Best Gel Pens for Coloring 2022 – Top 10 Picks and Reviews

Gel Pens for Coloring

If you are lost in thought that what gel pen you should use to robust and evident any special area of your coloring books, then you stepped in the right direction. Because in this guide, we’ve brought you the best gel pens for coloring your books to fulfill your expectation level.

However, the best kind of gel pens has to achieve certain standards. Including the outlooks, they have to provide some obvious benefits. Smearing is the nature of all kinds of gel pens.

But how much time they take to dry, counts as an important aspect of great gel pens. Also, to store them, they require some systems. So, to give an overall notion of the perfect gel pens for coloring books, their quality, demands, and implications, we’ve synchronized this article precisely.

In a Hurry? Take a Look at Our Top Picks of Best Gel Pens for Coloring

10 Best Coloring Gel Pens Review

To choose the right gel pen for coloring, you have to be a little picky. There are thousands of impressive gel pen collections, still, the best ones will be counted by examining their great features and aspects. Also, to ensure your money is on the right investment, it is important that you come out with the gel pen set for coloring books.

1. Aen Art 100 Color Glitter Pen Set – Best Glitter Gel Pens for Coloring

Glitter Gel Pens, 100 Color Glitter Pen Set for Making Cards

The 100 color glitter pen set is the top-notch set among any other gel pens set for its smooth, smearing-free, and ultra-flowing specialties. The sturdy coloring pens set has the perfect glitter gel pens with an insane glittery flow which is tempting both for the kids’ and adults’ drawings.

With extra ink, the glitter pen set ensures to give the most durable service in your art, doodle, and journal. Each gel-based pen holds the perfect point tip of 0.8mm-1.0mm for a smooth and smearing-free application. They are resistant to getting smudgy or out of line.

The rubbery grip eases your work way better as it restrains your fingers from being slipped and thus puts a very vivid and shiny outline of your journal or drawing. It also keeps your fingers safe from fatigue and assures you of long-time work.

The whole coloring set is the completion of every type of color. You can color up any page of your book for a long time and still have the color in your ink which means, you can have a long time experience and fun with this beautiful color set. This is acid-free and nontoxic ink, also doesn’t fade on the paper. Use it in the color books, greeting, or invitation cards, school or college project, or as a DIY enthusiast and you’ll not regret it.

Things We Liked:

  • Advantages of coloring your books with 100 types of different colorful gel pens.
  • The fastest dry-up capability of the ink.
  • 30 percent extra ink for later usage.
  • Beneficial for both adults and kids.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Doesn’t come up with the system of refilling of the glitter pen set.


Overall as the top-rated gel pens for coloring, the 100 color glitter gel pen set has the immense verity to color up your journal or doodle or craft in the best colorful way. They come up with the best kind of tip point and vivid features so that you can have smudge-free colored work.

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2. Tanmit 240 Gel Pens Set – Best for Coloring Books

Gel Pens,Tanmit Gel Pens Set, 120 Colored Gel Pen plus 120 Refills for Adults Coloring Books

This gel pen set comes up with 8 different vibrant colors and a total of 120 artist-quality coloring gel pens. Each one of the gel pens has a color number on it so you can refill your tube accordingly as it spares extra 120 refills to make you double happy. The combo pack is a HUGE completion for coloring your books and your day as well.

Color your own scrapbook with these Tanmit gel pens magnificent eco-friendly gel pens. They have sharp tips which are 0.6-1.0mm. It helps you to draw as per your desired linings without spreading out of the line. With its 28 glitters, 20 metallic, 11 dye colors, 19 neon, 16 fluorescent, 6 rainbows, 4 standard, and 16 pastel colors the set is wholesome.

Tanmit gel pens also provide an easy storage system with 4 unique snap foldable pouches. You can keep it anywhere you want and even bring it to the school by folding the pouch in your bag. The gel pens represent smooth, smear-free ASTM D-4236 standard ink for drawings producing minimal effort.

However, metallic pens are recognized as metallic gel pens for coloring according to their standard. It creates sparkle shiny vibes on your color book and makes your art as real as possible.

Things We Liked:

  • Comes up with extra 120 matched refills.
  • Can enjoy long-time usage of vibrant colors.
  • A thumb grip makes it easy to draw smoothly.
  • Perfectly wrapped up, best as a gift.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The refilling procedure seems a little incomprehensible.


With the best quality gel pens for coloring this Tanmit 240 gel pens set is a great help for regular use from the beginner to the professional. With different unique color gel pens, anyone can portray an effective colorful image of this mundane life.

