Best Glue for Papercraft in 2022 | Top 10 Picks

People easily get nostalgic about something they did very foolishly in their childhood, like applying the wrong glue to ruin the papercraft they needed to submit for a school project. But you can never make the same mistake over and over again throughout your life.

Best Glue for Papercraft

We pushed some popular glues through our strainers to find out the best glue for papercraft that will reduce your hassle and increase productivity. You will also get to know about some essential factors you need to consider before buying glues.

Let’s get our hands on paper and scissors to make something interesting to recall our childhood memories. Let’s glue it.

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Top 10 Glue for Papercraft Reviews

We are going to break features down to the smallest and take the closest look at them to help you judge what is worth buying.

1. Elmer E431 Craft Bond Fabric and Paper Glue

Elmer's All Purpose Glue Sticks, Washable, 22 Grams, 12 Count
5,670 Reviews
Elmer's All Purpose Glue Sticks, Washable, 22 Grams, 12 Count
  • Glue Stick, All-Purpose, Permanent, Washable, .77, 12/PK
  • Total weight:- 9.24 Oz

This four-ounce bottle of liquid glue for papercraft from Elmer’s is perfect for paper crafts and home projects. It comes from a trustworthy brand that’s trusted among many different users to produce quality results with their products, making this an ideal purchase.

Versatile Use

Feeling crafty? Elmer’s All-Purpose Glue is the perfect way to get your project started. It can be used on paper, fabric, and any other material you may need for crafting projects such as home decor pieces, ornaments during holiday seasons, gift wrapping, and handmade gifts. Whatever your glue needs are in regards to crafts this versatile adhesive will do!


If you’re looking for a strong, colorful glue that dries clear and won’t lose its adhesiveness long-term, this is the one. You can use it on fabric too without worrying about fading or peeling! The glue is very strong and durable, so you can trust that your crafting pieces will stay together for a long time to come.

Doesn’t Wear Out By Water

When you use this waterproof craft glue, there is no need to worry about the color washing out or getting damaged. This water-resistant permanent craft glue does not have an effect when exposed to liquid so it’s a great option for your craft project!


  • Can be used on both paper and fabric
  • The glue will dry very rapidly
  • Quite permanent and durable
  • Your best crafting solution
  • The is photo safe and acid free


  • Sometimes the color of the glue may stay

2. Elmer’s Fluffy Slime Kit Color glue

Elmer’s Fluffy Slime Kit, Includes Elmer’s Translucent Color Glue, Elmer’s Glitter Glue, Elmer’s Fluffy Slime Activator, 4 Count
1,283 Reviews
Elmer’s Fluffy Slime Kit, Includes Elmer’s Translucent Color Glue, Elmer’s Glitter Glue, Elmer’s Fluffy Slime Activator, 4 Count
  • Slime kit includes everything you need to make squishy, fluffy slime
  • Elmer's Fluffy Slime Activator is an all-in-one formula that eliminates the need for contact lens solution and baking soda or other additives; turns Elmer's Glue into fluffy slime
  • Elmer's Liquid Glue is washable, safe,—great for kids
  • Liquid Glue adds translucent color and glitter elements to Fluffy Slime
  • Kit includes: 2 tubes of Elmer's Fluffy Slime Activator (1.7 fl. oz. each); 1 bottle of Pink Translucent Color Glue (5 fl. oz.), 1 bottle of Blue Glitter Glue (6 fl. oz.)

It’s a no-mess way to do slime crafting at home, without wasting time looking for products. Make your own! Learn more about the chemistry of glue and how it reacts to materials like glitter. Whether you want to make the classic, clear color or sky-high glitter, this kit will have you covered. Loaded up with two containers of glue to choose from and all the cool accessories you need.

Glitter Glue

Elmer’s glue is the leader in children’s crafting for decades. With this kit, you are able to get Elmer’s quality product at a price that reflects the value of the contents within. The 6-fl oz. container brings everything needed to create fluffy slime with an explosive pop that makes kids want more!

