The Best Blocking Board (Mats) For Knitting in 2021

Whether you have just started your knitting hobby or you have been long in the art, the importance of a knitting block mat can not be overlooked. Your knits take a whole new and professional look when you make use of knitting blocks for it. The processes of blocking include reshaping your knits, wetting and steaming it, and then drying it.

Finding the best blocking board for knitting can be quite confusing, but not to worry, with the detailed expose given in this article as we journey down, you will have all the necessary guides and information you need to help you make the best choice.

The Best Blocking Board (Mats) For Knitting

We shall review the top quality blocking board available in the market and other popular online stores like Amazon and eBay. Also, we shall elucidate on how to pick the best out of our reviews and additional useful information that will help you enjoy this product to the maximum.

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6 Best Blocking Board For Knitting Reviews of 2021

In this section, we shall review the best blocking board you can find in the market. Our reviews are birthed from a series of in-depth research from various sources and online stores such as eBay and Amazon.

1. KnitlQ Blocking Mats

This is one of the best blocking mats you can come across anywhere. The boards were not just made ordinarily, it is a product of detailed construction and professional development.  It is made of extra-thick material with grids.

It has 100 T-pins for storing needles and crochet. The blocking board can be assembled into various shapes and sizes you want.

With this blocking board, you need not worry about firmness and rigidity, and the board is interlocked to stay together. The board comes with grid markings, which help you in giving your project an excellent finish.

The foam material used in making this knitting board is dense and thick, durable, and lightweight. The material thickness is up to 0.7 inches. With this amount of thickness, you need not worry about pins damaging your project. The blocking board can withstand the effect of heat as the material used for making it is heat resistant.

Also, you enjoy the comfort of moving the equipment around with a quality cotton material storage bag. Enjoy the utility of using nine extra thick block boards when you purchase this knitting blocking board. This knitting board is twice as thick as other knitting boards in the market.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Manufactured with thick and dense materials.
Very lightweight, easy to be held, and carried.
This blocking board is twice as thick as other boards.
It comes with a storage bag.
Super sturdy and durable.[/i2pros][i2cons]Chemical smell.[/i2cons][/i2pc]

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2. Hephaestus Crafts Blocking Mats

This knitting board is designed by the Hephaestus brand of knitting board makers,  to give you better accuracy and speed in your craft. The accuracy is made possible with the grid lines in it. With this knitting board, you can measure any aspect of your project accurately without stress.

The knitting boards are made of heat resistant materials. If you want a knitting board which can be useful in drying your knits, you have found one. The surface prevents moisture from penetrating the board, which makes it perfect for drying knits.

The board can take on any size of project you are working on. It comes with 150 T-pins and a set of 9 blocking boards. The board is portable and lightweight, and you can carry it anywhere you want to go.

With the knitting board, you can work on various sizes of projects, from a small sock to big sweaters; it has you covered.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]This is a lightweight.
Built sturdy and durable.
Excellently suitable for drying projects.
High ability to resist heat.
It prevents moisture.[/i2pros][i2cons]The storage box is not strong.[/i2cons][/i2pc]

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3. Knitter’s Pride KP800415 Knit Blockers & Pin Kit

This is a quality knit blocker used for all types of knitting projects. The device is manufactured in India and sold in various online stores such as eBay and Amazon.

The device is quite helpful in blocking straight edges for multiple kinds of knitting jobs like sweaters and scarves. The pins are secure and made of quality steel material, which prevents rusting. The knitting board is made of quality material and easy to handle.

This knitting board is made primarily for maintaining proper tension in the course of knitting. The board comes with anchor holes on which the user can attach strings, which can be adjusted to maintain an appropriate tension for professional knitting.

This device speeds up the knitting process with its excellent blocking features. It is efficient and has received various positive reviews from users all over the world.

You will have a new experience in your knitting craft by making use of this knit blocking board. The circular needles used in this board are sold separately. Do not expect to see them in your kit.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Very suitable for maintaining proper tension in the knitting process.
The material is lightweight.
Manufactured sturdy and durable.
Excellently suitable for professional knitting.
This knit blocker speeds up the blocking process.[/i2pros][i2cons]It has no grid lines.[/i2cons][/i2pc]

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4. Woolove Extra Thick Blocking Mats

This set of blocking boards is extra thick, as the name implies. They are made of high-quality materials, designed to be resistant to heat. The blocking boards can be used for diverse kinds of project as it is designed to withstand anything thrown at it.

The material is lightweight and sturdy, and durable. The blocking board can be assembled to rake different shapes and sizes. The foam is dense, which contributes to less weight.