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3. Shuttle Art 120 Unique Colors Gel Pens – Top Rated Gel Pens for Coloring

Shuttle Art 120 Unique Colors (No Duplicates) Gel Pens Gel Pen Set for Adult Coloring Books Art Markers

To enjoy every resonant color, these 120 unique color shuttle art gel pens are of great help. It comes up with different types including neon glitter, metallic, swirl, standard, pastel, and so on. The material of the gel pen is plastic and the transparency shows the amount of ink in each tool.

The color assortment is insanely synchronized in 4 sections of the package. It is stored vertically so the ink of the pens remains evenly and the ballpoint works properly. With abundant colors and different types of inks, this gel pen set is a masterpiece for adult book coloring books.

The tip points of each gel pen are exceptionally well manufactured. It glides on the color book and provides buttery smooth vibes in drawing to the artisans. The inks are also no-toxic and flow magnificently through the tip points.   

However, the full set of shuttle art provides the users with comfortably gripped gel pens so that their fingers can work in a relaxed manner without getting fatigued.

Things We Liked:

  • Comes up with resilient quality.
  • Strong tips for sharp linings.
  • Stored in an impressive way.
  • Provides with the best and numerous glitter gel pens.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The rainbow color section is not useful all the time.


With lots of resilient and vibrant colors, this color gel pen set is suitable for every art piece. It comes up with the best possible options for your adult coloring book and it is a must keep in your art arsenal.

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4. Reaeon Gel Pens for Coloring Books – Gel Pen Set for Coloring

Gel Pens, Reaeon 200 Pack Gel Pen with Case for Adult Coloring Books

This set of gel pens comes up with 100 color gel markers including an extra 100 for refilling afterward. With the highest color of glitter gel pens, this set gives more shades including neon-glitter, metallic, classic colors, swirl and so more. Also, it brings 20 percent extra inks than the usual amount of ink so that your color gel pen lasts long.

The features of each gel pen are soothing and quite satisfying. They have a transparent body to check up the amount after using them. With high-quality gel pens ink, you can draw in the adult color book or in the scraped book producing less pressure and without any fear of smudging the color anywhere else.

However, 0.8-1.0mm ballpoints are sleek and colors flow through it evenly. The ink is resistant to bleed. In this way, your paper can remain safe from unwanted damage. The colors are set in a crisscross manner in the packet which is appealing to the kids.

You can literally play with the lighter shades to the darker shades of the coloring gel pens and satisfy yourself.

Things We Liked:

  • It comes up with both lighter shades and darker shades of coloring.
  • Very easy to refill the colors.
  • Buttery smooth ink application.
  • Returnable if it is damaged.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The grip is a little slippery as it is made of plastic.


With very advantages, this color gel pen set is great to use. Refill your finished gel pen and enjoy depicting images with the long-lasted best gel ink pens for coloring.

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5. Castle Art Supplies 100 Gel Pen Set – Best Gel Ink Pens for Coloring

Castle Art Supplies 100 Gel Pens Set with Case for Adults Kids Artists

This amazing-looking gel pen set has around 100 different multicolor for some obvious reasons. The full set of gel pens has this compact and precise storage outlook. The gel pens are determined to imply every detailed art point on your adult color book for extraordinary outcomes.

Choosing the perfect shade from hundreds of different colors makes this set of gel pens easier. It is synchronized with different types of colors including rainbow, swirl, pastel, metallic and other types as well. The color is very evident and points out the detailed artwork from an art piece.

The ink is toxic-free and the application of it is really appreciable. It gives the artwork a shimmery shade and makes the image livelier. The tip points are so fine that when it glides through the adult book, it draws the lines so spectacularly.

The inks dry within the least time and make you free from the fear of smearing the color all around the book. However, this gel pen is perfect if you start it from one side of your book and give it some time to dry up space. The set of gel pens reduces the tension of bleeding due to their high qualitative inks.

Things We Liked:

  • The pigmented inks are so beneficial for detailed artwork.
  • Gel pens create shimmery vibes to the drawings.
  • The ink is very qualitative.
  • The ballpoint is smooth and even.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Some of the gel pens carry different defects.


Within the least price, these are the best cheap gel pens for coloring so far. The set of the color box provides benefits to beginners and adults equally with the resonant magical colors and their outstanding shades.

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6. ColorIt Glitter Gel Pens For Adult Coloring Books

ColorIt Glitter Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Books 96 Pack - 48 Artist Glitter Pens

If you have a fascination with glittery artwork, this set of Colorit glitter gel pens eases your work in choosing the best color out of it. With the finest 1.0 mm thickness of the ballpoint, the pen glides on any normal page without bleeding or leaking the paper.

