The Best knitting needles case in 2021

Knitting is an interesting skill that you can both be a hobby and also make money. This art of using your imagination and hands to bring to existence an interesting clothing by just using a needle, knitting loom and a yarn gives you a feeling of fulfillment.

This article will be focusing on how to take care and store the most important aspect of bringing your idea to existence: the knitting needle.

Storing the knitting needle should be something every professional knitter should take into consideration, and this is because they are big and might not fit into your regular bag, more over, you wouldn’t want it damaged.

knitting needle cases are the best way to store your knitting needles, and we are going to share with you our opinion on the best knitting needle cases in the market today. 

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Why Use Knitting Needle Cases

The Best knitting needles case

A knitting needle case is a simple sewing project and an exceptional way of storing a bunch of knitting needles in a place. They are mostly made of high-quality materials, which means they are durable and very easy to clean. These cases also make perfect gifts for anyone in the knitting profession, especially when a few needles are included.

Knitting needle cases are portable, thanks to their lightweight and compact size. They offer great value and comfort. Also, most of them are well padded on the interior, which serves as protection in case of accidents, and with the help of bottom slots prevent you from losing your needles.

These cases are made with several pockets for different lengths of needles, and can also be customized with fewer or more pockets according to your needs. Once it is filled up, it is rolled up easily and tied shut with a length of ribbon.

Top 6 Best Knitting Needles Case Reviews of 2021

1. Teamoy Organizer Case

This needle case is made of durable and high-quality coated canvas material, easy to clean up, and waterproof. It features small, and large elastic loops for stainless steel crochet needles, bamboo crochet hooks, rubber handles crochet hooks, ergonomic crochet hooks, aluminum crochet hooks, interchangeable knitting needles, and many more.

This case is lightweight and has a compact organization that helps in keeping your set of hooks in order. It also has a high protection feature, which is as a result of the interior layer, which is padded to provide good protection for your knitting needles wherever you go.

On the bottom, it has a slot that helps in keeping the needles from falling out whenever the case is opened. With this case, you will never be worried about breaking your crochet hooks/knitting needles or losing your equipment. This case is a must-have for any knitting enthusiast. It is a highly recommended gift either for a beginner, wife, daughter, or mother.

In addition, it serves as a hold for several crochet hook brands of different sizes. It has two mesh pockets of knitting suppliers, and in the second room, it is specially designed with two elastic bands for the hollow cables.

The teamoy case is big enough to contain 2 to 3 sets of knitting needles. The ideal and portable size makes it easy to fit into your suitcase, luggage, or backpack.

Outstanding Features Of This Product

  • Possesses single elastic loops, which helps in keeping your crochet hooks organized neatly.
  • Made of durable and high-quality canvas coated material.
  • Features a padded interior cushion to guarantee the safety of your needles.
  • Extremely lightweight and compact design.
  • Split into 2 compartments, one with zippered mesh pockets and another one with elastic hoops.

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2. ProCase Knitting Needles Case

This needle case is explicitly designed for organizing and storing several knitting accessories such as crochet hooks, and knitting needles, keeping them secure in one place. Several pockets and elastic loops allow easy access and divisional storage to your needle hook set and accessories.

The excellently built zipper closure guarantees your items are safe and secure, while heavy-duty material provides excellent protection for your needles. It is a perfect gift for a seasoned knitter or a beginner.

This needle case helps to keep your hooks and set of needles in one place. It is wide enough to contain several crochet hooks, circular knitting needles, straight knitting needles, and other knitting accessories.

The well-cushioned semi-flexible cover and heavy-duty, durable nylon exterior provide significant protection for your needles. In-built top flaps design prevents hooks and needles from sliding out whenever the case is opened.

This case features 12 perfect nylon pockets of varying depths to hold your knitting needles of different lengths. The needle case can easily fit into one’s suitcase, luggage, or backpack, thanks to its compact design. This case is a must-have for both professional knitters, crochet beginners, and knitting enthusiasts.

