making. It is a high-quality starter kit, and it features the following:

A plastic case which contains all the accessories, packaged neatly for your convenience. The case helps to hold all the accessories together so won’t lose any.

40 different colors of wool roving made of high quality; each color of wool weighs 3 grams and is packed in a reusable plastic bag to separate it from the others.

Twenty 9-shape needles.

20 T-shape needles.

24 sharp felting needles. The needles come in 3 different sizes of small, medium and large, and each size has 8 pieces of the needle.

1 long lasting felting foam pad which is used as a felting surface.

Other accessories like pliers, a pair of scissors, thimble, tweezers, plastic nose and eyes, white and black dust plug, wooden felting handle, etc.

Detailed instructions on how to use the felting needles and other accessories correctly. The instructions also come with a video.

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2. Jupean Needle Felting Kit

This is another high-quality needle felting beginner kit for beginners and also for those already into the art. Jupean needle felting kit is also ideal for making different projects like wet felting, needle felting, 3D sculptures like farm animals, your favorite pets and cartoon characters, etc. It features the following:

High quality wool roving of 24 different colours that are perfect for various projects. Each colour of wool weighs 5 grams and is also packaged in a reusable plastic bag to help separate it from other colours. The wool is of fine texture with no lumps; this makes needle felting very easy, especially for beginners.

A transparent box for storing all your felting accessories. The box is portable with all the accessories neatly arranged; making it easy to identify each tool, and you won’t have to worry about losing anything.

1 foam mat.

A pair of finger gloves to protect you from poking your fingers.

2 coarse needles, 2 fine needles and 2 all-purpose needles; perfect for just any type of project.

Other accessories like glue stick, a pair of scissors, an awl, wooden handles, etc.

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3. Truslin DIY Needle Felting Kit 

Just like the name, Truslin is a DIY starter kit that contains step-by-step guidelines for making your 3D sculptures. This kit is not only ideal for beginners; kids too can try needle felting with it, under the supervision of their parents. It features:

4 gift boxes, each containing a faceless cat (American Shorthair, Pastoral Cat, Tuxedo Cat and Japanese Bobtails).

A detailed paper instruction for each cat with video tutorial inclusive, which makes it very easy for beginners and kids up to 8 years old.

Generous amount of wool for each cat.

Cat’s mustache.

A felting mat.

4 felting needles (both thick and thin needles).

2 finger protectors, each for your thumb and forefinger.

A wooden needle felting handle.

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4. UOOU Needle Felting Kit for Beginners

This is one of the best needle felting starter kits for beginners. It contains all the supplies you need to make your needle felting objects and is great for the holidays. This starter kit features the following:

High quality gift box that contains all needle felting tools. The gift box is well packaged and the tools are neatly arranged for your convenience. The gift box comes with a ribbon so you can also gift your family and friends that are also in love with felting.

Wool roving that is 100% natural and of high quality. It contains no lumps, and just anybody can make use of it without difficulty.

4 material bags with everything you need to make 4 Shiba inu dogs (3 Shiba inu dogs with hats and 1 Shiba inu dog with a smiley face).

5 detailed paper instructions that provides easy guide for kids and beginners.

10 black plastic eyes

6 felting needles of three different sizes (small, medium and large), 2 pieces per size. Each size has a different colour, and this helps for easy identification.

Other accessories like a felting mat, tweezers, finger cot, wooden felting handle, 5 phone lanyard and 6 clear dust plug.

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  1. Woolbuddy Needle Felting Starter Ki

This is a complete kit for any beginner. Woolbuddy is designing the perfect combination of tools and fiber for years now. It is excellent for kids, and the tools are good enough to occupy an experienced needle felter.

There is great instruction in the kit with a step-by-step illustration of making different things. They are filled with new ideas. However, in the instruction, they didn’t mention how much wool to use.

To make those pictures in the instruction book a reality, you will have wools of 16 different colors and six needles to craft them in shape. There is also a ball of white wool in the bundle.

The wools are very soft and squishy. They are easy to felt as well. Moreover, they are also hypoallergenic wool. Which means people will have a less allergic reaction to them.

The working surface is made with foam. It is sturdier than other bases in the market.

