Best Loose Leaf Paper for Fountain Pens (Top 5 Reviews of 2021)

Average leaf paper doesn’t show enough respect to fountain pens due to poor paper quality. If you have been using fountain pens for a long time, you probably had experience with bleeding and show-through issues on papers.

There are some quality papers for such pens that allow you to write without any inconvenience. Getting the best loose leaf paper for fountain pens, you won’t experience ink bleeding, feathering, or fade coloring issues whatsoever.

While finding quality papers, these 5 impressed me by their paper quality, characteristics of enduring ink on the pages, paper using convenience, etc. factors. If you are to get the bang for bucks, consider any of these according to your writing requirements and preferences.

In a Hurry? Take a Look at Our Top 5 Picks of Best Loose Leaf Paper for Fountain Pens

Best Loose Leaf Paper for Fountain Pens

What is Loose Leaf Paper?

Unlike notebooks, loose leaf papers don’t come with binders and stuff. These are loose sheets with holes on the edges for you to bind at your convenience.

Although this might seem inconvenient for some, this option is super money saving for those who write a lot on a regular basis or throughout the academic year.

If you are a college or undergraduate student, or someone who writes journals or books, loose leaf paper will be more convenient for you to use than readymade notebooks.

You can arrange the notes accordingly or as per your preferences. If you have multiple teachers for one subject or course, you can take notes separately, and rearrange the pages for exam preparation without ruining the sequences.

How to Choose the Good One for You?

Fountain pens aren’t good with each and every loose leaf you find in the market. I have seen some expensive papers bleed and feather with broad nibs pens.

So, to make sure your purchase doesn’t end up frustrating you again, here are the things you must make sure to finalize any purchase.


This has to do with the thickness of the pages. Thicker pages are more resistant to bleeding and feathering issues. And these also don’t show-through. But you cannot use thick papers for fountain pens for most common purposes like taking notes, writing diaries, journals, etc.

So, the plan is to go for the sweet spot between thin and thick gsm.

Loose leaf papers with more than 55 gsm are good enough for fine nib fountain pens. If you will be using broad nib pens, be sure to get above 65 gsm papers.

Bleeding and Feathering Resistant

You don’t want to ruin your writings of course. Papers that are made for fountain pens hold inks pretty well compared to general-purpose papers.

The manufacturer can claim their papers are resistant to bleeding and feathering. But, mostly the resistance is with broad nib ballpoint pens. You gotta make sure the inks don’t bleed of the paper when you use fountain pens as well.

Show through or Ghosting

If you prefer writing on the other side of the page, you shouldn’t overlook this aspect. Papers that have less show-through, are ideal for both page writings. These papers are a bit pricey than others in the market. But considering that you will be writing on both pages, it will be a cost-efficient and convenient option for you.

Avoid thin papers at all costs. These aren’t worth buying. You will have both bleeding and show-through issues.


The texture on the paper has to do a lot with the quality of sheen and shine of fountain pen inks. Papers that allow fast drying, tend to reduce the color sheen of inks. Slow drying ones will ruin the writing if you accidentally touch on the page before the letters dry completely.

So, here, get papers that aren’t crazy fast and super slow when it comes to drying inks.

Our Top 5 Loose Leaf Paper for Fountain Pens Reviews of 2021

The list includes paper deals of various sizes, pages, and styles to make sure you find the right pick whether you are a college, university student, or a professional.

1. Tomoe River FP Loose Sheet (8.27 x 11.7 inches) A4 Size

Tomoe River FP Loose Sheet (8.27 x 11.7 inches) A4 Size

Designed for fountain pens, these papers stand out quite impressively against most issues that fountain pens users face while writing.

With only 52 gsm, the paper is pretty lightweight. But, its thin and lightweight characteristic won’t make it bleed or feather ink whatsoever.

However, the paper has a noticeable show-through on the other page. If you don’t prefer writing on the other side of the page, you can consider getting this 100-sheet of the loose paper deal.

The material of the paper allows fountain pens to smoothly glide across it and makes excellent crisp lines. You will get precise ink strokes every time you write on these papers, be it for general-purpose writing or creative writing like calligraphy practicing.

You cannot use broad nib on these papers as it’s only 52 gsm. The price considering other options on the list is expensive. But this deal is worth it if want something thin and lightweight that doesn’t bleed or feather at all.


  • Resistant to bleeding and feathering inks
  • Smooth gliding of nibs results in crisp lines
  • Thin and lightweight, ideal for low storage space
  • Quality papers that are primarily made for fountain pens


  • Doesn’t suit broad nibs well

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2. Five Star AdvanceMedium Planner, Cobalt

Five Star AdvanceMedium Planner, Cobalt

Tired of losing pages from your notebook? What about reinforced filler papers that stay securely in the binder? This 12 pack of 100 loose-leaf papers can be the ideal company for your important notes that you will need even a few years later.

The paper is pretty thick, which makes it right for using fountain pens. You won’t notice ink bleeding at all. However, there will be little ghostwriting on the papers. If you prefer writing on both sides of a page, this one won’t help you with this using fountain pens.

One of the most selling points of these papers is the triangular design that resists tearing. In addition, the reinforced holes keep the pages well-secured, making sure all your important notes are in the proper place.

