Best Mechanical Pencil for Drawing 2021 | Top 12 Picks

Most students and artists are always in a need for good quality pencils, which can create fine and consistent lines to make their drawings neat and detailed. And this can be achieved with the best mechanical pencil for drawing.

Mechanical pencils are easy to use, and you don’t need to sharpen them as they use lead refills. When you draw, your hand should have good control over the pencil. Mechanical pencils have a balanced weight that allows you to control the flow and draw with comfort.

Using the best drawing mechanical pencils is more economical as you don’t have to purchase new pencils every time. They come with different diameter, hardness level, and lead extending mechanism. In this article, we have listed down some of the finest mechanical pencils that will help you to draw neatly and flawlessly.

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In a Hurry? Check Our Top Picks Of Best Mechanical Pencil for Drawing

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12 Best Mechanical Pencil for Drawing 2021 Reviews

You will find hundreds of mechanical pencils available in the market. Are they good enough? Definitely, not. So, we have picked the best 12 mechanical pencils for drawing so that you can pick the right one easily.

1. MyLifeUNIT 2.0mm Mechanical Pencil – Our Top Pick of Mechanical Pencil For Drawing

MyLifeUNIT 2.0mm Mechanical Pencil

For sketching and drawing, you can choose the smooth and reliable MyLifeUNIT 2.0mm mechanical pencil. This professional tool pack comes with two 2B mechanical pencils, one is black, and another one has a blue exterior. The 2.0mm lead of the pencil makes precise lines while sketching and drawing.

You can change the lead grade on the pencil body by rotating the indicator. It can be changed from HB to 4B. This helps in easily identifying the pencil’s lead type you require to put into it.

This pencil comes with a light-weight plastic body with a comfortable non-slip rubber grip, which makes the drawing experience superior. Moreover, it features a cushioned lead mechanism with a sliding sleeve that offers maximum break resistance and makes it durable.

There is a built-in 2mm lead sharpener on the top of the pencil for convenient use. The push-button lead advancement system makes it easy to use, and the featured metal-clip allows you to take it anywhere.

Featured with a soft rubber grip, you can hold it easily and can draw for hours as it minimizes pain in the finger. The package is also included with two tubes of pencil leads, one contains 10 pieces of HB leads, and the other 10 pieces of 2B leads.

What we like:

  • Durable and break-resistant.
  • Comfortable rubber grip.
  • Lead grade changing function.

What we didn’t like:

  • Pencil lead may not last longer.

Verdict: The MyLifeUNIT 2.0mm Mechanical Pencil allows for a smooth and precise drawing. Its balanced weight makes it easy to draw or sketch with it.

2. Uni Mechanical Pencil Kuru Toga Roulette Model 0.5mm Silver (M510171P.26) – Runner Up

Uni Kuru Toga Roulette Model Auto Lead Rotation 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil

Improve your drawing with the Uni Mechanical Pencil Kuru Toga, which comes with outstanding features. It has a unique design and sturdy construction, which makes it perfect to use in any working environment.

The pencil is made up of plastic and metal, so it is durable and long-lasting. It features the kuru toga engine, which keeps the lead sharp by rotating it whenever you lift the pencil from the paper. Also, this mechanism prevents the lead from breaking.

The top drawing mechanical pencil should create consistent lines, which this pencil does effortlessly. The 0.5mm lead of the pencil creates clean and thin lines. It glides across the paper smoothly without any issue.

Even though it is heavy, the featured knurled grip helps in holding the pencil securely. You can use this mechanical pencil for any writing, drawing, or sketching, this pencil will perform like a pro.

This mechanical pencil is featured with a refillable eraser at the top. It also comes with a slim case, where you can store the pencil easily after finishing the drawing.

What we like:

  • Sturdy construction.
  • The rotating mechanism prevents lead from breaking.
  • Offers consistent and thin lines.

What we didn’t like:

  • Some users found it heavy to hold.

Verdict: The rotating mechanism of the Uni Mechanical Pencil Kuru Toga will provide you with never-ending consistent lines. It is best for detailed drawings.