Translucent Glue Included

Elmer’s Translucent Glue is the start to your perfect slime! You can make anything from a squishy storm cloud with white glitter specks to a lemon yellow jellyfish. This kit includes enough translucent glue for one bottle of slime and step-by-step instructions on how to get started making your own small batch of fun!

Comes with Fluffy Slime Activator

Elmer’s Fluffy Slime Activator is the perfect fluffy slime activator for kids. Kids will have a blast turning traditional glue into fluffy slime with the Elmer’s Slime Starter Kit! The kit contains two 1.7-fl oz. tubes of glue that turn it into gooey, cloudlike fluff instead of blobby or sticky gunk found in typical homemade slimes.


  • Extra squishy slime can be made
  • Included 2 glue and 2 slime activators to have a blast
  • Fluffy activators are quite easy to use
  • An ideal present for a kid’s birthday


  • These kits are quite sticky to clean

3. Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue

Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue - The Original - 4fl oz - Tip Kit Included - Dries Clear - Metal Tip - Wrinkle Resistant - Flexible and Crack Resistant - Strong Hold Adhesive - Made in USA
6,644 Reviews
Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue - The Original - 4fl oz - Tip Kit Included - Dries Clear - Metal Tip - Wrinkle Resistant - Flexible and Crack Resistant - Strong Hold Adhesive - Made in USA
  • CLEAR-DRYING PREMIUM ART & CRAFT GLUE: Create a professional-level look for all styles of crafts. Best art glitter glue available.
  • MULTIPLE-SIZED TIPS: Provides more choices in application! Get better accuracy, freedom, and control with precision tips that twist and snap into place!
  • WRINKLE & CLUMP RESISTANT: Specially formulated to stay smooth and minimize warping or wrinkling. When highly desiring no warping or wrinkling be conservative with application of glue.
  • MADE IN USA: Proudly made in USA and safe to use on a variety of projects with an industrial strength bond. 1 Year Shelf Life.
  • FREEZE/THAW STABLE: Can ship year ‘round and has been tested to be freeze/thaw stable for 5 freeze/thaw cycles. Perfect arts & crafts glue for the holidays!

The Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue is a fast-drying glue great for many different crafts and projects, including scrapbooking, sewing, paper crafting, rubber stamping, or otherwise decorating with stencils.

Everything You Need

It’s no secret that crafting is hard work. And the hardest part? The drying time. But now with Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue, you can kiss those worries goodbye, because this glue dries in just 10 minutes! With this set of precision awesome, you have all the tools at your disposal to finish any project.

Various Size Tips

Amazing, all-purpose glue that sticks to everything. Fully adjustable precision tips hold the ultimate versatility for any project! You’ll feel so much better about your work with high-quality precision applicator tips. Plus, this quick-dry glue is nontoxic!

Wrinkling Resistant

Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue is perfect for all your projects large or small. It’s formulated to improve the durability of your project while minimizing warping and wrinkling. If you use too much, allow this glue to dry before proceeding with any unwanted bends in the paper.

The US Made Product and Tested For Freeze

This industrial adhesive has been rigorously tested to ensure that your projects are safe and durable. Created in the USA using only high-quality ingredients, you’re sure to be satisfied when it comes time to finish your project.


  • You will get a full set with two bottles and multiple nozzles
  • Multiple tips with precision in mind
  • It will dry very fast
  • Anti-wrinkle technology
  • Can be melted back after freezing


  • Not for heavy use like making a dollhouse

4. Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue

Aleene's 29-2 Tack-It Over & Over Liquid Glue 4oz
11,063 Reviews
Aleene's 29-2 Tack-It Over & Over Liquid Glue 4oz
  • This is repositionable adhesive allows you put a temporary hold on appliques, ribbon, trim and other embellishments
  • You can transfer from garment to garment without re- applying glue
  • Also works on metal, wood, paper, plastic, glass, and more
  • Non-toxic and Conforms to ASTM D4236
  • Made in USA

Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue is the perfect quick-fix. It has a temporary formula and helps you make your embellishments project last without having to worry about them not adhering correctly. Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue helps you adjust your creativity with different trims, appliques, and more for an entirely new look!