In using this device, you are free from the struggles of uneven edges and improper measurements. The gridlines on the blocking board come in two colors for more accurate markings.

The knitting block board comes with a storage bag to help you keep the device arranged and organized when not in use. The surface of the board is perfect for drying your knits when wet blocking. The blocking set is ideal for beginners in the craft because of the two grid lines it comes with.

The kit also comes with 100 free T-pins in it. You are sure to enjoy every time you spend using this device in your knitting projects. This is arguably the best blocking board in the market.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Built lightweight.
Possesses two grid lines for more accuracy.
Made of dense foam material.
Designed sturdy and durable.
Better suited for steam blocking and wet blocking.[/i2pros][i2cons]The storage bags are not sturdy.[/i2cons][/i2pc]

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5. Yarn Mania Premium Blocking Boards

This is one of the best knitting block boards available in the marked. When you purchase this board, you do not need repurchasing a blocking board. Because, this blocking board is made of high quality recycled wood, unlike the ordinary blocking mats that are made of thick, dense foam materials. The quality of wood used in making this board is durable, sturdy, and also friendly to the environment.

With this blocking board, you are relieved of the stress of disposing of your boards after a project. The wood board ensures continuity and is long-lasting, all you need to do is remove the pins after each project and start a new one when you want.

By this Yarn Mania Premium blocking board, you are sure to make projects of any size or shape you want. It has 891 available grids, which aids you in creating awesome knits.  The kit comes with 20 free stainless pins to enable you to kick start on your project.

The grid holes can accommodate these pins correctly, giving you an edge in creating a masterpiece. The blocking board comes with a warranty from the Yarn Mania brand. You are sure to enjoy a whole new level of comfort when using this blocking board for your knits.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Manufactured with high-quality recycled wood.
Very easy to set up.
Convenient for all kinds of blocking.[/i2pros][i2cons]The pins it comes with are short.[/i2cons][/i2pc] Check Latest Price

6. Umien Blocking Mats for Knitting

This is a set of nine blocking boards, made of thick, dense foam material, designed to give you maximum satisfaction in use. This set of blocking boards come with grids and support the use of needlepoint and crochet. It is suitable for making all kinds of knitting projects.

The manufacturers of this blocking board have made the product to be durable and for precision in knitting processes. The blocking mats can be used for personal purposes and professional or commercial knitting jobs.

The blocking board gives your project a professional finish, with its accurately aligned grids. The foam used for making the blocking board is thick and dense, which can take on pins without damage. The thickness of the mat ensures you make use of it for a long time.

When you purchase the kit, you get an additional 1oo T-pins to help you kick start your knitting process. You also get a free storage bag for securing the equipment and keeping it organized when not in use.

The storage bag also ensures you carry it along anywhere you want. The manufacturing brand also gives out a guarantee of purchase. This shows how careful the product is designed to suit your taste.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Produced with a thick, dense foam.
The material is lightweight.
Excellently suitable for any kind of knitting project.
It comes with a storage bag.
The blocking board comes with grid lines.[/i2pros][i2cons]It has a chemical odor.[/i2cons][/i2pc]

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Best Blocking Boards For Knitting: Buying Guide

In the previous section, we have reviewed some of the best blocking boards for knitting you can find in the market and popular online stores like eBay and Amazon. In this section, we are going to elucidate on things you need to know before swinging into buying any of the blocking boards reviewed in the previous section.

The effect of a blocking board cannot be overemphasized in the knitting craft. If you have not been using one, you will be surprised at the level of professional finishing your project will take on once you begin using one.

Selecting a good knitting blocking board can be quite confusing, but not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading as we expose important information that would help you select the best knit blocking board in the market.

Tips On Choosing The Right Blocking Board

Not all blocking boards you see in the market can suit your needs. In choosing a blocking board, there are essential things to consider. These are helpful questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a blocking board.

How Thick Is The Material?

Before buying a knitting blocking board, you have to check the thickness of the board. A thick board will help protect your knits from marks and scratches. Make sure any blocking board you select is thick enough for you and also lightweight.

What Is The Quality Of The Material?

Be sure the quality of the material is one that can stand the test of time. The material used for making blocking boards in most brands is thick foam and rubber; they are the most durable form of material.

Also, the material should be resistant to heat and moisture if you need wet blocking or steam blocking.

Can It Be Assembled Easily?

I know you wouldn’t want to spend hours trying to decipher how to set up the blocking board you just bought. To avoid this, ensure the blocking board you are going for is one that is easy to setup. Blocking boards are like puzzles, go for one that is easier as it will consume less time in assembling.

Does It Come With Quality Accessories?