Moreover, the set brings extra tools to get refilled later. Each gel pen carries code numbers in case you blunder in refilling your color in the right pipe. It provides the customers with different shades of color including earth tone colors, watercolors, skin tone colors, and many more exquisite colors.

To keep the gel pens accordingly and securely it comes up with a black pouch that has three different slots to place the best colorful gel pens. The pouch is so easy to carry from one place to another place and still, the color in the gel pens remains evenly and not scattered.

The ink is manufactured based on the water so it can extract pigmented color to make your adult coloring books shiny enough. With the fine points nib, you can write with the gel pen even in a congested space of your book.

Things We Liked:

  • The nice capability of writing with gel pens.
  • Provides a traveling pouch to carry the gel pens.
  • Impressive color synchronizing.
  • Ergonomic, fatigue-free grip.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Expensive compared for other 48 colors.


The glittery 48 colors create the best kind of assortment together. The color stability and their shiny outcome make your day shiny as well.

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7. Sakura Gelly Roll Pens Gift Set 74/Pkg

Sakura Gelly Roll Pens Gift Set, Ice Cream Smooth Gel Ink with Special Effects, 74 Pens 57361

The set carries around 20 moonlight, 14 metallic pens, 17 classics, 10 shadows, and 13 stardust shades of color with different tip sizes. The tip sizes vary because each color requires each feature to function or draw the fine lines accurately.

However, the plastic cage to store the multicolor gel pens can be re-usable. Also, the transparent cage helps to find out the right color from the cage. The gelly roll pens are created in a way that helps them to be even evident on black and white surfaces. The mediums are great and the flow is appreciable.

Things We Liked:

  • Different-sized tips are of great help.
  • Comes up with a transparent cage to store.
  • A convenient set of colors.
  • Comes with a useful instruction chart.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The tips may seem defective after rough use.


Sakura Gelly roll set provides great gel pens, especially, for the professionals who need different sized tips to draw delicate and superb work. The fantastic set of colors helps to produce a smudge free, smooth work in the adult coloring book or anywhere else.

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8. Fiskars 12-27457097J Gel Pen 48-Piece-Set

Fiskars 12-27457097J Gel Pen 48-Piece-Set

Fiskars gel pen sets come up with 48 tremendous discrete color gel pens to satisfy the hunger of coloring books. The set is determined to provide sleek color quality with the spectrum color gel pens. A simple stroke your Fiskars gel pen, and your artwork is embellished in a magical way.

The set is full of neon, glitter, swirl, black, and other more color types. The medium is of fine tips points. 0.8mm-1.0mm tips help to flow the ink on the paper abiding the lines. The ink is so qualitative that it doesn’t leak the page and damage your craftwork.

The body is transparent, made of plastic, thus it helps to identify the color and the ink amount as well. The color gel pens are so specially made that it catches the eyes easily even if you apply those on a black or white surface.

The 48 pieces of gel pens come securely in a plastic transparent cage. It has a concise and compact outlook.

Things We Liked:

  • Ink gives crisp and smooth application.
  • Smart fascinating outlook.
  • Easy-grip system and eco-friendly.
  • Fine color caps match the ink color.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The set lacks some important colors.


This 48 color gel pen combo is an awesome choice to draw the adult coloring book because of their frisky color combination. The ink flows through the paper and enhances the craft project without bleeding through the paper.

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9. Smart Color Art 100 Colors Gel Pens Set for Adult Coloring Books

Smart Color Art 100 Colors Gel Pens Set for Adult Coloring Books Drawing Painting Writing

Aggregating all the popular colors, Smart Color Art provides around 100 useful gel pens for crafting beautifully. The feature of each gel pen is high qualitative and the ink provides a buttery smooth application. It is also lead-free, non-toxic, and water-based.

The tip size is also ideal and finely oriented as a medium. Various rich colors are programmed so that each and every color gel pen can participate as a useful material on the craft project. It includes 14 milky, 36 glitters, 24 metallic, 6 swirls, 12 neon, 8 standards, and a total of 100 individual gel pens.

The storage system is also cool, like a barrel-shaped packaging. Easy to carry and keep on a shelf. With easy holding and a replaceable refill, the combo pack is a masterpiece.

Things We Liked:

  • Advantages of using 100 individual color gel pens.
  • Comes up with a replaceable refill.
  • Multi usage facility.
  • Active and fresh color availability.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • May cause trouble by skipping while writing.