3. Mr. Pen Mechanical Pencil Set with Lead and Eraser Refills – Best Mechanical Pencil for Sketching

Mr. Pen Mechanical Pencil Set with Lead and Eraser Refills

This high-quality mechanical pencil set is an ideal set for daily use like taking notes, detailed sketching in architecture, or drawing. The set comes with 5 mechanical pencils with five different lead sizes. The lead sizes of the pencils are 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 0.9, and 2.0mm.

Made with plastic, each of the pencils is color-coded for easy identification. The lead sizes are labeled in the body of the pencils with easy-to-read fonts. So you can easily identify the pencils and their lead sizes.

Coming to the design, the pencils feature a round latex-free and non-slip grip, which is quite comfortable to hold while drawing. Moreover, the upper barrels of the pencils are square-shaped, which helps in preventing the pencils from sliding away.

These pencils are featured with built-in erasers, and the 2.0mm pencil is embedded with a 2.0mm lead sharpener inside the cap. This set comes with refills for each lead size and also includes plenty of eraser replacements.

Each of the pencils in this set can be considered as the ideal mechanical pencil for sketching as they create flawless lines. Also, these mechanical pencils come in great value.

What we like:

  • Each pencil has different lead sizes.
  • Non-slip and soft grip.
  • Affordable price.

What we didn’t like:

  • Plastic construction looks cheap.

Verdict: You can draw or shade with the different lead sizes of the Mr. Pen Mechanical Pencil Set. This set also comes with refills for each lead size, which makes it an economical pack.

4. Pentel Graph Gear 1000 Automatic Drafting Pencil (PG1017C) – Best Pencil for Artists

Pentel Graph Gear 1000 Automatic Drafting Pencil

For architects and professionals, here comes the Pentel Graph Gear 1000 automatic drafting pencil, which is best for everyday writing and sketching. The mechanical pencil is featured with 0.7mm lead size and the lead hardness indicator is embedded in the pencil’s body.

So, if you have several of these pens, you can identify this pencil easily, as it is color-coded and also comes with the lead hardness indicator.

It has a 4mm tip design, which makes it ideal to use with templates and rulers. The unique and dual-action retractor extends and retracts the tip and prevents the breakage of the lead.

It features a metal grip equipped with soft and latex-free pads that reduce fatigue and makes it comfortable to hold the pencil for hours. Both the eraser and lead of the pencil are replaceable.

The body of the pencil is metal, yet it has a balanced weight and good stability. It is preloaded with the top notch mechanical pencil lead for drawing super Hi-polymer HB lead, which is super strong, creates dark lines, and doesn’t need to be sharpened.

What we like:

  • Color-coded and durable body.
  • Comfortable grip with latex-free pads.
  • Break-resistant lead.

What we didn’t like:

  • Some users found the metal body heavy to hold.

Verdict: The Pentel Graph Gear 1000 Automatic Drafting Pencil is a great tool for architects and professionals. It comes with a sturdy lead, which creates fine lines.

5. Jovitec 3 Pieces 2.0 mm Mechanical Pencil – Best for Drawing Comics

Jovitec 3 Pieces 2.0 mm Mechanical Pencil with 2 Cases Lead Refills

The Jovitec Mechanical Pencil set contains 3 pieces of mechanical pencils with silver, blue, and black exterior. The sturdy inner structure of the pencils protects the lead and allows for smooth and long-lasting performance.With their thick 2mm leads, you can finish your drawing or can sketch effectively.

There is a lead type rotation indicator on the pencils, which makes it easy to know the lead type used in the pencils. The lead hardness that comes with these pencils is 2B.

These mechanical pencils come in a metal body with a knurled rubber grip to give you a non-slip and comfortable writing experience. The barrel is easy to hold, and the equipped long pencil tip protects the lead from breaking.

There is a built-in sharpener in these pencil’s caps so that you can sharpen the leads conveniently to get sharp lines. They don’t come with an eraser, so you have to use a separate one.

The highlighting part of this set is the included refills. This set features 2 cases of refills for replacement. One case is filled with 12 pieces of black leads, and the other one contains 12 pieces of colored leads.

You can use the black leads for drawing or sketching and the colored leads for coloring. The leads produce fine and clear lines on the paper and the lines don’t fade easily.