Some accessories you may find in the knit blocking board kit is the T-pins.  Choosing a blocking board with this set of pins would be quite helpful for pinning your knits out.

A knitting blocking board with the T-pins and other essential accessories saves you the stress of buying them and spending extra cash.

How To Block Knitting

Are you new to the art and probably wondering how to make use of the knitting board, we’ve got you covered. We shall review some easy steps to using the knitting blocking board.

Blocking is a term most knitters conversant with, but some of them do not have an understanding of what it means. Some knitters skip the blocking procedure because they did not understand what it entails. Lack of blocking might be the reason why your piece does not look like the ones you see on photos and videos online.

Steps To Block Knitting

  • Don’t swing straight to blocking the actual piece you’ve knitted. Do some experiments with your gauge swatch.
  • Do not distort your hand-knit by rubbing or twisting it.
  • Weave all the loose ends before starting to block knit.
  • Start with individual pieces first before sewing them together. You will see that sewing the piece together becomes more comfortable and accurate as a result of the blocking.
  • Make sure you avoid blocking ribbing. The peace should not be blocked while stretched open as it will make it lose its natural elasticity. If you must block it when it is ribbed, then you must squeeze it to its most contracted form.
  • Ensure that you’re steam blocking is done on the wrong side of your knit. Also, do not press the iron down on the piece, place it a little over the fabric.
  • Dry the knit properly before removing it after blocking.

Knitting Blocking Methods

There are two methods in knitting blocking. The Wet blocking method and the steam blocking method.

Wet Blocking Techniques

Misting: In this method, all you have to do is to lay a piece of your hand-knit on the surface and ship it to your desired size.

Afterward, you fill a clean bottle with water and mist the piece gently. This is a suitable method for beginners who are not sure of the kind of fabric they are using.

Immersion: Even though misting is a good option for blocking on your first project, the least work may not be very open after it is dried. If your fabric does not come out as you want after the mixing process, you can proceed with immersion.

In the immersion technique, all you have to do is to dip the piece inside a cool bucket of water and allow it to soak for some minutes. Make sure the piece is completely saturated. After soaking for some minutes, bring out the piece, and gently squeeze out the water.

Make sure you do not twist the piece as it will make it rupture completely. You can roll it in a towel to absorb the water out of it. Spread the piece on the surface you have prepared and align it to the measurements you have set. Use pins to hold the piece in place and allow it to dry completely before removing.

Steam Blocking Techniques

In the course of wet blocking, some fabrics might go out of shape and stretch more. Steam blocking is another option for you to consider. Instant blocking all you have to do to let the piece on top of the surface and pin it to the appropriate measurements.

Hold a steam iron over the fabric, but do not allow the iron to touch the fabric. This will flatten the stitches if you do it correctly. Allow it to dry before removing the pins.

Frequently Asked Question’s About the Knitting Blocking Mats

In this section, we shall discuss some frequently asked questions in regards to the best knitting blocking board in the market.

1. What Are The Uses Of  A Knitting Blocking Board?

Ans: For you to get a professionally finished and exceptional project, blocking your needs after admitting them is a sure way to achieve that. Blocking is more like a finishing torch made on knitted works.

The blocking boards play a role in helping you finish your work beautifully by providing a smooth surface for you to shape your knitting accurately.

The blocking board also ensures that the knitting process goes smoothly by providing a proper tension for the knitting process the blocking boards are suitable for accuracy and making sure that the stitches on the patterns you knit are of the same size.

Generally, blocking boards are essential in giving your project a professional look.

2. Can I Knit Without The Blocking Board?

Ans: Yes, of course, you can knit your patterns and projects without the blocking boards, but you will not enjoy the professional finishing the blocking board gives. You might experience some mistakes in aligning your stitches correctly, and your work might look shabby in the end.

If you want your knitting work to look like the ones you see in pictures and videos online. You must use a blocking board to give your work the best finish.


In the course of this article, we have taken time to review the best blocking boards for knitting available in the market. We believe that you will have little or no issues in selecting the best knitting blocking board for yourself.

Ensure you go over our product review to know the various brands of knitting blocking boards available in popular online stores such as eBay and Amazon. Choosing the best blocking board for you will go a long way to change the look of your knitted works from a shabby and amateur one to a professional-looking knitted work.

Blocking can be the little extra something you need to turn your project into something magnificent. We have emphasized on critical elements that you should consider in choosing a knitting blocking board. These essential elements should not be overlooked when you select your knitting blocking board.

The board should be portable, durable, and of high quality. With the wealth of knowledge reviewed in this article, we believe you are on your way to enjoying the best of your knitting craft as you select any of the knitting blocking boards which suit your tastes and your wallet.

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