Quite Handy for Glue Dots

Make your own crafting glue dots to embellish scrapbooks, decorate classroom items or make custom stamps with the Tack-It over & over. With this bottle of Quick Dry Tacky Glue, you can create all-size glue dots for any project. Now quick drying and low odor, it’s easier than ever to do what you want to do!

It Can Be Used On Deferent Exterior

Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue is your best option for an adhesive! This versatile water-based resin glue best for papercraft dries quickly, so it’s perfect for most surfaces. Whether you’re crafting with fabric or foam, Aleene’s has got you covered!

Safe to Use

Perfect for amateur craftsmen – especially kids! This is an extremely fast-drying, durable glue that has strong hold power and is non-toxic. With only four ingredients (water, adhesives, variety of solvents), it will not stain clothes or skin. Be sure to apply quickly though because it dries in less than 35 minutes. Now you can get back to your craft project again with some confidence!


  • It can be used on the different surfaces
  • The glue is quite durable and holds up firmly
  • This non-toxic adhesive is very safe
  • Perfect for both beginner and expert


  • It’s not ideal for holding plastic surface

5. Woodland Scenics Foam Tack Glue

Woodland Scenics FBA_WOOST1444 Glue, White
273 Reviews
Woodland Scenics FBA_WOOST1444 Glue, White
  • Woodland Scenics - Foam Tack Glue 12 oz. - ST1444

Woodland Scenics foam tack glue is the right adhesive for crafts and upcycling projects. It can bind two sheets of materials or even fabrics together, you just have to apply a thin layer of glue to get it onto its target material. This one-bottle product can bond holes for paper products such as cup holders in coolers and puzzles!

Add New Dimension to Your Project

The foam tack glue is so easy to use thanks to its foam-centered design. When using the adhesive, it’s important to be careful not to stick parts together when gluing them—the adhesive will hold pieces in place when applied with care. For example, you can very easily glue a tiny bow on top of an ornament for your Christmas tree in just seconds!

Nontoxic and Easy To Use

Trusted by crafters and artists of all skill levels for its flexibility and quick drying time, the Woodland Scenics foam tack glue is a favorite among those crafting with faux leather, faux fur, or cork.

Non-toxic and safe to use even if you’re just starting as a crafter this adhesive dries clear, is flexible, and also resists wrinkling as it shapes into place. Creativity has never been so easy!


  • This best glue for paper crafts is resistant to wrinkle
  • The rapid dry feature adds a new dimension to your project
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and non-toxic


  • Dry time could be more rapid

6. Amazon Basics All Purpose Liquid Glue

Amazon Basics All Purpose Washable School White Liquid Glue - Great for Making Slime, 1 Gallon Bottle
6,059 Reviews
Amazon Basics All Purpose Washable School White Liquid Glue - Great for Making Slime, 1 Gallon Bottle
  • 1-gallon bottle of all-purpose white liquid glue; great for school, home, and arts and crafts
  • Ideal for making homemade slime at home or in the classroom
  • Generous quantity accommodates larger projects and classrooms; can be used for refilling smaller bottles
  • Effectively adheres items together; bonds with paper, wood, ceramics, fabric, and more
  • Non-runny for easy application; dries rapidly; can be adjusted before it dries completely (spread it around, wipe away excess)

Need the best glue for cardstock or the best glue for pepakura? And need it at a higher volume to complete large projects? This big buddy from Amazon Basics will have your back all the way through. Let’s see why it’s worth it.

Suitable for Big Projects

If you are a bit grown-up or a hobbyist or a DIY worker, you might need wet glue pretty much all the time. Those small glue sticks for children won’t be enough for you. This is a 1-gallon bottle and you get two of them in the package. So, you know, there’s plenty of glue when you need it.

Compatible with Many Surfaces

Regular wet or tacky glues won’t work on many different surfaces. They are mostly limited to paper or fabrics. But you can use this glue on surfaces like wood or ceramic too. This adds great versatility.

