5 Best Gold Nib Fountain Pen Reviews In 2021

You can get a stainless steel fountain pen under a small budget. But when it comes to gold nib pens, the scenario is different. If you’re reading this article then you’re probably into gold nib pens or interested in learning about the best gold nib fountain pen you can get right now.

We’re going to, in this guide, talk about some good gold nib pens as well as important things you should know about before buying them. These pens aren’t cheap and it’s a good idea to learn about something clearly before investing in them.

Why Should I Get A Gold Nib Fountain Pen

There are some solid steel nib fountain pens available out there. Even after that, gold nib pens still have a significant user base. There are some reasons why gold nib pens can be a good investment –

Less Nib Corrosion

The ink used with the nib pen is, in nature, corrosive. And even though stainless steel is designed to withstand its caustic nature for a significant amount of time, it eventually fails to do so. Gold, on the other hand, can withstand the ink’s effects far longer. As a result, the overall lifetime a gold nib pen gets is much higher.

Softer Nib

Gold is softer than steel and as a result, writing with gold nib pens is quite a comfortable experience. It can suppress nib vibrations by a great amount so the writing feels softer and easy on the hands. However, there are some high-quality stainless steel pens that have customized metal nibs that feel similar to gold.

What To Look For Before Buying a Gold Nib Fountain Pen

Let’s talk about some factors you can have a look at before choosing a good gold nib fountain pen. Some of the points we’re going to mention here will work as universal advice, meaning you can use the same ideas while choosing other fountain pen variations.

Writing Quality

Okay, this is no-brainer advice. Even if you get the most expensive pen in this world that’s built with all the rare metals and embezzled with gems, if the writing sucks, the whole thing sucks. You’re buying a pen for writing and you need that to write well. If you’re buying just for the looks then it’s a different story.

A gold nib pen can cost you quite a lot of money and you want your investment not to be bad. It’s a good idea to check how the pen feels while writing beforehand. Many pen shops will let you try out some of the pens from their samples.

If you can’t have that option then look for someone with the pen that you choose. Use the pen for some time and check how the writing smoothness feels as well as how it holds up in your hand.


You want an expensive pen to last for some time. And that must be a good amount of time. Choose a pen with a high-quality metal body. Look for its finishing and design. As much as a pen is for writing, it should give a good experience too. A pen that writes well, looks, and feels well is surely a nice combination.

Also, some pens weigh more than traditional fountain pens. If you’re already used to having a certain weight range in pens, suddenly using something heavier might feel kind of awkward and put you into difficulty. Lighter pens feel easy to hold.

5 Best Gold Nib Fountain Pen Reviews

Now that we’ve some of the reasons why a gold nib fountain pen isn’t a waste of money, rather it’s an investment, let’s dive into talking about the 5 pens that a compiled a list of –

1. BEILUNER Luxury Fountain Pen

BEILUNER Luxury Fountain Pen Set

The first item on our list is one of the most popular fountain pens from the boiler. It comes in 4 colors and all of them have a nice, glossy finish that adds an extra premium touch to its looks.

First of all, let’s talk about its ink feeding system. This unit uses an ink feeding system known as SCHMIDT ink feeding. It allows for smooth, slow ink absorption, giving the writer the perfect amount of ink to use on paper. This also allows the writing to look consistent and helps to make less ink mess.

The gold nib is smooth and offers a shock-absorbing feel for the writer. The design, along with the materials used in the nib has been shaped in a way that’s not too heavy for the writer. Whether someone is right or left handed, the weight of the pen will feel comfortable nevertheless.

The regular pen ink converter has a capacity of .5 ml of ink. If you like, you can use the Schmidt converter that has added capacity and can hold .85 ml of ink. There are 6 extra cartridges given for free with the pen. This can be quite helpful at times, especially when you need to carry multiple ink cartridges at a time.

The packaging is nice as well. It comes with a gift case by default. You can keep the fountain pen case with you and use it when you need to carry your pen from time to time. If you want to gift this pen to someone then you don’t need to buy an extra case. Overall, considering all the features and design, this pen is good value for money.

2. Pilot Gold nib fountain pen

PILOT Vanishing Point Collection Refillable & Retractable Fountain Pen, Black Barrel with Gold Accents

Pilot is one of the most known fountain pen brands. They’re from Japan and like the other Japanese products, this one isn’t different in its qualities. The pilot has been making pens for more than 100 years and they’re considered to be one of the finest pen makers not only in Japan but globally as well.