Remember that you will need some other storage for the wool because you can’t store it back in the flimsy plastic packs that they came in.

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  1. QMNNMA 254 Pcs Needle Felting Kit

It is a small wear house. Everything you need to create anything will be present in the Qmnnma box. For a beginner, it will surely be overwhelming in a positive way. Kids get instantly interested in the craft even if they weren’t before.

There are 50 colors in the package. Most of them are bright rainbow colors. Each of the wool stacks is 3 grams which is more than most other felting kits.

The wool is great. It is soft, fluffy, and doesn’t ruin the texture of your project.

Colors are evenly dyed everywhere. They don’t bleed. And you also have separate plastic compartments to store them.

The foam was very dense. Along with that, you also have other accessories like pliers, different kinds of needles, scissors, etc. there are even things like molds, finger-overs, and glue sticks. There are also numerous other things that a beginner might not even have thought of.

If you are taking classes on needle felting, this is your go-to option.

The only negative we found was the quality of the box. It was quite flimsy.

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  1. Coola Needle Felting Beginner kit

We couldn’t put our finger on it, but the results of the kit were better than other needle felting kits. The illustrated projects were easy, even for an 8-year-old. You have everything you need.

It is a great gift for someone. Especially in the Covid era. Introducing the craft to a child is a lot easier with tools like it.

The wool is of high quality. It is not harmful to the children or the environment.

You will find it very easy to organize all the tools and wool in the box. It is one of the best-designed boxes.

In the box, you will find four needles in a needle bottle. These should be enough to complete all the projects in the instruction.

There will be instruction and a pair of finger cots to make it easier and safer for you.

Other than these, there will be a metal wire, thread, wool felt mold, etc.

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  1. SMPL Crafts Needle Felting Starter Kit

Compared to other quality products in the market, this is quite a bargain. Working with it was faster than other kits. Has everything you want in a beginners kit.

The box was well designed. Although I would have liked separate areas for all the wool. But it is ideal for a gift.

There are ten needles of three types in the package. It is more than most other kits in the market.

Along with that, you have finger cots, a felting mat, a wooden felting tool, two key chains, and three phone lanyards. There is also a pack of ten pin eyes. What more do you need!

You get an ebook that helps you get better in the crafts with a better illustration of the projects. However, the picture in the instruction can get a little better.

The base pad gets indented if there is too much pressure in one spot. That can get annoying sometimes.

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  1. HappyCraft Needle Felting Starter Kit

Relative to other felting kits in this list, this one is not that popular among beginners. Although it still qualifies for the title of a beginner kit, it might not be best for children under ten. But it definitely qualifies for a quality kit. However, if your kid is witty enough, he will figure it out soon.

There are fifteen needles of three different sizes. They are durable, so they will last for a long time.

Happy Craft gifted you a phone lanyard and keychains that you can use to flaunt your projects.

There is also five pairs of eyes.

The wooden handle and leather cots make crafting easier.

Like every good felting kit, you have an instruction book. But what is not like everyone is that there is five of them. Moreover, there is also the support of video tutorials.

The quality of the wool is good.

All of it is nicely packed in a gift box. Both adults and kids will like the presentation of the box.

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  1. HoneyDIY Needle Felting Starter Kit for Beginners

It is another budget kit for beginners. If you are not starting for the lack of economic tools, then this is your pick. However, the brand is not that renowned. That definitely loses some perks. However, you can put your money on it if you are a beginner.

The wool is one of the best qualities on the list. Lumps and seeds were also to their minimum. Great for children and the environment.

It makes a great gift. Everything in the box is gift-worthy, no matter if it is a kid or an adult.

There are nineteen colors. The white and black are very good. All the colors are stylish.

Apart from being stylish, they are also soft and smooth.

In the box, you will have sixteen needles.

There will also be four instruction books to help you with the crafting.

The base is sturdy and soft at the same time. You can easily work on your lap with this base.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is needle felting?

Needle felting is an artwork that involves making objects with felting needles and wool; such objects like 3D sculptures, jewelry, different shapes, or even for creating beautiful designs on clothes.

The process requires you to vertically poke or stab continuously into the wool until all the fibers lock up together, giving you a defined shape. Needle felting is easy and fun. It doesn’t require prior knowledge of knitting or sewing; anyone with interest can learn to felt.