Non-runny and Non-toxic

For working with paper, you need glue that doesn’t wrinkle paper. For thicker paper or cardstocks, it might not be an issue. But for regular papers, this glue comes in a non-runny formula, so won’t wrinkle the paper.

You can also easily adjust your work. But the adjusting time is low because it dries very quickly.


  • Very versatile all-purpose glue
  • Good for making slime
  • Compatible with many different surfaces
  • Plenty of glue for large projects


  • Not the strongest glue

7. Amazon Basics Washable Liquid School Glue

Amazon Basics Washable Liquid School Glue, 5 oz Bottle, Clear, 12-Pack
588 Reviews
Amazon Basics Washable Liquid School Glue, 5 oz Bottle, Clear, 12-Pack
  • Clear school glue; pack of 12 bottles (5 ounces each)
  • Effectively adheres items together, including paper, photos, and fabric
  • Safe non-toxic formula; ideal for school, home, and arts and crafts
  • Easily washes away from hands and clothes for quick cleanup
  • Measures 5.9 by 7.9 by 7.9 inches; backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty

One thing we must admit, the bottle looks quite sleek and the clear glue inside looks dope. But as we are doing here, let’s judge it based on certain criteria to determine whether it is the best glue for paper crafts or not.


The adhesive power of this glue will outrun a lot of usual glues you see around. Though it is meant to be used for papercraft, you can use it on other surfaces like fabric or cardboard.

Non-Toxic Formula

As there are no toxic ingredients in the glue, it won’t be harmful to your skin. Plus, it will be a great choice for kids. They can use this glue for making various crafts either as a hobby or as homework at school.


This glue doesn’t make instant bonds, so you can easily readjust crafts to bring them in the right position. But once the glue is dried, it will make a tough bond to keep your craft intact for a long period.

Easy Cleanup

Don’t worry even if the glue is stuck to your skin or clothes. You can easily clean it up with soapy water. So, this will be a suitable glue for kids as they often overspill glues and make themselves dirty.


  • High adhesive power
  • Comes in transparent color
  • Safe for kids
  • Compatible with paper, fabric, etc.
  • Washes away easily


  • Takes longer to dry

8. Arteza Liquid White Glue

Arteza Liquid White Glue, 4-Oz (118 ml.) Bottles, Pack of 20, Washable & Nontoxic, Office Supplies for Art Projects & DIY Crafts
92 Reviews
Arteza Liquid White Glue, 4-Oz (118 ml.) Bottles, Pack of 20, Washable & Nontoxic, Office Supplies for Art Projects & DIY Crafts
  • Glue Supply Pack - With a 20 pack of 4 oz. (118 ml.) glue bottles, you get the ideal amount for supplying home, or work.
  • Premium Formula - The white glue is made from a thick formula that pours precisely, dries clear, and is washable.
  • For Creative Projects - Liquid white glue is a handy crafting tool that can be used for painting, preserving puzzles, making kinetic sand. It works especially well on paper and cardboard.
  • Designed and Created by Artists: Here at Arteza, we are passionate about creating products that inspire. For us, art is an expression of the human experience. That’s why we work to make our art supplies accessible to all people.
  • Office Supplies of All Kinds: Arteza was built on providing quality stationery, home office, and classroom supplies for everyone. Find tons of office organization tools and school accessories to help you clear out your desk storage space and prepare for a productive day.

If you’re trying to finish a project that requires precision, then this is the right adhesive for you. The thick white formula pours perfectly and is dried clear so your creation is distraction-free. Washable with warm water. Great for pouring shapes, applying decoupage, or paper crafting projects of any size—even large ones!

Last Longer, Even Washable

The white glue is made from a thick formula that pours precisely, dries clear, and is washable so if things go wrong with your latest creative endeavor-no worries at all! This captivating product is perfect for any collage artists out there who want their art pieces to last longer than an afternoon nap with its washable feature!

Manufactured by Artist

This is where creativity and imagination meet. The Arteza Liquid White Glue gives you all the control in your hands to add color and dimensionality to paper, canvas, fabric, ceramics, and more. Easy-to-use too!