This is one of the best starter gold nib fountain pens you can find from a pilot. And even though it can be considered a starter, it doesn’t lack in the features. The most interesting feature is the retractable mechanism in the pen. While not in use, the barrel takes the pen inside it, making it safe from ink related mishaps.

The package comes with an ink converter, a cartridge, and a gift box that you can use to carry your pen.

3. Waterman Expert Fountain Pen

Waterman Expert Fountain Pen, Gloss Black with 23k Gold Trim

Since having a gold nib pen is a fancy investment, having a pen that has premium looks isn’t bad. And this is what things are like with this fountain pen from Waterman. The design, coloring, and shape of the pen look quite exclusive.

The pen is handcrafted and designed in France, where some of the best designs happen. The nib is composed of a stainless steel and gold mixture and can withstand a significant amount of writing life.

It’s also easy to refill, thanks to its refilling mechanism. The pen is somewhat expensive in its range yet doesn’t fail to impress its users.

4. Parker gold nib fountain pen

Parker Sonnet Duo Gift Set with Ballpoint Pen & Fountain Pen (18K Gold Nib)

Parker is another popular brand out there and they’ve become one of the most trusted brands out there in the market. This package includes two pens. One fountain and one ball-point pen. The looks of it are as good as its insides. The design is a shiny finish with a strong black base color.

The ballpoint included in the package has a retractable pen system. It comes inside when the head of the pen is twisted. The tip size is medium, perfect for most of the writing tasks.

It comes with a gift box, like most high-end fountain pens. The nib is made of gold plating and is connected to a quink cartridge. There’s also an extra cartridge included in the package as well.

5. Sheaffer 14k gold nib fountain pen

Sheaffer Prelude Signature Red Laque G/T Fountain Pen 14K Medium

The last item in our list is one gold nib pen from Sheaffer. It’s not cheap, unlike the others. If you’ve seen the sonnet model from Parker then this one will almost feel the same to you. Both the looks and shapes are similar to these two pens.

Gold is softer than steel and for this reason, many people have an idea that gold nib pens don’t last much. This isn’t always true. If the engineering is done well then a nib can last almost as long as a stainless steel nib. And this is the case with this unit.

The nib, however, is very wet and this isn’t liked by many. If you’re someone who is used to 14k nibs then this may seem like a nice feature to you. But everyone has a different preference related to pen ink absorption.


1. Why are gold nibs used for Pens?

Gold nibs are used for pens for basically two reasons. First of which is that it feels great. The writing experience is far more superior that it’s with traditional stainless steel pens. Moreover, gold is softer and can adjust to pen bounce and vibrations more effectively than steel, giving the writer a smooth writing experience.

2. Are gold nib fountain pens worth it?

It depends. Some people love them while some feel like they’re wasting their money buying such an expensive pen. Generally, a gold nib pen can give you a great writing feeling because of its design and smooth nib movement adjustments.

But some of these experiences are mostly subjective and you should see if you like it or not by trying out with one of these pens.

3. Are gold nibs better than steel?

It’s not that gold nibs write radically better than steel nibs. Steel nibs can feel great too. It mostly varies from person to person. But one thing is true that the premium gold nib pens feel truly luxurious and their writing experience is mesmerizing.

4. Does gold nib write better?

Yes, to some extent gold nib pens write better than stainless steel pens. This is because gold is soft and can absorb the vibrations caused by hand movement. As the vibrations pass through the gold nib, some of it is soaked up and only a slight amount reaches the writer’s hand. Gold works similar to a shock absorber here.

5. How do you clean gold nibs?

Rinse the nib with water and dry it off with a clean, soft cloth. You don’t want to use a harsh piece of cloth here. It can damage the polishing of the nib.
Also, work around the nib slowly. Pushing too hard on one side can cause it to bend. The less force you apply while cleaning it, the better it is for the nib’s shape.

Final Verdict

We’ve talked about some gold nib fountain pens as well as some important things to know about them. You’ve got some ideas on choosing the best gold nib fountain pen from this guide and now you’re ready to learn more about them.

Finally, buying an expensive pen is something that should be decided early on. You should study about the pens you choose and decide to buy them after knowing enough about them. Don’t make swift decisions unless you know something is surely great and suits you well.