Top 6 Best Bobbin Winder for Sewing (2021 Reviews)

Marketplaces are full with cheaply made bobbin winders. If you haven’t used one before, chances are very high that you will end up buying an average quality machine.

Best Bobbin Winder for SewingWhen it comes to winding quality, not all the machines are equally good. Some models can’t wind evenly or require the users to take the hassle of adjusting the tension.

Whether you need one of these machines for household or commercial sewing purposes, from the following top 6 picks, you will find the best bobbin winder for sewing to meet all your requirements.

I have listed the models considering the quality of winding, ease of use, adjustments, and customers feedback on how well these machines perform in real life.

What to Consider Before Buying a Good Quality Bobbin Winder

These bobbin winders are available in huge numbers. Picking one randomly won’t be a good idea if you are getting for commercial sewing projects. Before you head on to the review section, be sure to focus on the following aspects.

Bobbin Compatibility

Not all the bobbin winders are compatible for any type or style of bobbin. Whether you mostly work with any specific or a number of bobbins, make sure the winder is compatible with your bobbin types.

Ideally, most models can work with M, L, A-style, class 15J, class 66, etc. types.

If you need to use any of Bernina, Juki, and Husqvarna Viking bobbins, be sure to check if the machine is compatible with these specific types or not.

Bobbin Material

Bobbins are made of three types of materials; metal, plastic, and aluminum. Most winders are okay with metal bobbins. But, if you are to also use plastic and aluminum ones, look for a model that offers a stable fitting for these bobbins.

Adjustable Tension

From time to time, you will need to reduce or increase the tension of the thread to make sure it’s winding evenly. A tensioner knob comes extremely handy for this purpose. Without a tensioner, you will have to take the hassle of keep the tension in good shape.

Also, the tensioner mechanism should be made of quality materials. The knob particularly is the part that you will mostly deal with.

Adjustable Sensors

Although if you use compatible bobbins, there won’t be any issue with fitting and stuff. If still you face any problem fitting bobbins properly, black sensors on each side of the bobbins can be adjusted in some models. Look for these machines to be able to get such convenience of manually fitting unusual sized bobbins.

Auto Shut-off

Bobbin winders with auto-shut off feature don’t require you to press the stop button every time. Even when you are not near the machine, when the bobbin is fully loaded, the winder will be automatically shut off. This feature is super convenient for those who has to perform multiple tasks at a time.

Top 6 Bobbin Winder Reviews

1. HimaPro Electrical Automatic Bobbin Winder

HimaPro Electrical Automatic Bobbin Winder

The very first recommendation is from HimaPro. It’s an automatic winder machine with well-constructed parts and pieces which don’t break unlike conventional ones.


If you are someone who sews using different styles of bobbin, you will like how versatile this machine is. You can wind almost any kind of bobbins including A, L, M style bobbins along with class 15J, class 66, and most commonly used one from Bernina and Juki.

However, the winder isn’t compatible with every Husqvarna Viking bobbins. If the inner diameter of the bobbin is 2.05mm or less, it will surely fit into the winder.

Efficient Motor

The machine spots a high speed motor to finish winding in mere seconds. Those who change bobbins a lot, they will find the motor extremely efficient.

Ease of Operation

As you can expect from this quality winder, it auto stops once the bobbin thread is full. You can adjust by increasing and decreasing the diameter of the winded thread for convenience.

Furthermore, you can also adjust the thread tension from the tensioning unit. This really helps when you see the thread bunches at the bottom or top of the bobbin. Just reduce or increase the tension to get rid of the issue.

Runs Quietly

Overall, it’s a compact setup, which you can place anywhere without wasting much space. Winding is pretty quiet as well.


  • Winds bobbin in a few seconds
  • Versatile unit, compatible with most commonly used and some rarely used bobbins
  • Easy operation, auto stops when the bobbin is full
  • Adjustable tension unit
  • Thread diameter can be adjusted as well
  • Quiet operation


  • Not suitable for using in quilting machines

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2. Axis Automatic Portable Bobbin Winder Portable

Axis Automatic Portable Bobbin Winder Portable

To be able to wind bobbins, you don’t need to invest much for a portable machine like this. Whether you are a long arm quilter or regular sewing person, this winder can take all the hassles of winding bobbins of different styles.


Using this portable machine, you can wind L style, class 15/A, and M style bobbins. Note that this machine is specifically for metal bobbins.

If you are working with any of the above bobbins or something else with 1.1 inch outer diameter, 11.7mm bobbin wide, and 6.35mm max bobbin hole, then you are good to go with this winding machine. You might need to adjust the tension knob counterclockwise to find the right setting if it’s not a L-style one.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t work well with pfaff plastic bobbins.

Winding Speed

Powered by a 110 volt AC motor, the winder is incredibly fast. The overall speed is way more than a regular sewing machine. If you need to change bobbins frequently, you can pop a new bobbin into it, and leave the rest to the machine while sewing. The bobbin will be wound before you know.


You can adjust the tension as per the thread requires. Also, the machine offers adjustments for the black boxes allowing you to set the amount of thread that will go onto the bobbin. This really helps to fit into the bobbin case if you are struggling to do it correctly.

However, there is no adjustment for controlling the winding, you will have to figure it out using the tensioner.


  • Winds incredibly fast
  • Auto shut off with easy to Start and Stop button
  • Easy to adjust the tensioner as well as black boxes
  • Compatible with L, M, and 15/A style bobbins
  • Fits other bobbins less than 11.7mm wide


  • No adjustment for controlling how it winds

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3. Kungfuking Automatic Bobbin Winder for Sewing Machine

Kungfuking Automatic Bobbin Winder for Sewing Machine

If the previous two winders weren’t up to your expectation, this one should be it if you need a fast, versatile, and easy to use bobbin winder for domestic or industrial sewing machines.