Outstanding Features Of This Product

  • Exceptionally built lightweight and compact design.
  • Possesses well-cushioned lining and covers which provides excellent protection for your needles.
  • Features six nylon pouches to hold different lengths of needles.
  • High-quality zippers to guarantee smooth closing and opening.

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3. Knit Picks Interchangeable Knitting Needle Case

Are you looking for a flexible place to keep your crochet hooks, double-pointed needles, or other small accessories organized? Look no more! With this knitting needle case, you can achieve that.

The knit picks needle case is stylish, resilient, and practical. The poly/cotton interior possesses ten slits each side, which can hold hooks and needles that have a length of 5″ or shorter, while the vinyl exterior makes the cleaning very easy. With this case, there is everything you need to keep your knitting accessories organized and neat with two zippered pockets on the surface.

On the interior, a poly/cotton padding keeps all needles in a soft cushion that secures them safely from damages in case of accidents. On each side of the interior sections are ten pockets that allow you to store up to 20 pairs of a needle.

It also consists of 2 large zippered pouches, which are great for storing your little knitting accessories like stitch markers, scissors, and interchangeable cable needle tips. This knitting needle case is very portable, thanks to its small-sized nature, which measures 6 x 8 inches when closed.

Outstanding Features Of The Product

  • Comes with two zippered pouches for accessories.
  • It is portable, thanks to its compact size.
  • Poly/cotton interior protects the needle from damages.
  • Vinyl exterior with a stylish design.
  • Extremely durable and easy to clean.
  • Possesses ten pockets with a storage capacity of needles less than 5 inches in size.

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4. Luxja Knitting Needles Case

These needle cases offer adequate space for your knitting needles and other tools. This case made of durable, scratch-resistant, heavy-duty nylon with an outer fabric of high quality, and no included accessories. It features an extremely padded lining that helps to protect your knitting needles and accessories. It has a double layer design.

The top layer possesses two flaps to hold knitting needles from falling off, four pockets to store 8 inches knitting needles, and six pockets for storing round knitting needles. The bottom layer also possesses six pockets for putting round knitting needles, one mesh zipper pocket, and one transparent zipped pocket to store little accessories, such as measuring tape, gauge measure ruler, stitch holder, scissors, knitting row counter etc.

With a dimension of 8.5″ x 6.5″ x 1.5″, the knitting needle case can be easily placed in your backpack, luggage or bag while traveling. With a lightweight and compact design, your accessories can be kept neatly organized, and you can have easy access to whatever you want. The excellently padded lining helps to keep the knitting needles and other accessories in perfect condition. It is an excellent gift for knitting enthusiasts.

Outstanding Features About This Product

  • Made of durable, scratch-resistant, heavy-duty nylon.
  • Two storage compartments with different pockets.
  • Well-padded linen to keep needles in perfect condition.
  • Possesses a double layer design.
  • Medium size with 4 needle pockets that are up to 8 inches deep.

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5. Pacmaxi Foldable Knitting Needle Case

This needle case with a dimension of 4.7 x 0.4 x 15 inches is made of high-quality polyester. The adequate space and multiple pockets help in keeping your round and straight knitting needles organized, making it easy to find so you can enjoy your knitting work.

It is designed with stylish print, graceful and simple, presenting it with an exquisite appearance. If you are the kind of person that loves fashion, this particular case should be the right option for you.

Pacmaxi knitting needle case comes with various sections for various purposes. It has two small pockets of different depth by the side, for storing straight knitting needles up to 14-inch, with a maximum storage capacity of 18 pairs of needles. The middle pocket is used for storing round knitting needles, with a maximum storage capacity of 9 pieces of round needles.

It also comprises one small zipper pocket, which is used in storing little knitting accessories like the safety pin, measuring tape, stitch marker, amongst several others. It is a high-quality knitting needle case, lightweight, and durable – convenient to store your needles and keeping them in order. This knitting needle case is an excellent gift for knitting enthusiasts.

Outstanding Features Of This Product

  • Features various sections for different purposes.
  • An extremely lightweight and durable product.
  • There are no included accessories.
  • It comes with a stylish fashion print, colorful and simple.
  • Slots are in different widths and depths.

