The Best Fountain Pen Case 2021: Top Picks & Reviews

Many people love to collect fountain pens as a hobby, and many use them for writing purposes. Carrying the pens together in your backpack or handbag is not safe, as they can get scratched, or sometimes you might even lose them. Here where the necessity of the best fountain pen case arises.

The pen cases will hold several pens together in order to store them and will keep them safe. All you need to do is put your valuable fountain pens inside the case, carry them in your handbag, and take it with you wherever you go without any worry.

There are a variety of pen cases in the market, but let me present to you some of the good ones from which you can choose the best fountain pen storage case for yourself.

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6 Best Pen Cases for Fountain Pens Reviews

Pen cases are quite beneficial as they are easy to access and efficient to keep your pens safe. You will find a wide number of pen cases with different designs and sizes. They also differ in storage capabilities and construction materials. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1. Lanxivi – Leather Fountain Pen case for 3 Pens

Lanxivi Fountain Pen Roller Pen Pu Leather Case for 12 Pens (Coffee)

The high-quality Lanxivi’s leather fountain pen case comes with 3-pen slots that easily accommodate thicker fountain pens. The outer part of the elegant pen case is made of real leather, and the inner slots of the pens are made of PV faux leather.

It can fit pens within the length of 148 mm and 16 mm diameter. Moreover, this is the best fountain pen display case that comes with a flap strap that prevents the pens from coming out, so you can carry the pen case in any position. It has a quite professional look and fits in any small backpack and handbag.

The fountain pen case can fit Visconti Rembrandt, Pilot Metropolitan, Conklin Duragraph, and other branded fountain pens quite easily and protects them from scratches. It is durable for regular use and comes at an affordable price too.

Top Features:

  • Features 3-pen slots.
  • Made of real leather with an elegant design.
  • Protects the pens with the included flap cover.
  • Durable and easy to carry.

2. Lanxivi – Black Cowhide Leather Fountain Pen Case (46 Slot Display Holder Bag)

Black Cowhide Leather Fountain Pen Case for Various Size Pens, 46 Slot Display Holder Bag

If you are looking for a large-capacity pen case that can hold various fountain pens of different sizes, then Lanxivi’s black leather fountain pen case can be a great choice. It is featured with 10-slots for large fountain pens and 36-slots for standard-size fountain pens.

This handmade pen case is made of 100% natural cowhide leather and includes no chemicals. The soft and durable velvet interior of the case protects the pens from scratches and nicks while the strong elastic rubber slots hold them securely.

It is both soft and tough, which makes it the best fountain pen carrying case. Easy to open and close this pen case comes with a Japanese YKK zipper and sturdy portable handle. You can store your pens (46) safely in this single pen case for the longest time.

Top Features:

  • Large capacity with 10-large slots and 36-slots for standard-sized pens.
  • Made with natural leather with no chemicals.
  • Soft and durable velvet interior protects the writing instruments.
  • Portable and easy to carry.

3. Gracelife Dragon Pattern Colored Pencil Wrap Chinese Style Canvas Pencil Roll Up Case

Gracelife Dragon Pattern Colored Pencil Wrap Chinese Style Pencil Roll Up Case

The attractive and unique Gracelife’s fountain pen case wrap roll holder comes with a soft, comfortable, and high-quality cotton fabric. It is featured with a fine sewing process and exquisite design that makes the wrap perfect for storing your valuable fountain pens.

The pen case wrap comes with 7 pockets and one zipper bag making it large enough to store not only fountain pens but also pencils and erasers. The included adjustable strap helps you to adjust the pen wrap and keep the stored items organized.

It is different from the old-style pen case and comes with an improved and specially rolled-shaped Chinese dragon style. It is light and easy to carry and clean. You can also gift this one of the top-rated fountain pen cases to your family and friends. It saves your space and protects your pen at the same time.

Top Features:

  • Made with soft and high-quality cotton fabric.
  • Includes 7 pockets and one zipper bag for storing various items.
  • Lighter than other pen cases.
  • Saves a lot of space and protects the pen from damage.

4. Erofa – 48 Fountain Pen Case PU Leather

Erofa – 48 Fountain Pen Case PU Leather

Do you need a warm home for your pens that can keep them well protected? Then Erofa’s 48 fountain pen case is what you need. The pen case is made of high-grade PU leather fabric that provides a comfortable feeling.