This 100 set color pack is a huge help for both kids and adults. It is another combo pack that is recognized as the best affordable gel pens for coloring

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10. Feela 360 Colors Gel Pens Set 180 Unique Gel Pen Plus 180 Refills

Feela 360 Colors Gel Pens Set 180 Unique Gel Pen Plus 180 Refills for Adult Coloring Books Drawing

With a huge resonant color combination, the Feela gel pens are extremely wanted and famous. It provides the benefits of 180 refills along with 180 color gel pens. The color assortment is terribly rich with neon glitter, neon, metallic, pastel, and so on.

With several sections, the feela gel pens are determined with code and name to identify when refilling later. 0.6-1.0 mm-sized tips are fine for flowing ink through it. The ink is also toxic-free and conforms to ASTM D-4236.

Comes vertically suited and in a secured package. Total 9 trays hold up the 360 gel pens accordingly to the color harmony.

Things We Liked:

  • Adventurous journey with 180 different color gel pens.
  • 180 refills come up with beautiful poly bags.
  • Standard-sized tip for better flowing.
  • Serious quality for serious craftworks.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Can be hazardous for children under 3 years.


With high-end color features, the Feela brand produces the best kind of gel pens from beginners to professionals. It provides a nice experience to explore all the colors to make the adult coloring book more evident and beautiful.

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Practical Uses of the Gel Pens

Gel pens are useful and play a significant role in our regular educational or fun life. However, the purposes of a gel pen are important because it helps to bold your topic or create extra attention through the ink. Let’s check out the importance of gel pens in our practical uses.

Writing: When you are up to school project, you need some definite color organization to draw attention to the bullet options. Boost your bullet journaling with sober color gel pens and get the full attention of your teacher. Also, if you are in journalism, color up your bullet points and convey the important news to the readers.

Coloring: There are some great combo packs of multicolored gel pens to color up your art and make it fancy. The best thing is that they come up with different shades and assortment that you can choose a shiny color or faded color for your art and enhance its beauty twice.

Doodling: As gel pens come with pigmented ink, they are the perfect art ink pens for doodling. Depicting a doodle art through color gel pens will seem more attractive and enchanting than a doodle made with a simple ball pen.

Crafting and Drawing: Stroke the different colors of gel pens and explore the resonant color facility of the gel pens. It helps to experiment with the gel pens and makes you skilled enough to decorate your craft with gorgeous combinations. Thus, it helps an artist to be an expert in drawings as well.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Gel Pen for Coloring

It is important that you buy the right gel pens for coloring style to satisfy your mind and get the best outcome of your invested money. And to select the right one, you have to check on some certain aspects.

I mean, why invest money on the wrong chosen coloring gel pens sets when you go through the features and functions that have been given below before buying them.

Number of Pens

There are sets of a different number of gel pens. If you are a professional and want to have some limited color of gel pens, check out the number and the color chart of the gel pens. It comes with a detailed description and you will be overwhelmed with the color set if you choose the right one.


Check out if your gel pens are made of plastic or gel. The transparent plastic body helps in identification. Also, some materials are eco-friendly and not at all hazardous. So, pick up the suitable one.

Tip Point

There is a standard size for a tip for any gel pen. Still, some gel pens do vary as per their uses. Basically, 0.6 to 1.0 mm-sized tip points help to line up the important space without spreading outside.


Refills are important as gel pens tend to finish soon. Some brand provides the replacement cartridges within an extra poly bag for later usage. It is useful for an emergency basis.


Ink is the most important piece of equipment for the whole gel pen. If it is toxic-free, lead-free, and 80 percent water basis, then the ink is qualitative and won’t bleed through a page.


Gel pens are sensitive than regular ball pens. The tips need to be stored carefully and the ink, also, needs to stay vertically. Most of the big brands secure their color gel pens by providing big plastic pouches which can be carried in different places as well.


You cannot work for a long time if the grip of your gel pen causes fatigue to your finger. Choose the rubber grip or striped plastic holder so that you can work full time without feeling pain in your finger. Also, a plain plastic holder seems to slip off and damage your artwork.


There are multi-colored gel pens which are all tempting. But you won’t fall into that trap. Choose the ones for your work following other comfortable features. If you want to do shiny or glazy work, pick up the color gel pens set in which the neon glitter color is prominent.

Colored Pencils vs. Gel Pens: Which Are Better for Coloring?

Both color pencils and colored gel pens have their own advantages and disadvantages. Aggregately, both can depict beautiful outlines by coloring. Still, I have to say that gel pens blend so amazingly and each of the color gel pens can uplift its unique feature just through one stroke.

When you need the thicker line to makeup, there is no better option than a color gel pen. You don’t need to sharp it and all tips provide the same size. On the other hand, colored pencils have the facility to sharpen till the required tip point. It can give the thinnest line to the page.