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6. Teamoy Knitting Needles Holder Case

This product, with a dimension of 17.2 x 14 inches, is made of sturdy cotton canvas material. Adorable and durable, this needle case keeps all accessories in order, tidy and neat. The ample space capacity helps to store circular or straight crochet hooks, knitting needles, and other accessories. It possesses a top flap for preventing needles from falling out. It has no accessories included.

This knitting needle case consists of 25 slots with varying widths and depths which are perfect to store your crochet hooks, circular knitting needles, straight knitting needles, and accessories. It keeps all your needles in order and makes for easy access to whatever you want. With this needle case, there won’t be any need to worry about the loss of items. It is suitable for traveling and knitting anywhere.

Based on your needs, this knitting case can be folded or rolled up into various sizes. It can fit perfectly into your craft bag or knitting bag as it is simple to carry. It comes with an exceptional design, with zipper pockets for your pieces and bits. The flap at the top offer great protection for needle tips and is suitable for preventing needles from falling out. It is a perfect tool for crafters, avid knitters, crochet beginners, and knitting enthusiast.

Outstanding Features Of This Product

  • Easy-to-clean, durable, and sturdy outer canvas.
  • Convenient to use roll-up knitting needle organizer.
  • There are no included accessories.
  • Extremely lightweight and compact design.
  • Features a top flap that helps to prevent the needles from falling off.
  • It comprises of 25 slots for storing all kinds of knitting needles.

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Buying Consideration for Best Knitting needles Case


Considering the price of the needle case helps a lot. Not all costly products are right for you, and likewise, not all cheap products are low-quality items. You need to put your requirements into consideration, then choose the appropriate needle case you can afford and has all the features you desire.


Although a lot of needle cases are produced using durable and sturdy materials on the exterior, all of them are not the same. For example, we have the ones with a vinyl finish, while others come with an outer nylon cover.

Make sure the outer case of the material you want is made of durable materials that can be cleaned easily. For the inner part, ensure that the liners are padded and well-cushioned so that your kit will stay protected from damages in cases of accidents.


This is another major thing to consider before buying a needle case. The size of your needle should determine the size of the case you should purchase.

Ultimately, small cases are recommended to use because they can be carried from place to place. However, if you have large needles, you should go for large needle cases.


Each case is characterized by a certain number of pockets. Typically, the more the number of pockets in a case, the better. This is because it’ll allow you to organize your needles better for easy selection as you knit and also for easy usage.

However, you should make sure that the pockets consist of various sizes to have an excellent organization.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers on Knitting Needle Cases

Q: Does the teamoy organizer case fit 6-inch crochet hooks?

Ans: Yes, it can. This case has a dimension of 7.5 x 6.5 x 1.3 inches. You can keep track of anything you need without having to worry about any loss.

Q: Can interchangeable be put in the knit pick cases?

Ans: Yes, it can! These cases can be used for any similar-style crochet or knitting tool, as long as the length is not more than 5″.

Q: How many round needles can be stored in each pocket of Luxja cases?

Ans: Needles with 24″, 16″, and 9″ fixed circulars can be stored in this case. One round needle can easily fit into each pocket without having to jam them in.

Q: Does the 14″ needle fit on the top row and the flap will still close?

Ans: Yes, it does. The organizer is built in a way that the top row holds the 14″ needles. This allows you the separate the sizes.

Q: Will a chunky needle size 17, 14, 13 fit in a knit pick case?

Ans: On the reverse side in the center of this case are ten slots and an extra ten slots on the front side. Also, there are two zippered pouches used in storing additional cables, needles, or accessories.


In the article above, we reviewed some of the top best knitting needles case of 2021. From the product descriptions, it is obvious that what you see is what you would get. These are features that can be easily identified by just looking at the product, considering the number of pockets, the size of pockets, and color.

For the material, however, you will have to depend on the specification of the manufacturer. With the product descriptions and features above, you should be able to pick the best case for your knitting needles that suit your desire.