What we like:

  • Metal and rubber construction for easy use.
  • Built-in sharpener.
  • Black and colored leads.

What we didn’t like:

  • Cheap plastic construction.

Verdict: Both the black and colored leads included in the Jovitec 3 Pieces 2.0 mm Mechanical Pencil set helps in completing different drawing projects. This set is an all-in-one package.

6. rOtring 600 0.5mm Black Barrel Mechanical Pencil (1904443) – Best Pencil for Drawing Manga

rOtring 600 0.5mm Black Barrel Mechanical Pencil (1904443)

For technical writing and drawing, the durable rOtring 600 0.5mm mechanical pencil is an ideal tool. Finished in a metal body and non-slip metal grip, the pencil ensures lifetime use.

The ergonomically designed barrel provides a balanced weight so that you can write comfortably for hours without any fatigue or discomfort. The unique hexagonal shape of the pencil prevents it from rolling away when you lay it on the table.

With its sliding sleeve, precise ruler-based drawings become easier as it prevents the lead from breakage. The included lead hardness indicator makes it simple to identify the lead grade you are using while drawing.

For precision lead advancement, it comes with a brass mechanism that also prevents the lead from breaking. Besides this, the pencil features a durable eraser that doesn’t leave a mess behind while erasing the mistakes.

Also, it comes with a 0.5mm lead, which is the perfect mechanical pencil lead size for drawing, as it creates dark and fine lines. This iconic mechanical pencil is backed up by a 2-year warranty for long-lasting use.

What we like:

  • Solidly constructed and designed.
  • Precise lead advancement.
  • 2-year of warranty.

What we didn’t like:

  • Quite costly.

Verdict: The sturdy construction of the rOtring 600 0.5mm pencil makes it durable. And its 2-year warranty ensures long-term use.

7. Jimmidda 0.5 and 0.7 Mechanical Pencils with Refills

Mechanical Pencils, Jimmidda 0.5 and 0.7 Mechanical Pencils with Refills for Writing

The Jimmidda Mechanical Pencils come in two different sizes 0.5 and 0.7mm leads to enhance your drawing experience. The simple structure of the pencils with full metal-body construction makes them durable for lifetime use.

Both pencils have a bright surface and elegant appearance. The metal inside the pencils holds the leads effectively for smooth writing. They feel solid in hand as both the pencils come with a neutral balance, and the soft grips make them comfortable to hold.

The equipped retractable nibs are quite sturdy and drop-resistant and protect the lead from breaking. With the lead lock, you can adjust the length of the lead you want to retract. The barrel inside the pencils can hold many leads, so you can leave the refill tubes in your house.

You can carry them easily as they feature a metal clip, which can be fastened to documents and pockets with ease when you travel. With these pencils, you get two refills 0.5mm and 0.7mm lead containers, and one big eraser.

Use this mechanical pencil for different purposes. Instead of drawing and drafting, you can use this as a mechanical pencil for math.

What we like:

  • Retractable tip.
  • Equipped lead is stable and allows smooth writing.
  • Easy to carry.

What we didn’t like:

  • The eraser cap may not stay on and keeps falling.

Verdict: The Jimmidda Mechanical Pencils are a fusion of durability, style, and comfort. The retractable tip is the best feature of these mechanical pencils.

8. Paper Mate SharpWriter Mechanical Pencils, 36 Count – 1921221

Paper Mate SharpWriter Mechanical Pencils | 0.7 mm #2 Pencil

With this incredible set of mechanical pencils, you can draw smoothly without worrying about breaking the lead. This pack of 36 pencils with 0.7mm leads allows for comfortable and easy writing and drawing. The pencils are made of plastic and look exactly like wooden pencils.

They feature shock-absorbing tips that keep you focused on your task and reduces lead breakage. With the unique twist lead advancement design, you can write or draw quickly without sharpening the lead.

All you have to do is simply twist the tip of the pencil to extend and retract the lead. The included HB #2 leads produce fine dark lines.

There is a pink eraser with these pencils that fixes the mistake without any smudge and makes your document look neat and clean.

The mechanical pencils are easy to grip and feature a sturdy metal clip, which doesn’t break easily. You can get this mechanical pencil set of 36 pencils at an affordable price.