This versatile machine easily fits most commonly used bobbins such as M, L, Type 15 (Universal), etc. styles. If you work with some other bobbin with a center hole of 0.64cm, the machine is for you as well.

The position adjustment sensors are adjustable. Thus, if you find your bobbin not fitting into it, you can adjust the sensors easily.

Motor and Speed

To deliver you fast winding service, this machine packs a 110V motor that requires AC power. Within a minute, it can finish with 3 bobbins regardless of the thread you use.

Ease of Use

The machine has physical start and stop buttons with light indicators. Even teenagers can use it without much technical knowledge of winding.

You can mount it onto your sewing table or put it anywhere else for a convenient winding experience.


For any bobbin fitting and unspecific issues, you can adjust the position of two black sensors.

It also offers tension knob adjustments to customize the thread tension. If you find bobbins are winding unevenly, just turn the knob left or right to fix the issue.


  • Compatible with most commonly used bobbins
  • Any bobbins with not more than 0.64cm center hole, can fit into it
  • Auto shut off when the bobbin thread is full
  • Easy to press start and stop buttons
  • Tension knob adjustments with black positioning sensor adjustments


  • The machine doesn’t automatically shut off winding if there’s any issue with the adjustment

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4. CKPSMS 110V Automatic Bobbin Winder

CKPSMS 110V Automatic Bobbin Winder

Another bobbin winder on the list for household and industrial workloads. Compared to other conventional winders, the parts and accessories of this one are more durable. Thus, if you are okay with its price, this deal will be worthwhile considering.

Ease of Use

Starting this machine is a matter of pressing a button. Also, there’s a stop button to end the winding when you are done. However, the winder automatically shuts off winding when the bobbin is full. Great time saving machine for those who engage in multitasking for their sewing projects.


You can use type M, L, 15 (universal) bobbins on this machine. Also, any bobbins with a ¼ or 6mm inch diameter center hole will fit the winder.

Be sure to know that it’s not compatible with Husqvarna Viking’s bobbins.

Adjustable Tension

To make winding smooth and perfect according to your preference, it offers tension adjustments. If you see the threads are bunching on top or bottom, adjust the tension to make winding even.

Winding Speed

Compared to sewing machines, you can wind bobbins 10 times faster. If you have to wind a whole lot of bobbins each day for sewing projects, this machine will save your time and effort.


  • 10 times faster winding than sewing machines
  • Adjustable tension for smooth winding
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Quality parts materials for longevity


  • Expensive compared to other ones on the list

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5. Singer Bobbin Winder, White

Singer Bobbin Winder, White

If your budget is pretty low, and you are looking for a secondary bobbin winder where your primary machine is out for repairing purpose, this compact winder can tackle light duty winding tasks for you.

Battery Powered

The good and bad thing about this machine is it’s battery powered. Good thing for allowing you to use it pretty much everywhere without the need of a power outlet. The bad thing is, you wouldn’t find it comfortable to use a winder that requires batteries. This thing doesn’t last long, and you will have to charge it.

Auto Shut-off

Like the rest of the other winders on the list, this one also features an auto shut-off function. Once the bobbin is full, it automatically stops winding. But, the machine doesn’t do that consistently, which can be a real headache from serious sewing people.


If you will be only using class 15 and 15J bobbins, then this winding machine can be a good call. It doesn’t go well with other bobbin types at all. But, you can use both metal and plastic ones.

Adjustable Tension

The tensioner is adjustable. You can turn it clockwise and counterclockwise as per the thread requires you to get it out of trouble.


  • Extremely portable, thus can be used at anywhere
  • Compact and easy to carry and store
  • Value for money for temporary bobbin winding purpose
  • Auto-shut off feature


  • The overall quality is questionable
  • Does uneven winding sometimes

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6. XBA Portable Automatic Bobbin Winder

XBA Portable Automatic Bobbin Winder

This bobbin winding machine is for those who require to wind bobbins more frequently. It’s efficient and powerful enough to deliver you the convenience you expect from a heavy-duty winder machine.

Winding Speed

Within 15 seconds, you can wind a bobbin, which is a lot faster than winding on a sewing machine. Normally a sewing machine takes several minutes. You can continue working for the sewing project, and leave winding hassle to this winder.


On this machine, you can use M, L, 15, 66-style bobbins easily. Also, any bobbins with an inner diameter of 0.64mm will be compatible with this winder.

Start/Stop and Auto Stop

Start and stop the winder pressing the physical buttons on the control panel. If you are engaging in other work, you can start the machine, and leave as it is. Once the bobbin is full, it will auto stop.


Anyone with zero to little installing experience can put this thing together. You can install it on a workbench or use it as a portable machine to be able to use it in different places.

Adjustable Sensors

The default setting would fit most bobbins. However, if you find your bobbin doesn’t fit properly, you can adjust the tensioner easily.


When winding, you might need to increase or decrease the tensioner from time to time. Simply, turn the knob left or right to make the desired adjustment.


  • Pretty reliable and hassle-free winding machine
  • Compatible with common 0.64mm bobbins
  • Adjustable sensors and tensioner knob for convenience
  • Easy to use using physical buttons, auto-shut off function
  • Hassle-free installation on any workbench
  • Can be used as a portable unit


  • Spools with a large hole can flop
  • Average quality materials are used

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Final Words

Hope the reviews were helpful enough for you to figure out the best bobbin winder for sewing as per your bobbin styles and preferences. No matter which one you pick for winding, make sure it fits your bobbin types well, and has all the adjustments for a convenient bobbin winding experience.