Amazing Customer Service

The Arteza Liquid White Glue Company is very good at catering to its customers. If you ever have an issue with the product, such as white glue, all you need to do is give them a phone call and they will take care of it for you.


  • Best for your creative projects
  • It will disappear after drying out
  • Nontoxic material and safe to use
  • Affordable price


  • If your paper is thin, then it can bleed through

9. Plaid Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer Glue

Mod Podge CS11303 Waterbase Sealer, Glue and Finish, 32 oz, Matte
10,087 Reviews
Mod Podge CS11303 Waterbase Sealer, Glue and Finish, 32 oz, Matte
  • CONVENIENT & VERSATILE SIZE – Add this multi-purpose, all-in-one glue, sealer, and finish in a 32 oz bottle to your art supplies
  • STUNNING, DURABLE FINISH – This handy decoupage glue comes in a beautiful clear, matte finish to preserve the beauty of your decoupage paper and decoupage tissue paper projects
  • DRIES QUICKLY ON MULTIPLE SURFACES – This quick-drying formula works on a variety of surfaces such as wood, paper, canvas, tin, terra cotta, and more - making this a must-have product for all your arts and crafts!
  • EASY TO CLEAN UP – Clean up is easy with Mod Podge! When you’re finished with your decoupage project, simply clean up any extra with soap and water
  • MANUFACTURING – We proudly create Mod Podge in the USA!

This company has been around since 1976, providing high-quality products that make art and crafting easier. Plaid provides many different types of glue for all your artsy needs! You can use their Mod Podge to dry clear in under 5 minutes with only 1 coat needed—that’s convenient if you’re short on time or supplies.

Nice and Smooth Finish

A must-have for any crafter, Mod Podge dries smooth to a sandable finish. It’s easy to clean up with soap and water once it has dried completely. Being nontoxic makes this craft staple safe even if you have children or pets in the house!

Durable and Ultra Strong

If you are looking for glue and a sealer that adheres well to various surfaces, Mod Podge Ultra is a perfect choice. It has strong adhesive properties so it can be used with different materials including wood, metal, glass, and more!

Glitter Finish Included

With a deep glitter finish and lustrous shine, Mod Podge Extreme Glitter enhances projects with an intense look. It can be used on paper crafts, woodwork, and other flat surfaces for various results.

Brand That You Can Put Your Trust

Mod Podge is a versatile craft product that has been America’s favorite glue, sealer, and finish for over 50 years. It dries clear and leaves a smooth matte finish to preserve the beauty of your decoupage projects!


  • Durable and strong adhesive
  • Precision is the feature that the company boast on
  • Amazing glitter to finish smoothly
  • Photo proof technology
  • Easy to use American brand


  • Not for long storing

10. Elmer’s CraftBond Scrapbook Glue

Elmer's CraftBond Scrapbook Glue, 4 Piece Set, Natural
3,510 Reviews
Elmer's CraftBond Scrapbook Glue, 4 Piece Set, Natural
  • Perfect for paper crafts, scrapbooks, cards, and more
  • Different application styles for customized results
  • Dries colorlessly for a polished look
  • Creates a permanent bond

This multi-purpose Elmer’s glue is perfect for a variety of projects, including papercrafts and home décor. It works well on many different types of papers as well as fabrics like satin or silk to make pretty trinkets, gifts, holiday decor pieces, and more!

Versatile Use

From Elmer’s, this Best Glue for Papercraft has versatile and usable features that make it great. It can be used for papercrafts such as scrapbooks, cards, and more. What are you waiting for? Try out these crafty glues!

Washable With Water

This glue is perfect for projects that require both paper and fabric because it doesn’t affect the adhesion or wash away. Even after washing, this product will still stick to your paper and fabric.

Smooth Finish Polish Look

The best part about this paper adhesive is that it dries clear and leaves a smooth finish. If you want your projects to look polished without any visible seams then this is the perfect choice for you. Even better, once dried; it creates an everlasting bond between two materials which will leave no room for separation or damage in the future.