What we like:

  • Less breakage of the lead.
  • Twist lead advancement.
  • Affordable price.

What we didn’t like:

  • Holds a limited number of leads.

Verdict: If you are looking for an affordable pack of pencils, then choose the Paper Mate SharpWriter Mechanical Pencils. They are featured with innovative and efficient features for a precise drawing.

9. Bememo 2 Pieces Mechanical Pencils 2.0 mm 2B

Bememo 2 Pieces Mechanical Pencils 2.0 mm 2B with 2 Case Lead Refills and 2 Pieces Erasers for Draft Drawing

The kit of Bememo Mechanical Pencils comes with two black and blue mechanical pencils. They contain 2.0mm 2B leads, which offer clear and dark lines and glides smoothly. You can use it daily to write, draw, and sketch for long hours.

The cap featured in the pencils adds a sharpener functionality. This functionality makes it easy to sharpen the refills lead conveniently in your school, office, or home.

You can attain a non-slip and comfortable writing experience by writing with this portable pen, as they are constructed with durable metal and rubber materials. The sleeve of the pencils protects the lead and will not let them break easily.

Moreover, the pencils feature a rotatable pencil grade indicator on their bodies, which makes it easy for you to remember the refill grade you have put inside them.

There are 2 cases of refills lead included in this kit that contains 5 pieces of leads each, plus it also includes 2 white erasers. The included metal pocket clip allows quick fastening to documents or pockets.

What we like:

  • Draws effectively.
  • Non-slip and comfortable grip.
  • Includes 2 big erasers.

What we didn’t like:

  • Some users found the pocket clip too stiff.

Verdict: The Bememo 2 Pieces Mechanical Pencils are a good choice for flawless drawing and sketching. They come with thick 2B dark leads that are quite soft too.

10. ExcelFu 4 Pieces 0.9 mm Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical Pencil, ExcelFu 4 Pieces 0.9 mm Mechanical Pencils with 4 Tubes 2B Lead Refills and 2 Pieces Erasers for Writing

If you are looking for light and cute-looking mechanical pens, then ExcelFu 4 Pieces 0.9 mm Mechanical Pencils are here for you. The 4 pencils come in 4 different colors, pink, blue, sky blue, and white.

These pencils have a plastic, slim body, and rubber grip, which makes them easy to hold. The inside of the rubber grip is designed with various colors to make the pencil look bright and attractive.

They write and draw well as the thick 0.9 mm lead creates fine lines. These mechanical pencils are equipped with an eraser at the top, which wipes out the writing mistakes efficiently without smudging.

There are four lead refill cases included with the pencils that come in a refreshing floral exterior. With the refills, you also get two big erasers that have nice color contrast.

The barrel of the pencils is equipped with cute pocket clips that make it convenient for you to carry these mechanical pencils anywhere by attaching them to your book or pocket. Or you can put the whole set in the small pouch that comes with it.

What we like:

  • Bright-looking pencils.
  • Features a slim body with a comfortable grip.
  • The included small pouch can hold sufficient items.

What we didn’t like:             

  • Inexpensive plastic construction.

Verdict: These ExcelFu 4 Pieces 0.9 mm Mechanical Pencils can be an excellent gift for kids. They have a cute exterior that will attract them all.

11. Staedtler triplus micro, Mechanical Pencil with Twist Top Eraser, 77427BK3A6

These drawing mechanical pencils are simply an amazing instrument for artists. The pack of 3 mechanical pencils is ideal to use in school, office, or college. The pencils are preloaded with an HB #2 lead and can also accept a 0.7mm refill lead.

The triangular grip of the pencils makes it comfortable to hold them longer and fatigue-less too. With the innovative twist top eraser, you can easily erase the mistakes cleanly.

The equipped lead of the pencils doesn’t break easily, as they are designed efficiently for reduced breakage, so you can draw or sketch without any interruption.

The plastic barrel of the pencils has a balanced weight and makes it convenient to use them for numerous drawing projects.

The nib of the pencils is retractable, so you don’t have to worry about the tip damaging your pocket or bag. Carrying them is easy, as these pencils come with side clips, which firmly hold the pocket or document.