It comes with a two-layer design with a total of 48 straps, which can fit 24 pens on each side. The straps are made of wide and well stitched tensile rubber that holds the pens securely.

Moreover, it features a soft-sided and firm screen in between both the cases that entirely cover and protect all the pens well.

You can organize your favorite fountain pens in this single fountain pen case. It can fit pens within 155 mm in length and 20 mm in diameter. The handle included in the pen case helps to carry the case to various places with comfort. It is best for school and office use.

Top Features:

  • Features 48 slots that can hold 24 pens on each side.
  • Made with high-quality leather fabric with tensile rubber slots.
  • Protects the pens with a firm and soft-sided screen.
  • Easy to carry and portable.

5. Lanxivi – 20 Slots Fountain Pen Case Gray

20 Slots Fountain Pen Case Gray, Waterproof Canvas Pen Holder Display Pouch Bag by KACO

The Lanxivi’s 20 slots pen case is excellent for the collection of different pens. The beautiful and fashionable carrying case comes with soft fabric material and a waterproof exterior. So, it doesn’t let the contents get wet and stores them safely.

The slots of the pens are made of high-quality tensile rubber in which the pens fit securely. Even if you hold the case upside down, the pens won’t fall out of the case. It also contains 2 microfiber flaps that prevent scratches or damage to the pens.

The pen case box fits pens within 175 mm in length and 16 mm in diameter. You can carry it easily with a notebook or can put it in a large backpack. It is the perfect solution to keep your pens well protected, neat, and easily accessible.

Top Features:

  • Water-proof and sturdy exterior.
  • Features 20-slots made with high-quality tensile rubber.
  • Includes lined flaps in between to separate the two sides.
  • Easy to carry with a notebook.

6. Gullor Fountain Pen Case for 12 Pens

With Gullor’s fountain pen case, you can keep your valuable fountain pens safe. It is made of good quality PU leather that will last for years. The brown leather exterior provides a simple look to the durable pen case.

The two-layer designed pen case comes with a total of 24 straps, made of rubber, on each side, where you can fit in 12 pens securely. Moreover, there is a small and firm screen in between both sides that protect the pens from damage.

It is best among the cheap fountain pen cases as you can carry it with ease. Plus, it fits in your small handbag, backpack, or laptop bag quite easily. The golden zipper included in the pen case keeps the pens secured and doesn’t let them fall out of the case.

Top Features:

  • Made of good quality brown leather.
  • 24 straps on each side can store 12 pens.
  • Features small and firm screen in between both the sides.
  • Affordable and easy to carry.

Things to Consider when Buying the Fountain Pen Cases

Number of Pens You Want to Store:

The pen case you will purchase will depend on the number of pens you will store in it. There are pen cases that can store around 1 to 3 pens, like Lanxivi’s leather fountain pen case and in some, you can store more than 10 pens, for example, Lanvixi’s 20 slots pen case and Erofa’s 48 fountain pen case.

Also, keep in mind that a large-capacity fountain pen storage case is bigger than a small-capacity pen case. If you don’t like carrying large pen cases, then you can purchase small ones for protecting your fountain pens.


Most of the pen cases are made of leather that lasts for a long time. Plus, some of them come with a water-proof exterior like the Lanvixi’s 20 slots pen case that doesn’t let water enter into the case and keeps the pens neat and protected. You may also find pen cases made with cotton and soft fabric, which are light to carry.

Types of Pen Cases:

The pen cases come in a notebook, wrap, wallet, or flap design. They have different storage capabilities and keeps the pens secured from scratches and nicks. You need to purchase one according to your style and comfort level.


The price of the pen cases differs according to the capacity, features, and material used to make them. You will notice that the pen cases that are made with high-quality materials and have large storage capacity are costlier and than the normal and small pen cases.

So if you can’t afford the expensive ones, then you can consider purchasing the cost-effective pen cases that also come with good-quality material and protects the pens well.

Final Verdict

When buying the best fountain pen case, make sure that comes with all good qualities and meets your preferences. You should buy a pen case that is beautiful, durable, and affordable as well.

We recommend this Lanxivi Fountain Pen case for 3 Pens, it is an excellent-quality pen case. It looks good and is made of high-grade materials so that it can serve you for a longer time.