While color pencils lack in pointing out the details as the colors take time and labor to blend, the gel pens take minimal labor to fill up any space or pointing out any details. Also, colored pencils require much pressure on the finger, while, with a color gel pen, work can be done with minimal pressure.

When a color pencil fails to give a shiny glaze to any artwork, neon glittered gel pens, on the other hand, are fully capable of providing the required glaze to the craftwork easily. The colors of gel pens are eye-catchy and prominent by nature, but colored pencils are hardly eye-catchy.

Best Gel Pen Brands for Coloring

Branded things are always recommended, so, go in choosing a color gel pen set from a renowned pen brand. There are many gel pen brands but the following are great in manufacturing color gel pens.  

1. Aen Art

This brand produces the top pick color gel pen sets which have 100 different color glitter gel pens for the glitter passionate artists. AEN art gel pens ensures vibrant color advantages and qualitative mediums. The ink that the brand provides is pure, doesn’t bleed through the pages, and gives buttery smooth application on the surface.


TANMIT is another fine brand for a resonant set of color gel pens without any duplicates. The brand gives refills for the later usage matching with the 120 color gel pens.

The packaging system of the brand is also reliable. The ink and the medium cooperate very well with each other. The brand produces a unique color set of gel pens which are tempting and very useful for detailed work.

3. Shuttle Art

This brand is also determined to satisfy its customer by providing the best kind of color gel pens within a limited budget. You can have the pleasure of using 120 types of vibrant colors in the adult book coloring page or scrape book. The ink of this brand is eco-friendly and highly pigmented. The packing system is impressive as well.

Note on Gel Pen Storage and Care

As gel pens are meant to dry out soon, it is important that they are kept in a systemic way to preserve them for a long time. Gel pens are more sensitive as they come up with pigmented ink and a tip that is bigger than a natural ball pen.

As the inks dry out soon, the gel pens should be kept either horizontally or vertically. In this way, the ink remains even and flows smoothly through the medium. If you want the ink to write buttery smooth without skipping, this is the perfect way to store your gel pen.

If the rubber holder of a gel pen gets sticky dust, use a tape and let the glue of it pull out the dust easily. You can also use liquid or oil to clean it. Always keep your gel pen in a pen bag or color bag for preventing damages.

Again, never leave your gel pens without their caps, as they tend to dry out if they are kept like that. Try to cap or retract your gel pen to have service from the ink without being skipped.

In case, your gel pen leaks, take the leaking refill out and clean up the body of the pen, and put a new refill with matching ink in it. Take the best care of the tip points, so, they don’t fall in the ground and damage the whole pen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Among thousands of brands and their fine gel pens sets, you may have confusion and questions regarding the fact. It is obvious that you find those answers and overcome the trust issues and buy the desirable one. Here we came with the best reasonable and legit questions which every customer has in his or her mind.

1. What is the benefit of using color gel pens?

Ans. There are thousands of ways to color your adult coloring pages, but gel pens have some significant benefits. As the colors are very vibrant and solid, they point out the detailed work more rigorously. They also help to enhance the beauty elegantly. Also, the pigmented ink is eye-catchy and bold to attract anyone.

2. Why you should explore and experience color gel pens?

Ans. The set of color gel pens come with resonant colors and the color assortment is so tempting that you will love to explore them. They are versatile and very much fun to experiment with. With neon, glitter, pastel color set, you can take a ride to an imaginary world by coloring your crafted work. They are easy to use and don’t require sharpening every day, which helps a lot.

3. How do you blend with color gel pens?

Ans. It requires the same process as others. However, to blend the colors, go from lighter to dark shades. First, you apply the light color and shape your artwork. Then take the deep color and apply it on the lighter shade places where you want it darker. Then again, go back to the lighter shade and blend till a gradient look appears.

4. Are gel pens good for coloring?

Ans. Why not, when it serves highly pigmented ink to make your art more attractive? They are, in fact, beyond appropriation. From kids to professional artists, all enjoy coloring with gel pens if they get the right gel pens in their hands. The application of ink is crisp and smooth and it doesn’t even leak through the surface. So, it is obviously appropriate.

Final Thoughts

In fine, finding out the best gel pens for coloring in this era is not so complicated when there are thousands of valid reviews of products. Investing money in the right coloring pens will satisfy your art-hunger. That’s why before buying, you must go through the reviews and important aspects of each gel pen set.

With the most honest views and aspects, we can guarantee you that the 100 Color Glitter Gel Pen Set from the Aen Art brand is the top pick for both beginner and professional artists as they come up with 30 percent extra high pigmented ink.