What we like:

  • A retractable tip prevents the breakage of the lead.
  • Twist top eraser.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use.

What we didn’t like:

  • The top eraser is made with cheap plastic.

Verdict: Engineers and architects can use this pack of mechanical pencils as they come with all the versatile features that make them the best drawing pencils.

12. Pentel Twist-Erase III Automatic Pencil with 2 Eraser Refills, (QE519BP2-K6)

With the Twist-Erase III, automatic pencils from Pental, you can draw in a controlled manner and smoothly across the page. The well-balanced and sturdy barrel makes the pencils popular among the other twist-erase automatic pencils.  

You can feel the luxury and smoothness of the pencils while drawing with these pencils as they come with latex-free and oversized rubber grips that make them easy to control and pain-free to hold.

The featured latex-free and jumbo twist-up eraser wipes the mistakes without making any smudges or paper tears. With these pencils, you also get two eraser refills.

Moreover, the lead remains stable while in use as the pencils are equipped with a protective tip that prevents them from breaking.

They come with 0.9mm lead, which creates super thick lines. Both the pencils are pre-loaded with the excellent and top-selling Pentel Super Hi-Polymer HB lead that doesn’t require any sharpening and is the best pencil lead for drawing.

What we like:

  • Wide and controllable rubber grip.
  • The twist-eraser is long-lasting and easy to use.
  • Pre-loaded with sturdy lead.

What we didn’t like:

  • Doesn’t come with lead refills.

Verdict: The light and firm Pentel Twist-Erase III Automatic Pencils are best for long-term use. The twist-eraser and wide grip featured in the pencils will allow you to draw comfortably.

Why Do You Need a Mechanical Pencil for Drawing?

As we know, traditional pencils need to be sharpened frequently to get a sharp point. But for mechanical pencils, you don’t need to do that. Mechanical pencils produce dark and sharp lines consistently that make your drawing neat and precise. So, you don’t have to carry around a sharpener always.

This neatness cannot be achieved by using a traditional pencil as it may create inconsistent lines when the point becomes dull. Another benefit of using a mechanical pencil is they have a balanced weight that makes it easy to control them.

And they come with a comfortable grip that allows you to draw for long hours. Some of the mechanical pencils are featured with a retractable tip, which prevents the lead from breaking and poking holes in your pockets.

When the lead in the pencil runs out, you can put a new one. All you have to do is purchase the lead refills and replace them when needed. You don’t have to purchase a whole new pencil, which you have to do for traditional pencils. So using a mechanical pencil is more cost-effective.

Types of Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical pencils come with different mechanisms that make them different from one another, let’s check them out.

Push-button: Mechanical Pencils come with different lead advancement mechanisms. The common one is the push-button, which is mostly located at the top of the pencil. In some pencils, it is located at the side or equipped with a clip. This mechanism is quite convenient and easy.

Shaker: Another one is shaker-mechanism where the lead gets extended when you shake the pencil. The mechanism inside the pencil is activated by a sliding internal weight when you shake it, and therefore, the lead is extended. This mechanism saves a lot of your time.

Twist: In this type of mechanical pencil, you have to twist the bottom knob of the pencil to extend the lead. You can advance a specific amount of lead and retract it too when not in use.

Automatic: Here you don’t have to do anything. The lead will get extended automatically when it reaches the edge of the tip and feels the pressure from the paper. This mechanism is best for those who need to complete their task quickly, but not everyone finds it convenient.

What to Consider while Buying the Best Drawing Mechanical Pencil?

Mechanical pencils come with plenty of useful features, and you need to choose the one that will help you to draw smoothly and effectively. Some factors need to be considered to find out the perfect drawing mechanical pencil for trouble-free use.

Lead thickness and grade: The leads of a mechanical pencil comes in different grades and thickness levels. If you want a medium-dark lead, which is not too soft or hard, then choose the pencils that are marked as HB.

For a lighter shade, you can choose a lead within 9H to H grade, and if you want your lead to be dark, then choose from 2B to 9B leads.

Speaking about the size of the lead, the 0.2mm-0.4mm leads are better for fine lines and detailed drawings. For regular drawing and medium thickness, you can choose a 0.5mm lead.