  • Rapid drying, don’t have to wait for a long time.
  • You can use this glue on different surfaces
  • Washable with water, won’t wash away the glue
  • Ideal gift for your crafty beloved ones.


  • Not highly preferable for card stocks

Buying Guide: How to Determine the Best Glue for Papercraft?

Some people think that glues are glues. What to bother so much about this. Let us assure you that glues aren’t just glues. You can fall into the trap of glue and be stuck there forever if you don’t know what to look for when choosing the best glue for paper.

Come, we show you.

Type of the Glue

Glue is mostly of two types. One is tacky glue which is a thicker glue with a faster drying time. Another is liquid glue which is runnier but more durable once dried.

Now it completely depends on you what glue you are gonna use. If you are buying it for kids in the pre-school stage, you might want to get a glue stick that is safer for them to use.

Liquid glues are mostly used by experienced professionals. But anyone can use it as long as they are comfortable.

Compatibility with Surfaces

Though we are talking about glue for papercraft, this doesn’t necessarily mean you will stop here. Some day you might want to do a different craft with fabric or wood and you see that the paper glue isn’t working.

It’s better to avoid this hassle by choosing glue that works on different surfaces. Glue sticks are mostly for paper or cardstocks. Liquid glues will work better on many surfaces like wood or ceramic.

Adjustability and Drying Time

Some glues dry very quickly. So quickly that you don’t get enough time to correct if any mistake is done. But in this case, the chance of wrinkling or warping the paper is low.

If you use liquid glue, the drying time will be higher. But you can easily reposition your crafts to get the right shape you desire. With these glues, you can make enough adjustments before they are completely dry.


Most glues we have mentioned in our reviews are made with a non-toxic formula. It is crucial for everyone, especially for kids. If your pre-school kids are using glue, it must be non-toxic.

Otherwise, glue can harm the tender skin of your kids.


Things get really messy when kids start playing with glue and paper. Once they are done, excess glue should be washable with soapy water. Even adults often get covered in glues while working on bigger projects.

At the end of the day, everyone will need to get rid of this mess. So, it is crucial that you emphasize this factor.


All projects don’t need the same precision. In some cases, you can simply pour the glue on the surface and spread it with your fingers. But in some other cases, you need to apply the glue precisely.

This is when glue sticks with thin nozzles come in handy. They are also good for kids or newbies who are just learning. Also, if you don’t want the whole craft to be messy, these glues will be perfect.


We would love to invite you to this section where we answer a few commonly asked questions. Please check them out for a while.

Q. How long does tacky glue last?

Ans. It depends on how you store the glue. If you keep it out of contact with air, it will be usable even after 10 years. Before you use it, check if the consistency is still smooth.

Q. Where to buy tacky glue?

Ans. You will get to buy tacky glue on marketplaces like Amazon. Also, try finding them in your nearest stationery shops or supermarkets.

Q. How to remove washable glue?

Ans. It’s easy. Mix some liquid detergent with a cup of warm water. Then soak a clean cloth into the detergent solution and wipe extra glue off using the soaked cloth.

Q. How to make glue at home?

Ans. You can use several different types of homemade glues for various purposes, especially for papercrafts. Among them, flour and water glue are the easiest to make. Just take the same amount of flour and water in a saucepan and bring the mixture to a boil. It will thicken up pretty quickly. Let it cool and your homemade glue is ready.

Q. What is the best glue for cardboard?

Ans. Tacky glue is the most common type to use when it comes to gluing cardboard. You can also use contact cement for strong bonds in cardboard.

Final Thoughts

We apologize if the article was too long, but believe us, you wouldn’t get so honest an opinion about all these glues in one place. Whether you are a beginner in crafting or an expert professional or a caring parent who just wants to buy the best glue for papercraft, we assure the glue you will buy after reading this will be worth it.

Let all your confusion about papercraft glue go away. Assess your purpose and compare all the products here over and over again to find out what suits your needs. Papercraft glue doesn’t only bond paper pieces but also pieces of memory to the heart.