How to Do Needle Felting?

Needle felting is done by poking the felting needle continuously into the wool until the fibers are completely pulled together. First, you pull out some amount of wool, just enough for your project. Then you fold them up into your desired shape, tucking in fibers on the edges. Next, you place the wool on a felting surface, and then you begin to poke.

Make sure to poke vertically and not at an angle to prevent the delicate needle from breaking. As you poke, always remember to tuck in excess fibres. The poking continues until the fibers are completely pulled together, leaving you with a firm object.

You can add different colors to make different designs. You can also needle felt different shapes and designs onto other surfaces like mittens, sweater or table mats.

What are Needle Felting Animals?

These are animals that you can create from needle felting; they are mostly 3D sculptures and may be of different shapes and designs. Needle felting allows you to make just any animal you can think of; there are no limitations!

How to Make Felting Animals

If you can make felted objects and shapes, then an animal won’t be too difficult. First, you need to make a wire image of the animal of your choice, also remember to tuck in the wires neatly so they won’t poke through the wool. Next, cover the body and head of the wire image with roving and poke until it’s firm.

Shape the head and add the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and whiskers. Add rovings to the leg and also poke; don’t forget to add the purs. You can use different colors of wool to add spots and other features to the animal. Give it one last look, and some finishing pokes to smoothen the edges; your felted animal is ready!

What is Dry Needling Felting?

There are many methods of felting, of which dry needle felting is one of them. This process involves needle felting your favorite objects and animals without the use of water.

All you need is the best needle felting tools, which include your felting needles, roving wool, a felting surface, and some other accessories (finger protectors, scissors, glue, etc.) that will make the felting process easier.

What is Wet Felting?

Wet felting is another method of felting. This method requires the use of hot soapy water instead of felting needles, to create felted projects. Instead of poking with needles, the wool is spread on a flat surface and rubbed with the fingers using hot soapy water.

This process causes the wool to shrink and lock up together, leaving you with a beautiful piece of felt. You can use this piece of felt for many projects like cutting them into different shapes, using them as the base fabric, designing 3D sculptures, etc.

However, you need the best needle felting wool for this method as not all types of wool are used for wet felting. Synthetic wool and fibers from plant origin will not wet felt.

What Do You Need for Needle Felting?

Different needle felting projects require various tools. However, for a start, you need felting needles, roving wool, and a felting surface. The needles are not just any kind of needle; they have sharp tips and barbs on one end. The barbs pull the fibers inwards and lock them together until the object is firm.

You will also need the wool for needle felting. There are different types of wool you can use for needle felting; however, roving wool is mostly used. A felting surface prevents you from poking your fingers (which you will) or other parts of your body; hence you need the needle felting foam.

You can also make use of other accessories like scissors, thimble, metal marking rings, dust plugs, etc. depending on the complexity of your project.

How Do You Make Needle Felting Faster?

For beginners, needle felting is much slower and time-consuming. Your choice of needle felting tools also determines how fast you will be; hence you need the best beginner needle felting kit to increase your speed.

Another important tip is to read the instructions on how the kit works carefully. Needle felting requires interest and consistency; by the time you work on two or more projects, it will amaze you how fast you can be.

Can You Wash Needle Felting?

Yes, you can wash your needle felted objects when they become dirty, but you must take certain precautions. First, read the instructions to know the temperature of water to use, although cold water is preferable. Also, make sure you use soaps made specifically for washing of wool.

Do not handle your felted projects roughly as this may cause the wool to shrink. After washing, take the items outside to dry up naturally. It is best not to apply too much water on your felted objects so the drying process won’t take so much time.


Needle felting is an art for everyone. It is easy to learn, and you don’t need sophisticated tools for it. Also, you get to make your favorite animals and cartoon characters for yourself and some for your friends and family as well!

The needle felting beginner kits are lovely gifts for friends and family who are into felting art. All you need to do is be consistent, and soon, you’ll master the art of needle felting. Take the necessary precautions so you won’t break the needles or poke yourself (it’s certain these will happen once in a while though).

Having reviewed the best needle felting starter kits for your perusal, we hope you won’t find it difficult to make the best choice.

What’s there not to love about needle felting?!