And if you are a heavy-handed artist or want thick lines, then 0.7mm to 0.9mm leads will be preferable.

Grip: A comfortable grip of the pencil will make your drawing experience even better. The diameter and material of construction are different in every mechanical pencil.

Thick grips are better if you have a weak hand or want to write for a longer time. This kind of grip reduces fatigue and is quite comfortable to hold. But, if you a small hand, then I recommend a thin gripped pencil for drawing.

Next, the material of the grip should also be considered too. Most of the mechanical pencils feature metal, plastic, silicone, or rubber grips.

Metal grips are weighty and more sturdy, but they remain cool when you hold them. Whereas, a plastic grip is warmer and firm, also lighter than a metal grip. Silicone and rubber grips are soft and squishy yet firm.  You can choose the grip you want according to your preference.

Lead advancing technique: The lead of the mechanical pencils is extended using different mechanisms. The most common one is the push-button, where you have to click the button located at the top of the pencil to extend the lead. The other one is the shaking mechanism, where the lead is extended when the pencil is shaken up and down.

In the twist mechanism, you have to twist the pencil to extend a certain length of the lead. But in the auto-mechanism, the lead gets extended automatically without any click. So, choose a mechanical pencil that you feel has a convenient lead advancing mechanism.

Construction: A mechanical pencil mostly comes either in a metal or plastic body. The metal pencils have a balanced weight and look quite elegant too. On the other hand, plastic-made pencils are lightweight but may look quite inexpensive and cheap.

The other useful features that you should look for in a mechanical pencil are a retractable tip and a long sliding sleeve. Retractable tips protect the lead from breaking and a sliding sleeve keeps it stable and prevents its breakage while drawing.

Eraser: The built-in eraser in the pencil may be essential or not so relevant for some people. If you tend to make a lot of mistakes while drawing, then always make sure the pencil you purchase has a long eraser. But if you don’t like using pencil erasers, then you can ignore this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best mechanical pencil for drawing?

Many fine mechanical pencils are available that create fine and precise lines. From the list, the Uni Mechanical Pencil Kuru Toga is the best one as it has an auto-rotation lead advancing technique and is solidly constructed. For shading and highlighting, you can choose the Mr. Pen Mechanical Pencil Set.

2. Which size of lead is best for drawing?

Mechanical pencils come in different lead sizes. The 0.3 mm lead size is best for creating thin lines. While the 0.5 mm lead is thicker than 0.3 mm and thinner than 0.7 mm leads. Most artists prefer a 0.5 mm lead for technical and everyday drawing. For shading, 0.9 mm or thicker leads are recommended.

3. How to refill a mechanical pencil?

Each mechanical pencil comes with a distinct method to replace the lead. In some pencils, the lead is inserted by twisting and removing the eraser cap or the top barrel. The other method is inserting them through the tip of the pencil.

4. What does HB on a pencil mean?

‘H’ stands for hardness, and ‘B’ stands for the blackness of the lead. A pencil’s hardness and blackness range from 9H to 9B. And ‘HB’ is in the middle of the range. It is lighter than 9B but darker than 9H.

5. How to determine the darkness of a lead?

A higher “H” indicates a harder and less dark lead. And a higher “B” means the lead will be darker and softer. For example,a 6H pencil lead will be harder than 2H but less dark than it, and a 6B pencil lead will be darker and softer than a 2B lead.

Final Thoughts

Each mechanical pencil in this list comes with efficient features to enhance your drawing skills. You can use them for detailed drawing, non-detailed drawing, sketching, etc. Some of these pencils come with built-in erasers, refill leads, and a sharpener, which makes the experience even better.

If I have to recommend one, then it will be MyLifeUNIT 2.0mm Mechanical Pencil, which comes with superior design and efficient features. Its soft rubber grip and plastic body feels light in your hands and will allow you to draw without straining your hand.

But if want something affordable, then go for Mr. Pen Mechanical Pencil Set, which comes with 5 different sized leads and a square-shaped unique barrel.

Finding the best mechanical pencil for drawing won’t be hard if you know your preferences. We hope this detailed review of each mechanical pencil will help you in your purchasing plan.