Compared to other filler paper, the price is high. But, if you consider the quality, the extra costs make quite a lot of sense.

For normal day-to-day usage, you might find the price a little too expensive. But, these papers weren’t even made for such usage. Writings that you cannot compromise with, are worth getting these papers for.


  • Quality thick papers
  • Doesn’t bleed while using fountain pens
  • Triangle holes resist tearing
  • Reinforced tape on the edges securely holds to the binder
  • Feels excellent to write using expensive inks


  • Expensive option
  • Little ghost writing will appear

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3. Oxford Filler Paper 8-½” x 11” College Rule Loose Leaf Paper

Oxford Filler Paper 8-½” x 11” College Rule Loose Leaf Paper

For those who need a huge amount of loose sheets for their academic year or other writing or journaling purposes, this pack of 500 sheets is a nice deal to consider. The overall quality of the pages is pretty good considering the price.

Pages are ruled, so, perfect for college students. Keep in mind that the rule isn’t that wide and large. If your handwriting doesn’t produce huge letters, these are for you.

When it comes to fountain pens, you cannot use all types of pens. Be sure only to use fountain pens with fine nibs for best results. Otherwise, it will bleed and feather on the other side of the page. Using broad nibs will surely have some serious bleeding issues, and the pages won’t be usable at all.

Due to the thin characteristics of the pages, you can see the show through using thick inks. But, with ball pens and similar thin inks, this won’t be bothering at all.


  • Value for money deal for most writing purposes
  • Fountain pens with fine nibs write well on these pages
  • Ruled pages, ideal for college going students
  • Right size for most notebooks


  • Showthrough and bleeding issues while using gel pens or broad nib fountain pens

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4. Five Star Loose Leaf Reinforced Filler Paper, Graph Ruled, 11 x 8-½ inches

Five Star Loose Leaf Reinforced Filler Paper, Graph Ruled, 11 x 8-½ inches

Another pack of Five Star loose sheets is on the list. If you prefer using grid pages for taking notes, exam preparation, calculations, and other similar purposes, these are the best that you can get from the market.

The pages have the same reinforced tape on the edges that secure the pages with the binder. Compared to conventional sheets, these tend to tear a lot less. You won’t have to replace pages, hopefully. Triangular holes ease page flipping.

For those who will use fountain pens, the pages are thick enough to resist bleeding and feathering. However, you might notice little show-through on the other side of the page. If you use ball pens, there will be no show-through at all.

Nibs smoothly glide across the page. You will experience smooth and satisfying writings on these pages.

However, the grids aren’t of the same size on both pages. If you are okay with it, definitely go for this option if you don’t care much about the price.


  • Excellent quality papers
  • Securely stays with the binder
  • Fountain pen inks don’t bleed through
  • Smooth writing experience
  • Easy to turn pages


  • Showthrough on the other side of the page using fountain pens
  • Expensive

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5. Amazon Basics Wide Ruled Loose Leaf Filler Paper, 10-Sheet Pack of 6, 10.5 x 8 Inches

Amazon Basics Wide Ruled Loose Leaf Filler Paper, 10-Sheet Pack of 6, 10.5 x 8 Inches

Last but not the least, wide-ruled papers from Amazon Basics. Although the price is a bit high compared to other ones available in the market, the quality will make you satisfied while using fountain pens.

The rules are pretty wide and offer enough space even for bigger letters and handwriting. Whether you are a college-going student or will be using it for any professional or journaling purposes, you won’t disappoint writing on these pages.

As for fountain pens, the pages seem to hold inks pretty well. No bleeding, no feathering whatsoever. However, using broad nibs will show through the inks. So, be aware of that.

With 56 gsm, pages are thin, yet able to resist bleeding issues even with gel pens. However, you don’t expect it to hold thicker inks.


  • Doesn’t bleed or feather while using fountain pens
  • Ideal size for taking notes
  • Wide-ruled pages for neat and clean writing
  • Thin pages for most common writing needs


  • Price is a bit higher compared to similar pages of other brands

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Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQs)

What kind of paper should you use with a fountain pen?

Ans: A4 and A5 sizes of paper are the best to use with fountain pens. There are some quality papers of letter-size though.

Whatever your preference is, the paper has to be bleeding and feathering resistant. Otherwise, you won’t have good experience writing with fountain pens. Thin papers aren’t for such inks.

How thick should fountain pen paper be?

Ans: If you don’t write on both pages, above 65 gsm papers will be more than enough.

Use 90-100 gsm papers for writing on both sides of the page using broad nib fountain pens.

Do fountain pens bleed through paper?

Ans: As fountain pens are based on liquid inks, using them on thin and cheap papers will cause bleeding and feathering.

But papers that are thick, and between 60-100 gsm, are ideal for fountain pens to write with.

What is pen ghosting?

Ans: This is when you can see the writing on the other side of the paper. It doesn’t mean the ink bled through. If you mostly write on both pages, avoid papers with ghosting issues. This is similar to show through the pages.

Final Verdict

You might prefer using a fine, medium, or broad nib for your fountain pens. For fine and medium nib, these papers will be more than enough for most cases. If you prefer using a broad nib, then go for papers with 90 gsm.

So, when it comes to the best loose leaf paper for fountain pens, you must consider your writing style, preference, and nibs you will use for writing.